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Advertising account executive job profile. Advertising account executives work within advertising or multi-service agencies, acting as a link between clients and the agency.

Advertising account executive job profile

They are responsible for the coordination of advertising campaigns and therefore communicating clearly to all those involved. They must understand their clients' needs and objectives and liaise closely with them throughout campaigns, often on a daily basis. They manage administrative and campaign work and ensure that advertising projects are completed on time and on budget. Advertising account executive: job description. What does an advertising account executive do?

Advertising account executive: job description

Typical employers | Qualifications and training | Key skills Advertising account handlers are employed by advertising agencies to administer the accounts of a small number of clients (between one and five companies), for whom they are the key contact. They are required to know the client and understand exactly what it is that they do and what it is that they want to sell.

Their responsibilities could include: consulting clients about campaign requirementspresenting campaign pitches and costs to clients passing proposals to appropriate media/creative staff negotiating time-scales and budgets monitoring work progress and keeping in contact with clients at all stages delivering final products for review report writing staff supervision financial administration. Advertising account executive job information. Page Content Advertising account executive Hours30-40 per weekStarting salary£18,000 + per year Advertising account executives provide the link between an advertising agency and its clients.

Advertising account executive job information

A Day In The Life Of A Digital Account Director. Advertising account planner job profile. Advertising account planners are responsible for creating the communication strategy for an advertising campaign.

Advertising account planner job profile

This includes targeting the right audience, as well as setting the tone and message of the campaign. Planners are responsible for writing the formal brief and for providing the ideal environment for creative development. They combine market data, qualitative research and product knowledge within a brief to enable the creative team to produce innovative ideas that will reach consumers.

Planners can be involved in working with a number of clients at the same time, and will need to identify the specific business needs for each one. Advertising account planner: job description. What does an advertising account planner do?

Advertising account planner: job description

Typical employers | Qualifications and training | Key skills Advertising account planners are employed by large national and international advertising companies, direct marketing companies and independent creative and media agencies. Typical responsibilities involve: Advertising account planner job information. Page Content Advertising account planner Hours30-40 per weekStarting salary£18,000 + per year As an advertising account planner you’ll develop a plan for an advertising campaign to make sure it is effective and reaches the right audience.

Advertising account planner job information

Advertising art director job profile. Advertising art directors, often known as 'creatives', produce innovative ideas for the visual elements of advertising campaigns in all kinds of media, including: cinema and television;internet (digital/viral marketing);posters;press;radio.

Advertising art director job profile

An art director usually works alongside a copywriter to form a 'creative team'. Traditionally, the copywriter produces the words to go with the visuals created by the art director. These roles are now becoming more blurred and it is likely that both will have an input into the visual and written content of the advertising campaign. Advertising art director job information. Page Content Advertising art director HoursVariableStarting salary£18,000 + per year Art directors or 'creatives' design the visuals for eye-catching advertising campaigns.

Advertising art director job information

If you have imagination and a flair for art and design there could be opportunities for you in this career. Advertising copywriter job profile. Advertising copywriters generally work alongside an art director within the creative department of an advertising, media or full-service agency.

Advertising copywriter job profile

They work with client briefs to conceive, develop and produce effective advertising campaigns. The art director deals mainly with the visual images of the advertising campaign, while the copywriter provides the verbal or written 'copy'. This may include creating slogans, catchphrases, messages and straplines for printed adverts and leaflets. Advertising copywriter: job description. Advertising copywriter job information.

Page Content Advertising copywriter HoursVariableStarting salary£18,000 + per year Copywriters or 'creatives', produce the written words or ‘copy’ for advertisements.

Advertising copywriter job information

This could be anything from slogans and text for printed ads and leaflets, to radio jingles and scripts for TV commercials. Digital copywriter job profile. Digital copywriters produce the written copy and content for webpages and can be employed or work freelance Your job, as a digital copywriter, is to engage the reader and motivate them to do something, such as buy a product or service. You may also write copy designed to convey valuable information about a brand, industry or issue. In this role you may also be known as a digital content writer. Responsibilities As a digital copywriter, you're typically responsible for: You may also be responsible for providing other digital content, such as images and video. Salary Starting salaries for junior copywriters are between £22,000 and £30,000 per year.

