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Customer Service & Tech Support for IoT – A New Realm of Innovation. Do you know that the global IoT (internet of things) market value is anticipated to be $1.1 trillion (approximately) by 2023?

Customer Service & Tech Support for IoT – A New Realm of Innovation

It’s everywhere; the technological applications of IoT have exceeded the aspirations of inventors and techies. From smart home security systems to smartwatch health trackers, this technology has become an integral part of our day-to-day lives. Tech support for IoT is a new realm to take over. Not only this, the technology is also all set to revolutionize the customer service domain completely. In 2020, the usage of interconnected devices saw a massive upsurge. Valuable Insights Customer service and tech support for IoT are comparatively new domains, but the technology has quickly adapted to the pressing need for quick and precise insights. Intelligence of Multiple Devices What happens when an army of devices comes together? Monitoring Innovate & Upgrade Better Customer Service Customer satisfaction is the foundation of a successful business.

The Data Edge. The Importance of Good Character Design in Animation. When it comes to developing a character, character design in animation plays a crucial role.

The Importance of Good Character Design in Animation

Unfortunately, it is often an overlooked aspect of character creation, even by seasoned authors. The problem is people mainly just focus on personality, the journey, narrative, the dynamics of a character with other characters, and things like that. Obviously, those are all very important things but if you are giving little to no attention to character design, you are not doing a good job as a creator, flushing out important visual concepts. Here is why character design is important. Character design can aid you in giving the audience a clear idea of your character even without having to say anything or relying on the dialogues or their action. Consequences of Poor Character Design. Hire AngularJS Developers and Save up to 70% on Cost.

3D Interior Designing - Breathing Life into Blueprints. When Elsie de Wolfe received the first-ever commission to decorate a house in 1913, interior design as a profession was born.

3D Interior Designing - Breathing Life into Blueprints

Despite being just a century old, this lucrative and highly rewarding vocation has evolved by leaps and bounds. From assembling tiny home models for presentation to colored sketches complete with textiles and color palettes, interior design has surely come a long way. The latest edition to the industry is 3D interior designing, thanks to AutoCAD interior design software. 3D interior design and rendering market – A global overview 3D rendering is not merely a service now, it is an expectation from clients and investors. The Importance of Delegating To A Virtual Assistant. Businesses these days have a workforce that’s not just efficient but also yields profitable results for them.

The Importance of Delegating To A Virtual Assistant

This team of people takes care of day-to-day tasks and maintains a reputation for companies, especially for the new ones. Internet plays the most important role when it comes to daily operations and that initiated the invention of a “Virtual Assistant.” There are numerous reasons why one would want a virtual assistant – cost cutting, focus on productivity, business growth, time crunch and more. However, people hiring a personal virtual assistant in India have their own share of doubts regarding investment and most importantly, trust. Fixed vs Hourly Rate: Which One is Better for Your Software Development Project. Confusion is a word we have invented for an order which is not yet understood!

Fixed vs Hourly Rate: Which One is Better for Your Software Development Project

The continuous rapid growth of the global outsourcing market, especially pertaining to software development projects has helped countless businesses in improving their customer service, cost-cutting, and subsequently, sales. But the cost of getting these projects done differs from company to company, depending on your software development team’s pricing model, expertise, and location. The biggest dilemma faced by the outsourcers is comparing fixed rate vs hourly rate. Here’s a sharp contrast between both these pricing options to help you make an informed decision! In a fixed bid agreement, the scope of work and the estimated time required to complete that work is decided well in advance. No Hidden Cost – As the exact price you need to pay is mentioned in the contract, you can rest assured that there would be no hidden cost down the road.

Modern Graphic Design: Give Directions and Purpose to your Business. As more and more business owners seek out help with website and app development projects, the demand for top-notch graphic designers worldwide has grown tremendously.

