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imaginer des possibles

Our present-day cities are already obsolete and are threatening to engulf the entire countryside, permanently destroying vast areas of our best food-producing land. Victory City™ is the wave of the future. It's an entire city all under one roof, to be built and operated by private enterprise alone. There will not be just one, but many such cities throughout the entire world. Boasting no crime, no pollution, and no over-crowding, Victory City is a veritable utopia for those who've grown weary of trying to find solutions to today's urban problems. Welcome to the City of the Future. Victory City: The City of the Future Victory City: The City of the Future
British Council
Future Cities Project: Home Ordos in Inner Mongolia is synonymous with the phrase ‘Ghost Town’; a term used to describe cities that are apparently built on a whim, with no-one to occupy them. With China having already started to fulfil its pledge to build 400 new cities in 20 years, innumerable articles have emerged in the Western press to laugh, pity or gloat at the emergence of such tragi-comical examples of urban desolation. Read more… Just half a century after De Gaulle’s vision that Europe (‘from the Atlantic to the Urals’) would decide the destiny of the world, Europe looks anything like a global powerhouse. Read more… By Richard J Williams | 31 July 2013 Future Cities Project: Home