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MQ43782. Image Databases — Image Databases Archinform Database for international architecture ART-Guide (a feature of Offers an annotated guide (English/German) to more than 500 image databases for art history.

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Embellie aux Tuileries. A chacun son jardin secret.

Embellie aux Tuileries

Pour Matt Damon et Leonardo DiCaprio, c'est celui des Tuileries. Sheffield’s Impossible Eighteenth-Century Garden. There’s a garden growing at Furnace Park.

Sheffield’s Impossible Eighteenth-Century Garden

It isn’t just any garden though: this is an impossible garden. On the one hand, it is growing in a place where you might not have expected to find a garden this time last year. In promotional material explaining the ambitions of the Furnace Park project Dr Matt Cheeseman described the site as ‘an odd thing, a safe wasteground.’ A memorial to the lost country houses of England. Garden Design And Landscape Architecture Blog – Garden Design And Landscape Architecture Blog – Cultural Institute. Curious Perspectives. The Artificial Magic in Optical Distortions Catoptrics is an area of study concerned with the properties of reflection and the formation of images by reflecting light off mirrors.

Curious Perspectives

Dioptrics is a branch of optics dealing with the refraction of light, especially by lenses Anamorphosis is a distorted projection of an image which only becomes clear when the observer's point of view changes or it is viewed as a reflection produced by a specific curved mirror surface The 17th century book illustrations below instruct artists about the basic geometrical properties involved in producing artworks with some types of projected and distorted perspectives and optical illusions. Neuester Staat Von Franckreich - Jean-Aimar Piganiol de La Force - Google Books. Vermehrtes dreyfaches Gartenbüchlein - Georg Holyck - Google Books. Dreyer berühmter Rechts-Gelehrten Tractate vom Garten-Recht / Fritsch, Ahasver. Tractate vom Garten-Recht - Ahasver Fritsch, Friedrich Schrag, Johann Tobias Geisler - Google Books. Der verständige Gartenmeister - Pieter van Aengelen - Google Books. Les graines, des biens communs ?

Artiste ou espion ? Dessiner le paysage dans l’Italie du XVIe siècle. Antono Zaccara, “Un caso dpresunto sponaggo mltare enuov element per la bografa delpttore forlvese Lvo Modglan”, Studi romagnoli.

Artiste ou espion ? Dessiner le paysage dans l’Italie du XVIe siècle

Toward an Archaeology of the Gaze: the Perception and Function of Garden Views in Italian Renaissance Villas. A relatively recent concern among garden histori-ans.

Toward an Archaeology of the Gaze: the Perception and Function of Garden Views in Italian Renaissance Villas

Although garden views have been included inthe scholarship since the late nineteenth and earlytwentieth centuries, they are rarely put under criti-cal scrutiny. Rather, images of gardens functionedin these publications essentially as illustrations ordocuments that provide a visual stimulus to helpreaders understand the topography of the land-scape and imagine the atmosphere and beauty of the gardens. These images, which are generallyconsidered faithful representations of a particularstate of the garden, have been employed to provideinformation about the garden’s topography andhistory. In this, historians have followed the dis-course associated with topographical images duringthe Renaissance, a genre that was predominantlylinked with the idea of truthfulness and objectivity. Civitates orbis terrarum (1572–1618),stated that “the painters really went through thetowns they drew and assumed the real world astheir starting point.” Please <a href=" in</a> or <a href=" up</a> to follow Raphael jay Raphael jay Adjani a.k.a ajaykumar Philosophy, Architecture, Art, Technology, and 39 moreVisual Studies, New Media, Design, Digital Humanities, Ecology, Medicine, Performance Studies, Philosophy of Art, Ontology, Dance Studies, Improvisation, New Media Art & Emerging Practices, Buddhist Philosophy, Dance, New Media Performance and Installation, Zen Buddhism, Dance/Movement Therapy, Art Therapy, Arts Education and Pedagogy, Scenography, Yoga Philosophy, Tantric Studies, Philosophy of Architecture, Auto-ethnography, Tantra, Dance Theatre, Art Psychotherapy, Autobiographical Theatre and Performance, Dance Movement Therapy, Garden Design, Contemporary Transnational Cinemas and Media Art as Transformative Sites of Gender, Race and Technology, Japanese Tea Culture, Tea Ceremony, Tadao Ando, Ellora, Butoh, Japanese Theatre, Physical Theatre, and Dance and Theatre edit.

Parution : Denis Ribouillault, Rome en ses jardins. Paysage et pouvoir au XVIe siècle. Denis Ribouillault, Rome en ses jardins.

Parution : Denis Ribouillault, Rome en ses jardins. Paysage et pouvoir au XVIe siècle.