Modern Graphic Design: Give Directions and Purpose to your Business

The whole idea is to make a website or app look more appealing and functional. Why is it important? Studies suggest that it takes visitors a few seconds to decide whether they like a website. 7 Best Team Building Activities for Virtual Workers. “The best teamwork comes from men who are working independently toward one goal in unison.” – James Cash Penney As our work culture is gradually changing, several new trends have emerged in the corporate arena over the past few decades.

7 Best Team Building Activities for Virtual Workers

COVID-19 has also played a great role in disrupting the world order, thereby paving way for a grand change in the business world. The practice to hire virtual workers is one such trend that has become a successful business endeavour due to the constant advancement in the area of cloud computing and real-time collaboration tools. Initially, there were a lot of inhibitions around hiring remote workforce, but seeing numerous organisations excel because of this unique working model has made others more confident to take this leap of faith. Now, business owners have started considering their remote employees as an extended part of their in-house team. 1. 6 Ways To Find Ideal Magento Developer. E-commerce websites are now commonplace and if you too wish to have one, Magento is an ideal platform that you can build your online store on.

6 Ways To Find Ideal Magento Developer

And for a Magento-based site, you will need a Magento developer who you cannot afford to hire without forethought and research. Now we are not going to dampen your interest in this topic by telling you about generic points like communication skills, 24/7 availability, and experience because this pretty much applies to any developer. We would like to apprise you of the specific ways that will really help you in finding an ideal Magento developer, 6 of which are as follows: 11 Things To Consider While Hiring WordPress Developer From India. However, before you outsource WordPress development to India, there are nearly a dozen things that you need to consider.

11 Things To Consider While Hiring WordPress Developer From India

To get the right hire, you need to follow a prudent approach and the steps that you need to take are as follows: 1. Specify your requirements clearly When you are specific about your requirements to a WordPress developer, based on their experience and expertise, the latter will be able to let you know whether they can fulfill the same. MEAN Stack Development And Its Nitty-Gritty. 8 Ways to Manage Virtual Work Environment After Covid -19. As a result of COVID, more than 16 million people began working from home, many for the first time.

8 Ways to Manage Virtual Work Environment After Covid -19

But how do you effectively manage virtual work environment or a team that you don’t see in person everyday? Pre-COVID, 5 million employees worked from home at least half of the time. Whether you are a work from home pro or completely new to remote work, managing virtual work environment after COVID-19 and keeping the team motivated is challenging especially during these unprecedented times when the employees are also adjusting to the whole work from home life. Let us look at top 8 ways to manage virtual work environment after Covid-19: 1. Equip your team with the right tools and technologies that they think would help them be more productive and efficient including monitors, headsets, webcams, shared drives, and folders. 2. 87 percent of remote team members feel more connected when they use video conferencing. 7 Biggest Trends in Graphic Design for 2021.

As the stormiest year has come to an end, we’re all excited to welcome the new year with new Graphic Design Trends in 2021. The creative communities have started navigating the year ahead. And one has to keep looking forward in anticipation and optimism to make the best of graphic design trends in 2021. Predicting what’s coming is of course not in our discourse. But let’s see where the discipline of graphic designing is heading. All about 3D Printing and its Applications. The time when 3D printing started entering into the consciousness of public, people were amazed with its life-like visual effect. Although the question ‘what is 3D printing’ started doing rounds everywhere and everybody was after this special technology, affording it was only possible for some niche applications.

Initially, 3D printers became common in the industries like universities and science centres, as they had emerging needs on the line. However, this futuristic technology became more affordable and common for other sectors after a few years, all thanks to the numerous service providers who jumped into the domain of 3D printing CAD (Computer-Aided Design) file creation. 5 Most Important Qualities of a Successful Architect. "By dint of building well, you get to be a good architect" – Aristotle If you have grown up playing with building blocks and aspire to design iconic buildings, pursuing a career in architecture might be your destiny. Being able to design and engineer structures is the perfect amalgamation of science and art.

