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Biomedical engineer: Job description. Biomedical engineers apply engineering principles and materials technology to healthcare.

Biomedical engineer: Job description

This can include researching, designing and developing medical products, such as joint replacements or robotic surgical instruments, designing or modifying equipment for clients with special needs in a rehabilitation setting, or managing the use of clinical equipment in hospitals and the community. Biomedical engineers are employed by health services, medical equipment manufacturers and research departments/institutes.

Job titles vary depending on the exact nature of the work. Biomedical engineer: job description. Biomedical engineers are specialists who help to develop advanced health care technology.

Biomedical engineer: job description

Clinical engineer Job Information. Page Content Clinical engineer Hours37.5 per weekStarting salary£25,000 + per year.

Clinical engineer Job Information

Clinical or Biomedical Engineer Medical Technology. Clinical or biomedical engineers design and develop a wide range of medical equipment and devices such as x-ray machines, scanners and miniature cameras or mobility aids such as artificial limbs and wheelchairs.

Clinical or Biomedical Engineer Medical Technology

They can also work in the fields of nuclear medicine, and vascular measurement. They may work in research and manufacture or in health care delivery, combining their knowledge of technology, materials and human anatomy. The Work You could be: Pay The figures below are only a guide. Where you work whether you work for the NHS or a private company. Salaries for trainee clinical or biomedical engineers in the NHS start on Band 6, £26,302 to £35,225 a year. Conditions. Communications engineer: Job description.

Communications engineer: job description. Prosthetist/orthotist. Prosthetists provide an artificial replacement for patients who are missing a limb.


Orthotists provide a range of aids to correct problems or deformities in people’s nerves, muscles or bones. Ei your career in offshore wind energy. Choosing a Career in Wind Wave and Tidal Energy - Publications Search. CFD Consulting as a Career. Not too long ago, someone asked me a question about making the transition to a CFD consulting position.

CFD Consulting as a Career

If you are already using CFD as a regular part of your work, maybe you are thinking about the same thing. Is it for you? How do you go about finding a position with a CFD consultancy? Obviously, there are no hard and fast answers to these questions, because every case is different, but here are some thoughts based on my own experience. In my case , I worked for several years on the development and support of the Wind-US CFD solver . I have found working as a consultant to be extremely rewarding. One important factor which made this possible for me was a fairly large research contract from the U.S. Every consulting company is different in the way they handle hiring a new employee. IPEM > Careers & Training > What do our members do? > Biomedical Engineers. Keyhole and robotic surgery, as well as cutting-edge joint replacements and implants, are among the latest techniques in healthcare.

IPEM > Careers & Training > What do our members do? > Biomedical Engineers

Take at least 3 A Levels, including maths and physics, and preferably, another science and get good grades. Biomedical engineers design and test the tools and equipment that medical specialists use to carry out these, and many other, complex new procedures. Clinical engineering. Clinical engineering is the development, use, on-going support, and maintenance of technology for diagnosing, aiding or treating patients.

Clinical engineering

As a clinical engineer, you’ll use your knowledge of materials and manufacturing to design, build and maintain a range of equipment. Working life As a clinical or bio-engineer, you’ll design equipment for monitoring, diagnosing, treating and rehabilitating patients or work in research. You might design laser equipment or electronic aids for patients with disabilities and investigate the mechanics of the human body. Careers in the Allied Health Professions.

Engineering. Engineering-graduate-sample-CV.pdf. Engineering-graduate-sample-covering-letter.pdf. Imgtec2. Royal Aeronautical Society. The Aeronautical Journal is the world’s longest continuously-produced aeronautics journal and has for over a century been the UK's leading scientific and technical aeronautical journal.

Royal Aeronautical Society

Published monthly, The Aeronautical Journal provides a forum for authors from the UK and overseas, academia, research establishments and industry, and acts as a platform for presenting work and research to an international audience. Each paper has been thoroughly refereed by a renowned international team of Associate Editors and reviewers, all of whom are respected experts in their field. Relevant book reviews are also published in The Aeronautical Journal. All Aeronautical Journal papers published since March 2003 can be viewed and downloaded for free by subscribers here.