Freelance copywriters charge either by commission or by the hour. Some agencies and employers will offer bonuses and other benefits packages. Income figures are intended as a guide only. Working hours Most copywriters work Monday to Friday, although weekend and evening work can be necessary, especially for projects with tight deadlines. What to expect. A Day In The Life Of A Content Writer. Media buyer job profile. Media buyers negotiate, purchase and monitor advertising space and airtime on behalf of their clients. They aim to reach the highest number of people in the target audience at the lowest possible cost. Buyers generally work in advertising and media agencies. They work across several or all media, including: newspapers;magazines;posters;internet;television;cinema. Media buyer: job description. What does a media buyer do? Typical employers | Qualifications and training | Key skills negotiates the best price, quality and placement of advertisements keeps up to date with fluctuations in popularity ratings and developments in the industry maintains good relationships with media sales staff ensures they get the best airtime slots manages media bookings Advertising costs are rarely constant, particularly for television broadcasts, where prices are related to viewing figures.

Typical employers of media buyers Some advertising agencies operate graduate recruitment schemes (contact your careers service for details, or refer to the IPA's 'Advertising Fact File'). Advertising media buyer job information. Page Content Advertising media buyer Hours30-40 per weekStarting salary£18,000 + per year As a media buyer you would be responsible for buying advertising space in newspapers and magazines, and on TV, radio and cinema.

It would be your job for the ads to reach as much of the target audience as possible. You would need to do this at the lowest cost for the client. Media planner job profile. Media planner: job description. Advertising media planner job information. PPC specialist job profile. PPC specialists are experts in internet advertising, responsible for planning and optimising the effectiveness of online advertising campaigns Pay per click (PPC) is the term used to refer to paid advertising on the internet, usually though Google AdWords or Bing Ads. Advertisers pay a fee each time one of their adverts is clicked. PPC specialists use their expertise to advise on how to maximise the results of a PPC campaign. You can work in house, typically in the marketing department of an organisation, or for a specialist PPC or digital agency where you will manage campaigns for a range of clients.

You may also be known as: PPC account executivePPC account manager PPC analyst PPC executivePPC manager PPC and SEO (search engine optimisation) expert Responsibilities As a PPC specialist, you'll work with internal stakeholders or external clients and will be involved in: Salary Income figures are intended as a guide only. Working hours Working hours are generally 9am to 5.30pm. What to expect. A Day In The Life Of A Head Of PPC. University of Leeds Careers Centre Blog. It’s not like it was in Don Draper’s time when you blagged your way in by getting your future boss wrecked in a Madison Avenue bar but it’s still a fun industry. In this blog post our Senior Careers Consultant, Sue Holdsworth, offers her insight in to the creative world of Advertising.

Advertisements are everywhere in the UK – from television to radio to billboards. An advertisement helps to market a product or a service – it does this by presenting it in a positive way to make it sound interesting or attractive to the consumer. Bearing this in mind, it is an industry where having a creative flair is essential. Think of an advertisement you have seen recently. If you are interested in this area then the most informative sites to start with are: Both sites will provide a wealth of information about this career area including an industry guide and routes into it. Roles.

5 reasons to consider a career in the digital sector. Scarlett Wilson is a Keele University graduate and is currently working as a Digital Marketing Executive for Bubble Jobs – a niche digital jobs board that specialises in advertising digital, e-commerce, media and marketing jobs. In this post she outlines how she got into the sector and some of the reasons she thinks it’s great. When I was in my final year at Keele University I found myself a little lost – I knew I was interested in marketing because of my extra-curricular activities and work experience but I wasn’t sure of my options. I had a look around and saw that the digital industry had loads of potential – so that was the moment that I decided I wanted a digital job.

Careers in the digital industry: Not just about the tech. AdvertisingMarketingPR Advertising. Careers in Advertising. Diagonal Thinking Self-assessment Tool - Welcome. Recent Graduates talking about a Career in Advertising. The job interview. IPA - Institute of Practitioners in Advertising. The AdMission. G1 doyouhavewhatittakestomixitwiththemadmen. Advertising Association - promoting and protecting everyone in adland - advertisers, media owners and agencies. Creative Choices. Welcome to Creative Skillset - Skillset. Design Directory. Global Association for Creative Advertising & Design Awards. Annex_C_-_Creative_Industries_Focus_on_Employment_2015.pdf.