Hence, having proficiency in mathematics and a distinct artistic ability are two of the most important architect skills and qualities for people wanting to pursue a career in architecture. Outsource High Quality Designing Services to India. 6 Strong Reasons to Outsource Multimedia Animation Services to India. The multimedia animation industry in India has grown dramatically over the years.

The industry was already helping Bollywood and marketing agencies here to come up with some really goodvisual content but the trend has changed as more and more companies overseas are coming to India for theirvarious animation projects. Here are 6 strong reasons to outsource multimedia animation services to India: 1. Lower Cost – Why pay extra when you can get similar kind of results at a much lower cost?

Animation studios outside can actually hire qualified and experienced animators in India at a fraction of the cost. How to Evaluate Your Outsourcing Partner? “Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.” – Henry Ford Outsourcing in India is becoming more and more popular because of the enormous benefits it comes packed with. This innovative working model not only helps business owners in bringing down the operational costs, but also helps them garner high-quality work.

The outsourcing service providers have a sound knowledge and experience to execute complicated work within the desirable timeframe. These covetable advantages of outsourcing outweigh the challenges it brings along (like communication barriers and losing control over the work process) at any given day. Everything You Need to Know about Digital Design. Hire Skilled Remote Employees From India. How Outsourcing can help you Set Up a Better Start-Up Business. Considering the many benefits it provides, more and more businesses, including start-ups are outsourcing their various processes to companies based In India. From marketing to accounts, IT, HR, and more, different services are being outsourced here to save time, cut down costs, and achieve efficiency in operations.

Hiring From Remote Work Agency Vs Via Freelancing Website. With the rapid growth of industries worldwide, having people working from outside our office premises has become the new normal. Business owners from around the world are embracing the trend to outsource and freelance work, slowly and steadily. 5 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your Product Design. Innovation takes shape when imagination meets knowledge. Today, product design has expanded to encompass all digital products – websites, apps, software, web applications, mobile UI, and even in-app services such as lenses and filters. And in the world of technology, product design comes first and foremost.

Hire Artificial Intelligence Engineers to Implement Smart Technology. Hiring Dedicated Developers from India will Save your Cost and Time. Skills Dedicated Developers Must Possess for Successful Product Development. Product development process can be more complicated than you think. As a business, what you needto understand is that the right product doesn't only follow market trends blindly but also leveragesthem to meet customer needs.

Building Excellence with Architectural Engineering Services. The success of any building construction project greatly depends on the quality of structural engineers and architects working on it. 8 Best Practices to Improve Remote Communication. When you are managing a team of virtual employees or hire remote staff, make sure you have proper communication and trust within the team. It is more likely that you have team members from all across the globe who follow different time zones. In that case, it can be a little difficult to keep a check on everybody, every time. All the members of the team can be working on different projects while having a unique working style. Hire Software Testers in India & Save up to 70% of Business Expenses. 4 Must-Have Apps to Manage Remote Staff Technonguide. 6 Powerful Psychological Strategies to Implement in Graphic Design.

Within a couple of years, graphic designing has come a long way. Companies like Apple and Google have one of the best websites in terms of web and graphic design. 80 per cent of the information processed by our brains comes from sight. 5 Reasons Why Considering Legal Process Outsourcing is Beneficial for Law Firms. The legal industry has experienced an ocean of changes in the recent past. One such huge change is Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO). These days, many law firms prefer to utilize legal process outsourcing services for legal research, case uphold, lawful accounting, paralegal, and legal writing to give some examples. Top 7 Tasks to Outsource to Virtual Assistant for Growing Business.

Outsourcing Services to India could be Your Best Decision. Hire Remote Staffing Solution from India at Profitable Costs. 5 Best tips to Speed Up Excel When Working on Large Spreadsheets. Hire Offshore InDesign Experts for Desktop Publishing Requirements. Outsource Software Development Services to Virtual Employee & SAVE on Cost. Best 6 Latest Web Development Frameworks in 2020. Top 5 Industries Utilising 3D Printing Technology. Beginner’s Guide – How to Start Outsourcing. 7 Most Sought-After Graphic Designing Skills for Every Designer. How Virtual Assistant Enhance Growth of Small Businesses. Hire Google Analytics Experts for Achieving Business Goals. Website Builder Vs Website Designer - Pros and Cons. Get Creative & Professional Graphic Designing Services in India.