Authors can now submit their manuscripts directly to us here to consider for review and publication. Authors can find our useful set of instructions for authors here to assist them in preparing their manuscript for submission. Royal Aeronautical Society. The Air League » Keeping Britain at the forefront of Aviation. Nanotechnology News, Articles, Directory and more. Designability (Bath Institute of Medical Engineering) Charity.

Technology. Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology - Home. Institution of Mechanical Engineers. Biomedical engineering, also known as medical engineering or bioengineering, is a diverse, exciting and relatively new area within the field of engineering.

Institution of Mechanical Engineers

The discipline spans a whole range of activities, integrating professional engineering with medical knowledge of the human body. Examples of work in this area are hip replacements, pacemakers, computer simulations, artificial limbs, rehabilitation devices and robotic surgery. Brunel Institute for Bioengineering. Brunel Institute for BioengineeringWe are a multidisciplinary research institute with interests in solutions for health, medicine and surgery. Follow the links to find our more about our current research involvements. Surgical Tools Robotic technology in surgical therapy has demonstrated accurate and consistent tool trajectories in contrast with manual intervention.

Bioprocess EngineeringNew centrifugal liquid-liquid extraction technology was developed in the Institute’s Advanced Bioprocessing Centre. Engineering Sport: The Centre for Sports Engineering Research. MSc course in Sports Engineering The Centre for Sports Engineering Research run an MSc course in Sports Engineering. The course is for high achieving graduates in engineering and the physical sciences who wish to develop and apply their technical knowledge to the world of sport. Previous students have gone on to work at the cutting edge of research and development with international companies, such as Adidas and Prince Sports. Each student undertakes an extensive ‘real-world’ research project, often in collaboration with an industrial partner.

The video below provides information on the current projects. Click here for full details on the course. BSc course in Sports Technology Sheffield Hallam University run an undergraduate course on Sports Technology. Career Spotlight: Bioengineer. I Want to Work in .... the Motor Industry. Centre for Renewable Energy Systems Technology (CREST) CTE Resource Center - Featured Resources - Nanotechnology.

Business: Healthcare: Products and Services: Medical Equipment: Manufacturers. Medical Equipment Manufacturers Directory. Essential Energy Education: issues, careers, classroom resources. Engineering Sport: The Centre for Sports Engineering Research. Engineers Without Borders UK. The European Wind Energy Association.

Entertainment Designer - Theme Park Design & Museum News. Nanotechnology - Foresight Institute. Nanotechnology. About Nanotechnology. Physical sciences and biomechanical engineering. Rehabilitation engineering. Rehabilitation engineering encompasses a team of people assessing and responding to the needs of people with disabilities.

In this area of healthcare science, you’ll be involved in designing artificial body parts, measuring walking characteristics to improve the function of artificial limbs, and surgical corrections of deformities. Working life. CFD Consulting as a Career. The Institute of the Motor Industry. Frequently Asked Questions. How do I get into Medical Physics or Biomedical Engineering?

How can I find out about training for this career? Is the training the same in each country of the United Kingdom? England. Leeds University Library /All Locations. From disabilities to possibilities. Medical product guide. Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency. Medical Research Council - Home  Welcome to Nano Magazine. Nanoscale Science & Technology. Nanotechnology journal. Home : Nature Nanotechnology. Welcome. Home - Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult. OilCareers - The quick and easy way to the world's oil and gas jobs. Medical Device Industry Supplier Directory. Panel for Biomedical Engineering - Royal Academy of Engineering. Modern medicine and healthcare rely heavily on engineering to deliver improved prevention, diagnosis and treatment of illness.

These technologies are vital to the delivery of efficient health services. Technology in Medicine Section. We are very keen to enhance our Section Council with new active members who have a particular interest in technology in medicine. For further information, please contact or by phone on 0207 290 3934. About this section. Shipbuilders UK. Championing the UK subsea sector - - Subsea UK, Aberdeen, Scotland. The world's most comprehensive site on professional theme park attraction design. Conversations with the experts. Theme Park Design. Medical Devices Directory: Find News, Features, and Pictures Related to Medical Devices.

TWI - Manufacturing, engineering, materials and joining specialists.