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Save Time by Outsourcing Your Content Writing Projects. Content Writing. Outsourcing, Offshoring. The Essential Guide to Using Social Media for Small Businesses. One look at the numbers is more than enough to gauge their enormity.

The Essential Guide to Using Social Media for Small Businesses

Over 2.46 billion users on various social networks globally, more than 1/3rd of the planet’s population. 243.6 million monthly users active on social networks in the US itself. It just shows how humanity has become so dependent on social media for survival. At the same time, it opens up an ocean of possibilities in front of us, how they can be used in the best possible way to promote one’s business and engage with potential customers. The only thing needed here is some astuteness that sets the dice rolling. Given below is a guide of sorts to help small businesses promote themselves on social media for business growth.

Considerations to Make When You Outsource Graphic Design. We are most quickly attracted and convinced by our sense to see.

Considerations to Make When You Outsource Graphic Design

The way well-garnished cuisine and beautiful sceneries captivate us in an instant, we can say that humans are basically visual creatures. Comprehensive researches tell us that adding a picture to a piece of content, subsequently enhances the percentage of remembering the information. This is why, the demand of graphic design artists for hire is rapidly rising in the world of marketing and e-commerce. Anatomy of SEO Content: How to Write SEO Content for Website? Outsourcing Trends That Will Impact the IT Industry in 2019. IT outsourcing has become one of the most prevalent business trends in western countries, more so in the past decade or so, as the shortage in local manpower experienced by these countries continues to rise.

Outsourcing Trends That Will Impact the IT Industry in 2019

The rise in internet and innovations in technology has transformed the world of IT where businesses are not only able to hire remotely, but are also able to work on automated processes, thus leading to higher trade and faster growth. As these IT organizations and businesses turn into a more strategic institution, the need to form a strong partnership with outsourcing providers has been on the rise as well. UX Designs Combined with SEO is Every Website’s Success Mantra. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing website traffic by making a website or a webpage more visible to search engines.

UX Designs Combined with SEO is Every Website’s Success Mantra

By including elements such as page titles, Meta ta gs, sitemaps, link building etc. one can increase the overall quality of the website. However, it is often believed that SEO is all about incorporating such additional elements. But SEO strategies go far beyond this. There are various other factors that are taken into consideration during website ranking, and UI and UX design is one such important element.

Top Mobile App Development Trends In 2019. Today, practically everyone who can afford a phone opts for a smartphone.

Top Mobile App Development Trends In 2019

And today, pretty much anybody can afford a smartphone. There is arguably no other consumer product that is so versatile in its price range. 7 Top E-commerce Web Design Trends For 2019. The ever-evolving landscape of web design ensures the constant flow of refreshing ideas in every online domain.

7 Top E-commerce Web Design Trends For 2019

And e-commerce has particularly been affected by these trends. The ease of navigation, attractive user interface and quick loading solutions have all contributed towards pushing e-commerce at the forefront of shopping choices. It is the effectiveness of advanced web design that has made all of this possible and encouraged online shopping patterns to an extent that preferences are beginning to shift away from the conventional brick and mortar retail. However, an important fact to keep in mind. It doesn’t take long for a website to seem “outdated” even to the most loyal users.

How has Bookkeeping Revolutionized the ROI of Small Businesses. Attached intrinsically to the ROI (return-on-investment), bookkeeping always had a role in the growth of small businesses, helping the owner understand: whether the business was earning profits or losingwhether the ROI was meeting expectationshow the risks to the business could be mitigatedhow to optimise resources Various steps in evolution of the domain such as introduction of double entry bookkeeping, accounting software and cloud-based bookkeeping made it a useful component of decision-making for small businesses.

How has Bookkeeping Revolutionized the ROI of Small Businesses

Let us examine how these developments benefited businesses: Double Entry Bookkeeping Financial accounts of a company are entered into columns on a page – Positive (Debit) and Negative (Credit). How to Measure the Performance of your Outsourced Developers. When you think of outsourcing and plan to hire dedicated developers and programmers from a different country, the major problem that arises is evaluating their performance.

