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Digital and Traditional Prepress: comparison. Which is the way ahead? Before getting into the scrutiny of differences between traditional prepress and digital prepress, let us define and explore the process of prepress.

Digital and Traditional Prepress: comparison. Which is the way ahead?

The process of getting a document ready for printing is referred to by the term prepress. Based on the type of the method adopted and the document being printed, the tasks included in the process of prepress can greatly vary. With the advance in technology, the very meaning of the process has significantly changed. Under normal circumstances, the below mentioned tasks are involved in prepress; • Document typesetting • Copy-editing • Markup • Proofing • Proofreading • Imposition • Plates • Separation. Document scanning FAQ- Questions you must ask. Global companies are swiftly turning to the digitized working mechanism and days are not far when we will live in a completely paperless industry.

Document scanning FAQ- Questions you must ask

Well, thousands of companies have already started migrating to this paperless ecosystem, which is eco-friendly, cheap and enhances their productivity. Therefore, it is necessary to scan the documents before storing them in the electronic format. It reduces the consumption of paper and increase helps to share faster. Most of the business firms choose to outsource their document scanning services due to lower costs and faster turn-around time. In fact, a large section of the companies around the world has already gone paperless. Top reasons why multilingual typesetting may not be a cushy job. Multilingual typesetting may have been touted as an easy job.

Top reasons why multilingual typesetting may not be a cushy job

But the hard fact is that it needs to be carried out with due diligence, else you may not get the desired results. Each language has its own nuances and if the same is not addressed meticulously, you risk making a semantic blunder and it can cause you heavily. Any palpable loss in meaning during translation would tarnish the credibility of the brand and would convey a negative impression among the foreign prospects being targeted.

This unprofessionalism may even cost the brand dearly. If the reader can’t decipher the meaning of the text, all your efforts would go in vain. Professional proofreading checklist. Even a minute spelling mistake or typo can change the whole meaning of context and that too into the weirdest manner.

Professional proofreading checklist

You may have written carefully and copy edited the content with even extra care. Prepress checklist for graphic designers. It is important that the designer and client coordinate properly to get top quality designs, whether it is for a multipage product collateral or a simple business card.

Prepress checklist for graphic designers

Multilingual desktop publishing - tools. When it comes to written document, DTP or desktop publishing comes to play.

Multilingual desktop publishing - tools

It is the combination of graphics and texts, created with the help of software in computer. OCR conversion process-best practices. With Optical Character Recognition technology, you can convert various document types into text based files that can be easily editable.

OCR conversion process-best practices

Thus the optimal character recognition technique helps organizations to optimize their strategy for document management. Copy editing tips that assure excellence. Professional typesetting services- LaTeX or Word? Publishing results of a research done is very crucial and this is the reason why considerable effort and time are invested for producing manuscripts that are to be evaluated to publish in international conferences or scientific journals.

Professional typesetting services- LaTeX or Word?

You must employ the best tools for achieving greatest possible results in terms of writing quality. This is where the importance of professional typesetting services is realized. A reader obviously is well acquainted with Microsoft word but LaTeX may be something foreign for many. The latter is a programming language, almost like HTML. In case if you want to make a sentence in bold, you have to type a particular command contrary to Microsoft Word where selecting the needed text and stroking ‘Ctrl’ and ‘B’ simultaneously will get you the results. Having to type commands for every task is something really cumbersome. To identify the better option among LaTex and Word for typesetting companies, several tests were conducted. OCR in translation-an unbiased analysis. Some of the translators use Optical Character Recognition for preparing final documents to be translated while others don’t.

OCR in translation-an unbiased analysis

Significance of document scanning for law firms. Fundamentals of typesetting. Typesetting services have witnessed a drastic uplift with invention of new technologies and more professional companies doing the job.

Fundamentals of typesetting

So, smart publishers and authors these days leverage the said potential for increasing the saleability of their work. It only seldom happens that a graphic designer goes completely out of the box to break all the existing rules. Know more about typesetting process. Leveraging the potential of OCR technology to make your content searchable. It is unfortunate that even in this era of absolute digitization, there are still companies that don't understand the benefits of OCR technology. Before exploring the advantages it avails, let us see what actually is OCR or Optical Character Recognition. Many firms are in the path of going completely paperless and scanners are being used more than ever before.

Scanners as well as technologies related to them have been there for a few decades. Normally when a scanner scans a paper, either a PDF or Tiff image is created. Benefits of OCR conversion services for businesses. OCR (when expanded- optical character recognition) has ever since it’s unleash in 1990 has gained huge acceptance. It can easy distinguish a wide variety of symbols and languages. Also it can recreate the original layout, type size, fonts and even colours of your document. A lot of companies offering OCR conversion services these days make use of any of the best software programs that blends OCR with additional intelligent features. Let us see how businesses these days are exploiting the scope availed by OCR technology in different ways. Cloud storage Many companies nowadays are mobilising their documents to cloud.

Services to expect from copyediting & proofreading companies. Picture this: You hired a company offering copy editing and proofreading services to get some work done for you. But when the paper reached back to you, you were flabbergasted. Most often, if not always, your expectations and service provider’s understanding mismatch. Typesetting Mathematical Equations Using InDesign.

It may have occurred many times that you ended up frustrated while trying to typeset mathematical equations. LaTeX tips and tricks: What to avoid while using it. Have you ever felt a need for an alternative to Microsoft Word for processing latex code for math? How OCR provides support for mobility? OCR in fact operates like a normal scanner but it distinguishes itself from a typical photo scanner in many ways.

This technology recognizes written text or printed characters, scan them, scrutinize the scanned materials and ultimately convert them to ASCII. 7 pitfalls to identify and eradicate when it comes to foreign language typesetting. Translating your advertisement materials into multiple languages can immensely help you by strengthening your transnational presence. Perfectly operative proofreading tips and tricks. After days, if not months of hardwork, all that is left is the final proofreading session.

At one point, it may feel extremely difficult to move forward to check ones own drafted work because it is hard to follow a manuscript just like a creator would. Data digitization services made easy through flatbed scanners. Data digitization services made easy through flatbed scanners Preserving printed material in the form of digital content is an act that has earned some considerable pace, thanks to powerful scanning methods and future proof techniques. There are certain tips for scanning books and most of the professional companies offering data digitization services are well acquainted with them.

9 free OCR readers that you should be acquainted with. Optical Character Recognition is a creative technology which helps to convert the text in images into editable text. Images scanned from text books, brochures magazines etc. can be the source here. An Optical Character Recognition reader will be able to extract text from these images by simply scanning them. Easily align ragged edges in InDesign documents. Easily align ragged edges in InDesign documents Layout designing plays an important role in controlling the mindset of a reader. Lines of text which doesn’t align perfectly can often be irritating for readers. 8 stunning proofreading tips and tricks. Be it a marketing, legal or business copy, proofreading is a strenuous job which can be made simple by following few worthwhile tips.

These are the tips that most of the companies offering professional proofreading and copyediting services highly recommend.