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Curator: job description. Art gallery curator Job Information. Page Content Art gallery curator Hours37 per weekStarting salary£25,000 + per year.

Art gallery curator Job Information

Heritage manager: Job description. Heritage management is an evolving career and extends to a broad remit of responsibilities, ranging from the conservation of a historical building, landscape or heritage site with a world heritage ranking, through to the preservation of a community's cultural heritage or a region's unique industrial heritage.

Heritage manager: Job description

A management role in the heritage sector is all about balancing the preservation of the fabric and character of a building with the need to generate an income and, when applicable, the demands of a historic family home. A heritage management role can encompass a considerable diversity of job titles, with individual post holders coming from a wide variety of backgrounds from both within and outside the sector. Typical work activities Work activities vary depending on the specific role and responsibilities held, as well as the setting of the job. Museum/gallery curator: Job description. With the key goals of informing, educating and inspiring the public, a museum or gallery curator acquires, cares for, develops, displays and interprets a collection of artefacts or works of art.

Museum/gallery curator: Job description

It can be a varied job. As well as responsibility for a particular collection, it can often include other activities, such as public relations, marketing, fundraising and education programmes. There can be an overlap with the museum/gallery exhibitions officer role. Museum curator job information. Page Content Museum curator Hours36 to 37 per weekStarting salary£25,000 + per year.

Museum curator job information

Museum education officer: Job description. Museum education officers aim to deliver high quality and dynamic programmes of learning and participation.

Museum education officer: Job description

They ensure that a museum's collections act as a learning resource for all ages. They work both within the galleries or museums and also in a community context. Museum education officer: job description. Museum education officers forge links between visitors and museums and encourage learning through formal or informal education, marketing and publicity.

Museum education officer: job description

What does a museum education officer do? Typical employers | Qualifications and training | Key skills Typical responsibilities of the job include: Museum/gallery exhibitions officer: Job description. A museum/gallery exhibitions officer is responsible for planning, developing, organising, marketing, administering, producing, buying/sourcing and maintaining individual permanent or travelling exhibitions.

Museum/gallery exhibitions officer: Job description

The role involves a large amount of project management. The actual work depends on the setting. InformationService Heritage. I Want to Work In … the Heritage Sector. Careers, Employability and Enterprise Centre : Museum and Archive Work. Introduction This area of work provides graduates with the opportunity to engage directly with history, art and culture.

Careers, Employability and Enterprise Centre : Museum and Archive Work

It is a sector that offers a range of opportunities in addition to the more traditional pathways of curatorship, conservation and archiving. It is an area of work that is rewarding but competition for jobs is very high, the pay is low and the workforce are educated to degree level and beyond. The Work Prospects website has produced an overview of what it is like to work in this area. How to Get a Job Work Experience Work experience is critical in terms of improving your employment prospects and also securing a place on a relevant postgraduate course this can be both voluntary work or paid employment. Area of work. Case studies. The Geological Society. Name: Jan Job title: Assistant Keeper of Natural History (UK) What are your qualifications?

The Geological Society

A levels: Geology, Business Studies, English Language. BSc (Hons) Geology from the University of Wales, Cardiff MSc in Environmental Analysis and Assessment from Royal Holloway, University of London (not a requirement for my job) What exactly does an Assistant Keeper of Natural History do? The Assistant Keeper of Natural History works behind the scenes at a museum with the natural history collections. Apart from formal qualifications, what other skills or characteristics do you need? Because the job is so varied and involves working closely with the collections, with other departments and with the public, you need to adapt to different situations very quickly.

Start your career. You don't just have to be passionate about art and objects to work in a museum or art gallery.

Start your career

The focus for museums and galleries is on interpreting collections and opening them up to as many people as possible. Museums and galleries are increasingly looking to position themselves at the heart of local communities and as a result they call on a range of specialist skills and experience. Volunteering. How to volunteer in heritage. 7 September 2011 In the creative and cultural sectors, volunteers are often the very life-blood of organisations. Without volunteers, many organisations simply could not function. If you’re fanatical about history and heritage, then getting a volunteer placement is a great way to turn your interest into an active hobby.