Paysage et pouvoir au XVIe siècle. Parution : Denis Ribouillault, Rome en ses jardins. Paysage et pouvoir au XVIe siècle. Gardening Women: Their Stories from 1600 to the Present by Catherine Horwood. When I began my first garden 40 years ago in a village near Oxford, the cottage where we lived had one cold tap and an outdoor lavatory and the ceilings sagged with damp; but the ground outside was rich and black from 500 years of digging and the accumulated silt of millennia of flooding.

Gardening Women: Their Stories from 1600 to the Present by Catherine Horwood

And, almost as important, across the water meadows on the other side of Oxford was Waterperry, where Beatrix Havergal, Miss H as she was universally known, had set up her Waterperry School of Horticulture for Ladies in 1928. Waterperry was where I first tasted an Ashmead's Kernel apple, bought my first blackcurrant bushes and fell in love with phlox.

It never occurred to me that horticulture could ever be thought an unsuitable job for a woman. But it had been a long, hard fight. But after training, the problem was still where to find work – and what to wear. Trained "lady gardeners", were something new. This is a pity. Programme_england-hanover_14-01-30. Pl@ntNet-mobile enfin disponible pour smartphones Android ! La version Android de Pl@ntNet-mobile, le système d’aide à l’identification des plantes par l’image développé dans le cadre du projet Pl@ntNet, est désormais disponible sur Google Play Depuis près de 4 ans, le projet « Capitalisation d’Images » du Réseau Tela Botanica vise à constituer une base d’images unique en son genre pour évaluer et faire progresser les techniques de reconnaissance de plantes à partir de photos.

Pl@ntNet-mobile enfin disponible pour smartphones Android !

Ceci a notamment permis la réalisation des applications Pl@ntNet-Identify pour le web en 2011 et Pl@ntNet-mobile pour iPhone en 2013. Depuis janvier 2014, cette dernière est disponible sur Google Play pour smartphones Android. Pl@ntNet-mobile enfin disponible pour smartphones Android ! Multimillion pound boost to save UK’s Magnificent Meadows - Heritage Lottery Fund. There were once natural wild flower meadows in every parish – today only 2% of the meadows that existed in the 1930s remain. Nearly 7.5million acres of wildflower meadow have been lost so far and they are still being destroyed.

The Save our Magnificent Meadows Project: A £3million project which will transform the fortunes of our vanishing meadows and grasslands Over the next four years, over 74,000 acres across the UK will be targeted Over 500,000 members of the public will be involved Save our Magnificent Meadows is led by Plantlife working in close partnership with ten organisations including county wildlife trusts, the National Trust, RSPB, Cotswold Conservation Board and Medway Valley Countryside Partnership Wildflower meadow planting is enjoying a huge vogue in gardening; they look beautiful and attract wildlife, particularly threatened pollinators.

Nicola Hutchinson from Plantlife said: "For the conservation of grassland plants and other wildlife this is incredible news. Le roi et le potager. Alain Baraton. Vanité de la géométrie ? Euler et les jets d'eau de Sans-Souci. Kent Gardens Trust - Research. Try Formality? by Susan Cohan on thinkingardens. Our last piece was by Michael King and suggested that the New Perennial or Naturalistic style was getting everywhere and being used insensitively. Susan Cohan goes slightly further than that and dares to express an admiration for formality; indeed, four hundred year old formality. Interesting? Anne Wareham, editor Versailles Susan Cohan: I’m taking sides with Andre le Notre. I’m tired of the so called ‘new’ perennial gardens with all of their blowsy grasses and prairie leanings. Biography of William Kent. Oracle of Taste or Contemptible Dauber? William Kent by Benedetto Luti, 1718, oil on lined canvas (reduced). © Devonshire Collection, Chatsworth.

Reproduced by permission of the Chatsworth Settlement Trustees, PA 609. Photographer: Bruce White William Kent divided opinion both during his life and after his death. La galerie des Sculptures et des Moulages – Château de Versailles. Depuis une quarantaine d’années, les petites écuries du château de Versailles servent d’entrepôt à 5000 statues : des marbres magnifiques et une cohorte de plâtres plus ou moins ravagés par le temps, issus des collections du Musée du Louvre, de l’Ecole des Beaux-Arts et de la Sorbonne. Le 2 mars prochain, le château de Versailles ouvre exceptionnellement les portes des Petites écuries. Une occasion unique d’admirer les pièces de la Galerie des Sculptures et des Moulages. Edit du 3 avril 2014 : jusqu’à septembre 2014, la galerie sera ouverte le premier dimanche de chaque mois [Plus d'info]

Untitled. Première partie Michel Villedo et Cie, une entreprise florissante à l’âge d’or du bâtiment Chapitre premier. The History of Garden History. It's not often that I'm moved to words by an article (or at all, if I'm honest - this blog is short...), but I'm halfway through Brent Elliott's "The Development and Present State of Garden History" (RHS Occasional papers 2012) and felt pressed to say something.

