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How should a news curation team work? June 13, 2012 by Steve Buttry Mandy Jenkins and I are making plans to hire and launch a curation team for Digital First Media.

How should a news curation team work?

If you wonder what a curation team is, don’t bother to apply. 5 Content Curation Secrets ScentTrail Marketing. 20 best-kept secrets for finding content to share. Whether you're a brand or an individual, consuming and sharing unique content is the best way to maintain your online freshness.

20 best-kept secrets for finding content to share

Although the Web is a big place, locating quality content that is original is no easy task. A good example is anything published by Mashable. Yes, Mashable serves up quality content on a regular basis, but due to its large readership and avid fan base, sharing Mashable content isn't especially useful as the communities you operate in have probably read and shared the article. So, what's the answer? Curation techniques, types and tips. News curators must collect, summarize, make sense, add value, attribute, link, intrigue and entice. Digital First Media announced today that Julie Westfall will lead our curation team, joined by Angi Carter and Karen Workman. I am delighted with our selections for this team and look forward to working with them as they explore and demonstrate what a news curation team should be. Mandy Jenkins introduces the candidates in her blog. Here I will discuss our expectations for those team members as well as for other Digital First journalists who will curate local content.

Intel's multi-million dollar "Creators Project' - can great curation build brands? I recently attended The Creators Project in San Francisco, a globe-roaming two day free event that celebrates an eclectic mix of avant-garde music and arts installations, and attracted tens of thousands of people.

Intel's multi-million dollar "Creators Project' - can great curation build brands?

It could have easily been re-named "The Curators Project" because of the superb collection of bands, artists, installations, and even food trucks -- all carefully selected by a small team of curators. The event is produced as a partnership between Intel and Vice Media. I spoke with David Haroldsen, (above) Intel's Creative Director for the project. Here are some of my notes: -The Creators Project is completely funded by Intel. Rédaction, blogues et curation. Social Media Influencers’ 5Ws For Content Curation. Le Guide de la Curation (1) - Les concepts. Learning Professionals and Their Roles as Curators. In my first post for Learning Circuits, I explored how I use Twitter as a professional development tool.

Learning Professionals and Their Roles as Curators

Over the past two weeks, we've looked at Filtering: A Challenge and Responsibility for Learning Professionals, and Curation: A Core Competency for Learning Professionals. In this closing post in my Learning Circuits series, I want to dig into curation in greater detail, describing what role technology plays in the curation workflow, and what it looks like for learning. Who Qualifies as a Curator? L’influence dans les médias sociaux : Les 10 étapes de la curation de contenus.

The Seven Needs of Real-Time Curators. I keep hearing people throw around the word “curation” at various conferences, most recently at SXSW.

The Seven Needs of Real-Time Curators

The thing is most of the time when I dig into what they are saying they usually have no clue about what curation really is or how it could be applied to the real-time world. So, over the past few months I’ve been talking to tons of entrepreneurs about the tools that curators actually need and I’ve identified seven things. First, who does curation? Content Curation vs. Content Creation: Finding the Right Combination « Content marketing is powerful, but with blogging, article marketing, content curation and more, there are tons of options to consider.

Content Curation vs. Content Creation: Finding the Right Combination «

How do you know what’s right for your business? The biggest choice in content marketing is content curation versus content creation. Many successful businesses depend completely on one model or the other, but most use a mix. Curation et community management - curateur et community manager : quel rapports - Les z'edLes z'ed.