It could even be a pathway for a dream career in cultural heritage. If you want to get out there and donate your time in return for some enriching experiences, here’s some advice: Do your research Don’t imagine volunteers are unimportant. Chances are you will already know the kinds of opportunities you are looking for – and therefore know which organisations you need to approach.

For example, if you love historical places or the countryside, then the National Trust, English Heritage or the Woodland Trust would be good places to contact. Competition for places can be tough – around 49,000 people volunteer to work with the National Trust each year. Where can I work? There are four broad types of museums and galleries in the UK.

Most, but not all, are publicly funded. National museums E.g. Natural History Museum, British Museum, National Museums Liverpool National museums and galleries that receive funding directly from central government. Local authority funded, ranging from large regional services like Tyne and Wear Archives & Museums (10 museums attracting 1.5m visitors a year) to smaller institutions like Guildford Museum (27,000 visitors a year). Getting a first job. Lots of people want to work in museums and there aren't very many jobs, so competition for entry-level jobs is often fierce. Different types of jobs need different types of skills and knowledge. Frustratingly, this can vary between different museums (for a guide to different types of job, see case studies).

For most types of entry-level job, you'll find you need to have relevant experience, and people usually get this by volunteering. Some types of job, such as museum assistants or administrative jobs, can be easier to get. A few forward-looking museums offer training and development to their administrators and assistants, so they can progress up the career ladder - but most museums don't. In addition to the work-experience, specialist skills and knowledge needed for the particular post, employers say they look for: 10_Top_Tips_for_Interpretation_2011_1. Culture & Art - Yorkshire Employment and Training Information - Yorkshire Graduates.

Yorkshire has a strong Cultural Sector supported in the region by Yorkshire Culture who have pledged to ensure that "The distinctive, diverse, world class culture of Yorkshire and the Humber holds its rightful place in Britain, Europe and the World. " This sector is broad but is briefly made up of the arts, creative industries, education, film, heritage, libraries, local government, media, museums and sport.

Yorkshire has around 2,000 years of history and has witnessed key events including the Roman and Viking invasions, historic battles, the Industrial Revolution and the foundation of Methodism. There are many award-winning museums and heritage centres in the region that deal with a range of historical eras and subject areas and are home to some of the most important collections in the world. The Ferensway site in Hull is home to the Hull Truck Theatre and the Albemarle Music Centre and the cities landmark museum The DEEP is the world's only submarium.

Job vacancies in Culture & Art Intute. Find a Museum. MDY_Grant-GuidanceDocument-2014-Issue. Individual membership. Individual membership is suitable for all people working in museums, as well as volunteers, full-time students, retired professionals and friends and trustees of museums. We also welcome people who don’t work in museums but have an interest in the sector.

We have members from all over the UK and offer international membership for our colleagues around the world. Read the MA's membership FAQs. Your benefits. A working life: the art gallery curator. It speaks volumes for the art on the walls of Sonia Solicari's gallery that both the photographer and I can be distracted by a background painting while she stands for the camera, with immaculate grace and poise, as though having just stepped out of one of the Guildhall's many portraits. Yet, inexorably, it seems, we are drawn to the looming presence behind her of John Kemble, in Sir Thomas Lawrence's portrait of the actor as Coriolanus; first by Kemble's enormous foot, then his splendidly realised nose. Far from taking offence, Solicari looks quietly pleased. "It's a painting designed to be hung very high up, at an angle," she explains, instinctively drifting to one side to avoid spoiling our appreciation of the near 3m-tall canvas.

"It would have been hung the same height again, then tilted downwards. " The photographer waves Solicari back into shot, telling her to hold an expression that apparently conveys the perfect mix of knowledge and scepticism. Art Gallery - oil paintings of abstract art, landscape art, more. AAH - Association of Art Historians. Art galleries in London, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Bath, Bristol, UK. Providing advice and support to independent museums. Museums Change Lives. Museums & Art Galleries UK - Britain's Finest Museums & Galleries to Visit. British Association of Friends of Museums - Home. English Heritage Home Page. Home. Annex_C_-_Creative_Industries_Focus_on_Employment_2015.pdf.

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