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Leeds University Library /All Locations. Music, School of. Music, School of Key measures: Positive Outcomes: 91.7%, Graduate prospects: 70%, Graduate employment: 69.8% Graduate destinations:

Music, School of

What can I do with my degree in music? If you have decided to study music at degree level, you are probably interested in theoretical knowledge as well as the wider aspects of the music industry Job options Jobs directly related to your degree include: Jobs where your degree would be useful include: Remember that many employers accept applications from graduates with any degree subject, so don't restrict your thinking to the jobs listed here.

What can I do with my degree in music?

To find out what jobs would suit you, log in to My Prospects. Work experience It is important to gain as much experience in different musical genres as possible. Music degree career options. Music may be your passion, but it’s not the only career you can pursue after you graduate with a music degree.

Music degree career options

Whether you’d like to make a living from your knowledge of music or explore different options, this guide should help you think about the skills your degree has given you and the jobs they can be applied to. You’ll also find out about the careers creative arts students aspire to and the types of jobs performing arts graduates are working in six months after leaving university. Skills for your CV Specific skills you will have gained from your degree in music include: communication memory and concentration teamwork the ability to perform under pressure planning and organisation self-discipline critical thinking IT skills. ISM Advice Centre – Careers. Careers in Music - Getting Started In The Music Business.

In this section, we go over a few tips for getting started in some of the key areas of the music industry.

Careers in Music - Getting Started In The Music Business

You’ll find more specialist articles and advice in our Success In Music section. Record Company Jobs According to the BPI (British Phonographic Industry) statistics for 2005, out of some 126,000 full-time workers in the UK music business, only just over 10,000 were employed in record companies. And it’s a fair bet that when this year’s figures are released, there’ll be fewer still. The fact is that the traditional record company has looked for some time now like a very tired business model and a general revamp is long overdue. This isn’t bad news for the UK music industry.

So, while the old guard whimper and moan about such “problems” as the proliferation of downloading or the low price of cds, forward-thinkers realize that a new and even more exciting music business is waiting to be shaped. Which is fine. Get to as many gigs as you can, across a broad spectrum of artists. Careers in Music. Music. Making money from music. Matt Fernand 4 November 2011 A lot of people want to get into music, but very few understand how they'll be paid once they do.

Making money from music

Knowing more about the money means you'll be better armed to take on the business on your own terms. Now of course, it's about making music first and foremost, but it can be handy to have an idea of how the music business does business. Apart from anything else, some of the sources of money are ones you can claim before you're signed. That can help pay for new equipment or an out-of-town gig. Sales income This is probably what most people think being a successful musician is all about: making money from selling records. When you're starting out, it's often more important to think of record sales in terms of promotion rather than income.

Making independent music. Kate Brockhurst 4 February 2011 Music mangers Billy Grant and Rob Stuart founded recording label 2Point9, and later Jayded Entertainment Ltd.

Making independent music

They’re responsible for the internationally successful artist Jay Sean, who recently had a number one single in America. Founding an independent label “At the time we were at Telstar Records, working on Craig David, Mis-Teeq, and doing pretty well. But we realised, creatively, it wasn’t going the way that I wanted it to. Music and Music Production Careers. Many music production graduates will want to use their degree subject in their work.

Music and Music Production Careers

However, due to the very limited number of openings, jobs in the creative industries can be difficult to obtain without determination and persistence. You need to get lots of (probably unpaid) work experience and to promote yourself. You have to be very single-minded. Major recording companies include EMI, Universal, Sony BMG and Sanctuary. See our page on the Creative Career Search for help on how to break into the industry. A guide to the music industry. Matt Fernand 28 October 2011 Who are the different people that make a signed act work?

A guide to the music industry

This is an overview of the various roles that work with music artists – understand what they do and where you can fit in. A&R (artists and repertoire) A&R people will work with you pretty intensively throughout your career Contrary to what most people think, most of an A&R person's time isn't spent signing new bands. An A&R person acts as a representative for the label to the band, and for the band within the label. An A&R person doesn't just sign you and go onto the next act. Electric Blues Club - Music Careers Information and Resources. Music Careers There are a wide variety of areas in which musicians and music students can seek employment depending on their talent, enthusiasm and qualifications including:- Architectural Acoustic Consultants - providing everything from advice to building designs Arranging & Composition - providing freelance services to lyricists, radio, television, orchestras, films and other areas that require music composed/arranged for specific projects.

Electric Blues Club - Music Careers Information and Resources

Artists & Repertoire - viewing & organising the signing of potential stars plus their maintaining their career development within the boundries of the recording contract. Arts Administrators - working in schools, universities, local councils/government and community groups to provide co-ordination and administration of arts and music events, courses etc. Audio & Recording Engineer - Sound engineers and tech's can find employment in both static studios, radio, television, film and P.A. Pre-registration is required. Classical musician job information. Page Content Classical musician HoursVariableStarting salary£22,000 + per year.

Classical musician job information

Pros and Cons. Pros and Cons to a Career in Orchestral Music Those who know me well are aware that I view my job as a member of the Boston Symphony Orchestra as in inexpressible gift, an answer to a long held dream and an enormous privilege. Having been a full time orchestral musician since 1981, I am also well aware that many of my colleagues are either inexpressibly happy with their positions or dismally unhappy. I speak about this some in my article The Puzzle of Our Lives, a detailed look at my own personal journey to a life as an orchestral musician. At the same time, while each person will view a career in a professional orchestra through a slightly different lens, allow me to point out several distinct advantages and disadvantages to consider for those thinking about such a career.

Please note that what I am writing below is from my perspective as a member of the Boston Symphony, an orchestra that is in the top tier of world-class ensembles. The Good News... Recording benefits. The Bad News... Careers sheet. Leeds University Library /All Locations. Downloads. Downloads. TheMU - Home. Musical Futures - Transforming music education through real world learning. Yorkshire and the North of England. Skip navigation Text size: UK Amateur Orchestras - Yorkshire & Humberside. Orchestra Conductor / Leader Rehearsal Venue / Times Contact(s) Wednesdays at 10am at St Oswald and St Peter's Church Hall, Bannerdale /Abbeydale Road Sheffield Michael Carter 0114 2303118 Mary Waters.

Free Sheet Music and Music Lesson Plans. Music. Music Jobs In The UK. Latest News, Analysis, Opinions and Charts from the Music Industry. Y7MUSIC WEBSITES.