The paper marks the first charting of the history of garden history, as it were. I get the impression that Brent writes as he thinks, but I quite like that, it's charming, even if it often demands a second (and fourth) reading. The first section highlights how garden history developed in what we can perhaps think of as the subjective era. Garden chroniclers had their ideas and weren't afraid to bob it into their works. The fact that they hadn't visited many of their subjects didn't seem to hamper their opinion. I don't mind admitting that I have long been confused by garden history, having occasionally dipped a toe into the shallows out of necessity and extracting whatever snippet was required at the time. Tracing our modernist roots. Landmark: A postcard of Sydney's El Alamein Fountain.

In 2010, Richard Aitken asked the ''quite young'' editor of his just published The Garden of Ideas which chapter she liked best. The book outlined all of the key moments and stylistic movements in Australian garden-making from the 1600s (when the entire country might have been viewed as one big imaginary garden) to the present, but it was a utopian slice of the 20th century that most captured her interest.

Sans titre. Toby Musgrave is a leading authority on garden history and design. Since leaving Reading University, he has embarked on a freelance career as an author, journalist, television presenter, designer, lecturer and scholar and blogger. He teaches an online garden history course through My Garden School, the world's first online horticulture school. He has a passion for horticulture and garden history which began at a very early age. He's been in Australia as a guest of The Body in the Garden: the South Australian Crime and Garden Writers' Festival which ran from October 25 - 27 this year.

Learning the art of the silent laugh. ‘Even if you tell me the funniest story I’ve ever heard, I won’t be laughing.’ This might seem an odd way to start a conversation, but it has been a mantra for our Voicing the Garden volunteer recorders since oral historian and trainer, Rib Davis, urged us to ‘practise and perfect the art of the silent laugh’. He explained that we must always have an ear out for the final edit, that in this case no matter how funny the story was, LOL wasn’t helpful. So we needed to develop a huge range of facial expressions and gesticulations to coax information and anecdotes from the interviewees in such a way that the interviewer could be smoothly (and somewhat sinisterly) removed.

The archive Voicing the Garden has created tells rich and illuminating stories both of change and permanence. We no longer light cones of nicotine shreds as pest control in the Glasshouse Range. Darkly wise, rudely great: The Body in the Garden: Adelaide. Last weekend we travelled to Adelaide for the inaugural 'Body in the Garden' festival: Australia's first literary festival dedicated to crime and garden books. I was there because of Philosophy in the Garden, rather than for my fashion (or literary) transgressions. On Friday, we took Nikos and Sophia to the Adelaide Zoo. Highlights included the pandas, tigers, sea lions and -- for me, at least -- red-billed fire finches, which were like sparrows in a Flash costume. (But zoos always leave me melancholy.) Later I attended a mayoral reception for the festival, hosted by Adelaide's Lord Mayor.

The Body in the Garden. Last weekend I headed home to Adelaide for the inaugural Body in the Garden South Australian Crime and Garden Writers’ Festival. Approaches to Garden History. Garden tales from a Brit abroad. Cambridge Botanic Garden. Changing Perspectives: Garden History Talks. The Garden History Society’s list of Conservation Management Plans - Parks & Gardens UK. Hidden Heritage: Britain’s Best Beneath Concrete. February 11, 2014 Posted by Claire Price, Listed Buildings Caseworker for England, Council for British Archaeology Excavated slipway at Deptford Dockyard with the Olympia building in background, © It takes a little imagination to visualise the heritage of Deptford dockyard and Sayes Court garden beneath the mud and concrete surface.

But it’s there. Sayes Court debated in Parliament. “Convoys Wharf is of historic interest—well, that has to be the understatement of the century! Campaign to save historic Sayes Court garden. Zoomify71993. David Kohn working on £1bn Convoys Wharf development. December-2012. Gardening: roses. *Bewick Society - Collections - Local page. Darwin's Children Drew All Over the On The Origin of Species Manuscript. "Le droit d'auteur est-il une parenthèse dans l'histoire ?" Roger Chartier. Passion for natural history. Dreweatts & Bloomsbury Auctions’ Library of a Gentleman » Yareah Magazine. En ces journées hivernales, nous prenons le soin... - Jardin botanique de Lyon.

AncientTre_E_NewsNo19.pdf (Objet application/pdf) In Remembrance of Capability Brown – February 1783. Hortalia bibliothèque numérique. Gardens and fashion: a story of frocks, fads and flowers.