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Stip en Bloem Giveaway! Kennen jullie de webwinkel Stip en Bloem al?

Stip en Bloem Giveaway!

Je vindt daar prachtige woonaccessoires van onder andere Clayre & Eef, maar ook mooie DIY-spulletjes zoals bijvoorbeeld lint en cadeaulabels. Nu vind je in de categorie DIY ook een linkje naar de opbergers, en in die categorie vind je een aantal prachtige naaidozen. En hoe supergaaf is het dat ik jullie mag vertellen dat Stip en Bloem een naaidoos naar keuze gaat weggeven aan een van jullie? Wat je daarvoor moet doen is het volgende. 1. A.s. zaterdag maak ik de winnaar bekend. Do you already know the webshop of Stip en Bloem? Such Pretty Things.

I have such a treat for you all interview with Christina Strutt, of Cabbage and Roses fame!

Such Pretty Things

Her newest book, Living Life Beautifully, has just been released by CICO Books and I was thrilled to have the chance to ask her a few questions... Q. Hello, Christina! I am so delighted to have this opportunity to ask you afew questions today, as I have been an admirer of your work and prettyfloral fabrics ever since I first walked into your original Cabbages & Rosesshop many years ago! Christina: THANK YOU! Q. Your design aesthetic - pretty faded vintage florals, antique furniture,white backgrounds, and flowers (cabbages!) Christina: STRANGELY, YES, THOUGH IF YOU HADN¹T ASKED THIS QUESTION IT WOULD NOT HAVE UNEARTHED ITSELF. Q. Christina: NO, ­ ALL MY OTHER JOBS CONFLICTED WITH MOTHERHOOD. ­ Coke Float Cupcakes.pdf.

How to Keep a Glass Shower Clean. My last two homes have had glass showers in the master bath.

How to Keep a Glass Shower Clean

Apple Cinnamon Coffee Cake. Welcome!

Apple Cinnamon Coffee Cake

If you're new to The Finer Things in Life, you might like to subscribe for free updates. Subscribe via RSS to read updates in your favorite feed reader, or via email to have new posts delivered directly to your inbox. Thanks for visiting! One of my favorite things to do is to peruse church cookbooks for “old” recipes and make them new. That’s what I did with this one, using a few of the many pounds of Granny Smith apples I constantly find on Manager’s Special. We’re counting down to Halloween. We’re ready to count down to Halloween with this fun crafty paper chain.

We’re counting down to Halloween

We’ll be removing one chain off this cackling witch everyday in October, getting us closer and closer to the 31st, Halloween! Supplies for Witch Halloween Countdown: paper – we used black, purple, and green art paperscissors or paper slicerglue or tape2 googley eyesblack markerwhite crayon 1. Make the witch face: Cut a large triangle out of the black paper for the witch’s hat. Irish Crochet Lace. Crown Hill. Craft blog. Image attribution: / CC BY-SA 2.0 (This post was originally published on the now-defunct "Make & Meaning" blog.)

craft blog

When I think of the word craftsmanship, it evokes thoughtfulness, confidence, a commitment to doing things well, and skill. According to Matt... Crochet School. Sorry I've taken so long to post this very last post of the crochet school series.

Crochet School

Would you believe me if I said I don't want it to end? Haha That's not the real reason, although it is a little weird to be writing the last crochet school post (for now). I've just been busy designing new patterns and crocheting my butt off for the craft show I'm in next month, Deluxe. I was also waiting for all of you to have time to put in questions you want answered in this post.

Let's cover those questions first: Free Patterns - Download Free Patterns. Kitchen Pantry Reveal ! I {finally} completed my pantry makeover!

Kitchen Pantry Reveal !

I mentioned in June {wow it took me a while to finish this} that I was going to redo my kitchen pantry here. I ripped out the old shelves, painted, stenciled, installed new shelves, and organized all my goods. Here's a before/after shot: I will definitely be writing a couple more posts about the project explaining the steps... but for now I just want to sit back and show off my final reveal! No Heat Curls - Moms Who Wear High Heels and Swear. The Worsted Crochet Blog. Recipes, recipe ideas, ladies fashion advice - Woman and Home. iCrochet. Crochet Patterns, Free Crochet Pattern. First Grade and Fabulous. Annemarie's Haakblog.

DIY/How to/Household. This Reading Mama - Aspiring Mum. Style & Beauty. DIY flower pots. Things we used Plaster of ParisStyrofoam ballsChenille stems/pipe cleanersPaint and brushes This activity is good for pre schoolers and above.

DIY flower pots

Start off with painting the Styrofoam balls to make the flowers. Big A made a game out of it by challenging herself to paint the whole ball without getting paint on her fingers. Environments Resources. Welcome!

Environments Resources

Environments is the early childhood professional’s source for the best and most appropriate early childhood classroom equipment, children’s furniture, cribs, educational toys, and math, science, and language curriculum materials for child care and early education. You’ll find Family Style Dining, building blocks, dramatic play props, trikes, wooden manipulatives, and other early childhood classics - plus tons of Environments exclusives. Great Projects To Do With Kids. Preschool and Kindergarten Readiness - School Sparks. Spoonful.  Meet Penny. Tips and Tricks for Life. DIY Clothes. Kitchen Pantry Reveal !

DIY/How to/Household. Great Mom sites. The Activity Mom: Colors and Numbers with Stickers. The Activity Mom Sharing Activities and Ideas that Make Learning Fun Get Our Activities by Email. Make It and Love It. Make, do & friend. Cooking with Rinku. DrunkDuck: The Webcomics Community - Main Page. DIY Designer Knock-Off Things to Make. The Crafty Crow. This month I'm sharing some of the shows available on Netflix Streaming that I have watched with my children - not because I'm a fan of Yu-Gi-Oh!

And Clone Wars, but because I see it as an investment in my relationship with my kids. More often than not I end up enjoying the shows but I especially like being able to talk about them with the kids and keep up with their interests even when they are different than mine. It's an investment that has really paid off as my kids have gotten older too. We have great conversations and shared interests that keep us close as a family, and it keeps me young too! Mininova : The ultimate BitTorrent source! Montessori Online Training. Instructions: How to Spring Clean With Nontoxic Home-made Products - Environment - GOOD. Tackling spring-cleaning this month? Us too. But there's no sense in doing it if you're going to create a big mess for the planet (and your body) in the process. Cleaning up your act isn't as straightforward as running to the pharmacy and picking out a bottle covered in claims of eco-friendliness and biodegradability, however.

When it comes to home cleaning products a lot of eco claims are unverified and—worse—unverifiable, with rare exceptions like Seventh Generation. Instead of wondering what kinds of toxic chemicals you're flushing down the toilet or dumping down the drain every time you decide your apartment's gotten a little grungy, stock up on a few things listed below, and keep these easy recipes handy. All-purpose cleaner. Windows and mirror cleaner. Floor soap. Carpet deodorizer. Tubs, countertops, and sink scrub. Oven cleaner. Natural drain cleaner. Wood cleaner. Moldy grout remover. Shower spray. Toilet. Stainless steel polish. Marble, granite, or stone countertop cleaner. How to Clean Every Room in Your Home with Items You Already Have.

*Gasp! LookatthatWeim! * Ahem. Ok, I'm rational now. Notebook and pencil folder tutorial.pdf.