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Human resources officer: Job description. Human resources (HR) officers develop, advise on and implement policies relating to the effective use of personnel within an organisation.

Human resources officer: Job description

Their aim is to ensure that the organisation employs the right balance of staff in terms of skills and experience, and that training and development opportunities are available to employees to enhance their performance and achieve the employer's business aims. HR officers are involved in a range of activities required by organisations, whatever the size or type of business. These cover areas such as: Human Resources Officer Job Information. Page Content Human resources officer Hours30-40 per weekStarting salary£15,000 + per year If you enjoy working with people and you're looking for an office role, this could be the perfect job for you.

Human Resources Officer Job Information

Personnel officer: job description. Equalities officer Job Information. Page Content Equalities officer Hours30-40 per weekStarting salary£13,000 + per year Equalities officers promote positive practices and attitudes.

Equalities officer Job Information

You would help to make sure that people in minority groups are treated equally regardless of characteristics such as age, disability or gender. If you believe in fair treatment for all and want to help other people, this could be a job you would enjoy. University of Leeds Careers Centre Blog. Hessie Coleman has recently graduated from the University of Leeds with BA German & International Relations (Joint Honours).

University of Leeds Careers Centre Blog

She is currently in her first placement on Centrica’s HR graduate scheme which she was offered a place on after completing their Summer Programme. When you think of doing a 10 week HR internship with a Top 30-FTSE 100 company over the summer, do you expect to spend your second day on the job taking the corporate card to Hamleys to organise some fun and games for the monthly office beer and pizza night? No? I didn’t either! But between that, being given the chance to take responsibility for various projects (including keeping on top of headcount/budget information, managing an office move and supporting the development of the office culture), amazing development opportunities and a whole lot of fun, I got more than I expected from my summer internship with Centrica and so far, the graduate scheme is living up to expectations.

Developing my career ideas. Downloads - University of Leeds Careers Centre. HR careers - HR Careers. The_truth_about_HR.pdf. HR & Personnel Management Careers. Human Resource Management (HRM), also known as Personnel Management, is not social work!

HR & Personnel Management Careers

It may involve: organisation and manpower planning, recruitment and selection, termination of employment, training and development, industrial relations, job evaluation and employee services. Any degree subject is normally acceptable, although law, psychology and business-related degrees (particularly if you have taken a module in HR) are often seen as being particularly 'relevant'. A scientific or technical background can be an asset in some organisations. There are three main routes for graduates into HRM: Through a graduate training scheme. Employers: any employer with a sufficient number of employees to justify a specialist personnel section may employ HR managers: e.g. manufacturing or service industries; local government; health authorities; universities and colleges; commercial organisations. HR Admin jobs description. Retail Human Resources plc - How can an HR administrator / HR assistant role help me progress in the Human Resources sector?

HR Admin jobs description

This is an entry level role for those wanting to enter the Human Resources sector. HR Advisor Jobs description. HR Manager Manager Jobs Description. Retail Human Resources plc What are the duties of an HR manager?

HR Manager Manager Jobs Description

The duties of an HR Manager will vary from company to company. You could be an HR manager of a small company and cover all HR disciplines or work in a larger organisation where your main focus will most probably centre on resourcing and employee relations. It is likely that you will be managing a team and be responsible for their development. The main focus will centre on complex situations, and probably involve working with senior managers. The role of the HR manager tends to focus more on influencing key players who are typically mid-management level straight up to director level.

Jobs In: Human Resources in Universities - Careers Advice. It's a cliché that the most important aspect of any organisation is its people but, of course it's true.

Jobs In: Human Resources in Universities - Careers Advice

Creating an environment in which the staff is motivated to perform to their full potential is the responsibility of those making their careers in the human resources department. Their role is to put the personnel policies of the University into practice which doesn't always make them popular with everyone. Their wide brief is to meet the human objectives of the organisation. It includes strategy and policy development, recruitment, conditions of service, dealing with promotions and disciplinary matters, supporting management when difficult situations occur. Initial roles Trainees in human resources departments are often called personnel assistants. Case studies: Head of HR: Kathy Allison. Kathy's previous experience helped her to set up the HR department at the large online fashion retailer, Boohoo How did you get your job?

Case studies: Head of HR: Kathy Allison

Before joining Boohoo I was able to develop my skills and understanding of HR gradually. My first management roles were both in the hospitality sector. I began in Moat House Hotels and then worked for Village Hotels, before moving on to become the people development manager at Radisson Blu. Case studies: HR manager: Nicola Brown. Nicola's history degree helped her secure a place on a graduate training programme and from there get promoted to the role of HR manager...

Case studies: HR manager: Nicola Brown

After graduation from the University of Southampton, I joined Enterprise on the graduate management training programme after I saw their advertisement. I progressed through the scheme and moved originally into a training role in our London group and then over to the contact centre as a training supervisor. Case studies: European talent acquisition manager: Ashley Hever. The teamworking, persuasive and leadership skills Ashley developed during his criminology degree have paved the way to his success at Enterprise Rent-A-Car After finishing my degree in social policy and criminology at the University of Hull, I joined Enterprise Rent-A-Car through a graduate training programme.

Right from the beginning, no two days were the same and this is still the case in my current role: I can be meeting with universities, visiting our regional recruiting teams or marketing on campus. We've just launched our new recruitment campaign, which meant working on the content for our website and materials. I'm also on various committees with the Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services (AGCAS) and the Association of Graduate Recruiters (AGR), and I attend seminars so I can share best practice with our teams. Centres_extranetdoc_Advance_your_HR_career_brochure.pdf. About professional membership - Professional.

Achieving professional membership of the CIPD demonstrates that you meet the rigorous criteria and professional standards for best practice. It showcases your ability to create a real impact in the workplace, and to make a difference to an organisation’s strategy and its people. Above all, it emphasises a commitment to your continuing professional development and a desire to stay current. Professional membership is open to both HR generalists and specialists. It's an achievement to be proud of, as it demonstrates that you meet CIPD’s rigorous criteria and standards for best practice in HR. Professional membership is more than achieving a qualification. Qualifications - Qualifications. CIPD - Championing better work and working lives CIPD. Hr outlook 2017 tcm18 17697. HR Communities - Share Knowledge at Leading Network for HR Professionals.