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Support available contents. Researchers Information. As an early career researcher you are entitled to use the wide range of high quality services that we provide.

Researchers Information

This section of the website deals with issues which are specific to researchers. Including: Planning a career in academia Deciding what to do after your degree or research What the job market looks like for researchers Destinations of previous postgraduate students Links to specialist websites and downloads to help you plan your future How we can help you. The rest of our website is packed full of helpful resources including making applications, writing an academic CV and looking for work. Getting Started. Getting Started University Welcome for Research Students Starting your Research Degree workshop Agreeing a training plan A-Z of Key Information for new postgraduate researchers Starting Your Research Degree workshop presentation slides University Welcome for Research Students The objectives of the University Welcome for Postgraduate Researchers are to: *bring together new postgradaute researchers from across the University and across the disciplines *signpost you to key areas of the University and the resources and facilities available to you *provide an opportunity for you to meet staff from core support services at the University University Welcome events are held in February, June, September, October and November.

Getting Started

You will receive an email invitation to register for the next Welcome event prior to or soon after you register at the University. Starting your Research Degree workshop Training Plan. Postgraduate Research and Operations. Handbooks 1-3 (below) are compiled annually by Research Student Administration.

Postgraduate Research and Operations

The documents are also available to registered students and staff in alternative formats (e.g. Braille, large print, e-text or audio) by contacting Other important documentation can be found on the Policies section of this site. How to use the Handbooks The documents contain bookmarks which correspond to sections and sub-sections of the document. Open the PDF and (if the bookmarks are not already visible) select the bookmark icon to the left of the screen. Research Professional Sign-in. Researcher@Library - Leeds University Library. Graduate Training and Support Centre: Postgraduate Researcher Training and Development Opportunities - Staff and Departmental Development Unit.

Support and advice available for doctoral researchers. During a doctorate there will be points when you need help and advice.

Support and advice available for doctoral researchers

Often this will come from your friends and family, although on some issues your supervisor and your department might be better placed to help. Shinton Consulting. Shinton Consulting » Postgrads. We meet a lot of PhD students and have based this section on the common questions they ask – feel free to send me any suggestions for content or links to recommended sites via my twitter feed.

Shinton Consulting » Postgrads

There are two main themes to this section being a more effective researcherthinking about your career post-PhD Being a more effective researcher There are many online resources to support your development as a researcher. We’ll link to these here as we use them in our sessions. For advice on planning your PhD project and links to useful resources, see the Planning and Managing a PhD blog post If you are involved in a cohort training network, such as a DTC or ITN, you might find the page produced for the ESSENCE ITN interesting. For insights into creativity and links to useful resources, see the Creativity blog post We’ve written a time management guide to help you understand your approach to deadlines so you can identify which of our time management tips is going to have most impact on your productivity.

Shinton Consulting » Postdocs. One of the key drivers for forming Shinton Consulting was to focus on developing careers resources for post-docs.

Shinton Consulting » Postdocs

With time, our work has focussed more and more strongly on the academic career path, so if you are committed to this career, look at the academic section. You should also visit the marvellous site put together by Elizabeth Wilkinson at the University of Manchester: An Academic Career The bulk of our training is delivered to postdoctoral researchers and we will be posting materials from workshops on this site from 2014. If you’ve forgotten the unique URL for your workshop or institution, look at the links on the Universities page. You may also find the following blog posts and pages useful: Starting a doctorate. Starting a doctorate can seem daunting, but with a bit of organisation, it can be a smooth experience.

Starting a doctorate

The Vitae Researcher Development Framework Getting started in research lens is a useful resource to help you keep track of the competencies you should be developing at this stage of your research career. Doctoral researchers have repeatedly quoted enthusiasm for their topic and confidence as being crucial during the getting started stage.

In this section, you will find information on a range of topics relevant to those in the early stages of their doctorate. Top Tips on Applications for Funding - Careers Advice. Putting together funding applications is one of the most onerous parts of an academic's job.

Top Tips on Applications for Funding - Careers Advice

They are time-consuming and require many details and alterations and despite putting so much work into them there is only a small chance of reward. But they are an important part of the job, and your application may be successful one time! 1. Get help from Research Office Most institutions now have a research office that can help you put together grant and funding applications. 2. Vivaquestions mockinterview.