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Pantheon, a project from the Macro Connections group at The MIT Media Lab, explores cultural influences across countries and domains. To make our efforts tractable, Pantheon will not focus on culture, as it is understood in its broadest sense, but on cultural production. In a broad sense, culture can be understood as all of the information that humans—or animals [1]—generate and transmit through non-genetic means [2].


Junk Charts Today's post examines an example of Big Data analyses, submitted by a reader, Daniel T. The link to the analysis is here. (On the sister blog, I discussed the nature of this type of analysis. This post concerns the graphical element.) The analyst looked at "the influence of operating systems and device types on hourly usage behavior".

Junk Charts

Data Visualization and Infographics - Smashing Magazine The main goal of data visualization is its ability to visualize data, communicating information clearly and effectivelty. It doesn’t mean that data visualization needs to look boring to be functional or extremely sophisticated to look beautiful. To convey ideas effectively, both aesthetic form and functionality need to go hand in hand, providing insights into a rather sparse and complex data set by communicating its key-aspects in a more intuitive way. Yet designers often tend to discard the balance between design and function, creating gorgeous data visualizations which fail to serve its main purpose — communicate information.

Data Visualization and Infographics - Smashing Magazine

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