Latest Tips on Managing Virtual Team While Social Distancing. Impact of Data Entry Methods on Data Accuracy - GeeksScan. India – Popular Choice for Outsourcing Worldwide. Outsource Content Writing for Quality Content – Virtual Employee. Why to Invest on Hiring 3D Animation Artist in India. Top 6 Effective Cost Cutting Ideas For Large Companies: Here’s How You Can Save Money. Outsource Backend Development for Secure and Scalable Mobile and Web Apps. 6 Finance Tools to Help Your Business Grow. Hire Front-End Developer from Virtual Employee & Get Multiple Benefits. How Outsourcing Design can help Your Business? 7 Interesting Facts About Web Designing You Shouldn’t Ignore. Top 15 Benefits of Outsourcing Revenue Cycle Management.

Outsource Ad Operations to Manage your Ad Campaigns Effectively. 5 Strategies to Improve Your Remote Team Management. Invest in Compelling Content at 70% less Cost. Top 6 Front-End Development Skills Your Remote Developers Must Have. Top 7 Web Development Tools to Speed up Web Development. Outsource Web Designing to Virtual Employee and Get Free Trials.

Working with an Offshore Team - 5 Mistakes to Avoid. Top 5 Content Marketing Tips to Increase E-Commerce Sales. India – Popular Choice Worldwide for Outsourcing. Hire English-Proficient Remote Staff at 70% less Cost. Top 3 Ways to Ensure your Animation Provider Delivers Quality Work. Hire Dedicated Financial & Accounting Expert from VE with Zero Overhead Costs. 5 Finance Tasks You Can Easily Outsource. How a Virtual Assistant can improve Your Customer Service? WooCommerce vs Shopify - The Ultimate Battle for eCommerce Supremacy. Outsourcing Data Entry Services helps Businesses Focus on Core Competencies. 5 Must-Use Tips & Tricks for Logo Designing Every Graphic Designer Should Know. Impact of Outsourcing on Global Economy. Outsource Payroll Services to India for Cost effective Payroll Solutions.

Outsource Content Writing Services to India at Lucrative Costs. 5 Best Tips on eCommerce UI/UX Designing for Increased Conversions. Top 7 Reasons Why You Need to Hire Full-Stack Developer for Your Start-Up. Hire Dedicated Photoshop Artists from India and save up to 70% Outsourcing Work to India Helps You Achieve Time & Cost Benefits. Hire Virtual Assistants in India & Save up to 70% Hire Dedicated Developers from India with Thorough Expertise! 5 Pitfalls of Remote Working & How to Manage Them. Benefits of Hiring Digital Marketing Expert from Virtual Employee. 6 Critical Skills to Succeed in Accounting. Convert your Ideas into Hardware by Hiring Embedded Designers. 5 Content Writing Techniques To Enable Conversions. Virtual Worker could be your Startup's Secret Weapon in 2020. How Covid-19 is Affecting the Offshore Sector. Use Social Media to Hire Remote Staff and Monitor Productivity... Boost your Business by Hiring Accountant from India.

How COVID-19 is Impacting the SMB's & Marketers. Best Accounting Methods for Small Businesses. Best and Most Effortless Ways to Set Up Your Own Offshore Team in India. Use Social Media to Hire Remote Staff and Monitor Productivity of Remote Workers. Outsource AutoCAD Solutions to VE from US $1395 - $1795/Month. How To Use Graphics Design To Make Your Brand A Great Success. How a Virtual Assistant Could Be A Secret Weapon of Entrepreneurs.