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Let It Ripple

Led by Tiffany Shlain, Emmy-nominated filmmaker and founder of The Webby Awards, the team at San Francisco-based 501c3 Let it Ripple has had four films premiere at Sundance, has won over 70 awards, and has had three of their films selected by The U.S. State Department to screen at embassies around the world to foster dialogue across borders. Let It Ripple’s mission is to use film, technology, discussion materials, and live and virtual events to engage people in conversation and action around complicated subjects that are shaping our lives, and updating these topics through an engaging, accessible, 21st century lens. Over the past ten years, the team has created and distributed 28 films, engaged over 50 Million people in dialogue, and created a new way of making films called “Cloud Filmmaking,” where they make films collaboratively with people all over the world and offer free customized versions of the films to thousands of schools and nonprofits to help further their reach.

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