How to Measure the Performance of your Outsourced Developers

This is so because monitoring the way they are doing their work regularly is more difficult than supervising an in-house team. But nevertheless, knowing if your investment in the process to hire a developer is being justified, is equally important. Outsourcing Data and Statistics to Guide Your Business Decisions in 2019. Click to learn more about author Shaunvir Singh Mahil.

Outsourcing Data and Statistics to Guide Your Business Decisions in 2019

Achieving your bottom line quickly is not an easy task for any business; however, outsourcing can be of great help if you are looking for inexpensive ways to attain your goals. Outsourcing can work in your favor only if you do it in the right manner. The Importance of Mobile Apps in 2019. Get Increased Website Engagement with Website Redesign Services.

Your website is one of your strongest marketing tools that has the potential to influence the buying decision of your audience.

Get Increased Website Engagement with Website Redesign Services

However, over a period of time, your site tends to appear antiquated and might require a major overhaul. A website redesign can turn out to be the game changer that can make your website new and appealing again. In fact, website redesign is a valuable opportunity that allows you to convert your site into a powerful business tool that can drive organizational growth in the future. To move ahead in your website redesigning journey, you will have to get in touch with a competent who can you come up with a user-friendly, easily navigable and high-performing site for your business. According to a survey report shared by Blue Fountain Media, 81% of online users doesn’t think well of a business whose website isn’t updated while 39% are apprehensive about purchasing a product or a service if the website seems slow and outdated to them.

6 Mobile App Design and Development Mistakes to Avoid in 2019. A huge source of revenue generation these days, the market of mobile application development is rapidly growing. Experts predict that the count of mobile app downloads is going to keep increasing around the globe, which makes developing and launching mobile apps a profitable call for many aspiring business owners.

But unfortunately, it has been observed that many mobile apps are uninstalled by the users within only a month of downloading them, or they just stop using them within three months. Top Reasons Why you Should Hire Full-Stack Developers for your Start-Up. Need of Frequent Role-Switching With the integration of third-party services, changing demands of end-users, and the emergence of modern technologies pertaining to mobile and web application development, everything has become more complex. This arises the need of frequent role-switching as every specialist cannot always be available to attend to every project. If you are not able to switch roles confidently and quickly, it will create a situation of chaos and the list of pending projects will keep on expanding. Indian developers for hire know how to keep their knowledge bank of all the latest technologies and tools updated. Top Technological Trends for 2019 and Beyond. Technologies are evolving, innovations around technology is changing, and connectivity and interactions with the world is accelerating.

Since 2018 was a year driven by technology, it is only obvious that this trend will continue to rise further in 2019 as well. Right from artificial intelligence inspired devices to blockchain and machine learning, 2018 witnessed an exponential growth in technology and tech-based careers. By constantly learning to keep up with the current trends of technology, the IT workforce is keeping an eye on the future of technology to enable the growth of businesses. So, if a businessman wishes to reap the maximum benefits from evolving trends with the help of IT professionals, it is essential that entrepreneurs and business owners update themselves with the trends as well. Here’s a quick look at the top technological trends that is said to govern 2019… 5 Social Media Content Writing Tips for Businesses.

Gone are the days when social media was just a platform for the youth to waste their time; it has emerged as a big means to keep the users updated with what all is happening around them today. The importance of social media in the world of advertising has attracted countless business owners to try their hand at reaching out to an enhanced and refined client base. This is why, every modern business is investing a lot of money, time and effort in establishing and uplifting its social media image. Ultimate Guide for Voice Search Optimization in 2019. While multitasking, did you ever try voice search? If you haven’t, this post will help you understand how voice search optimization can help you be more efficient at work or home. Typing queries to search for anything can be time-consuming. Blog - VIRTUAL EMPLOYEE. Blog - VIRTUAL EMPLOYEE. Yourstory. If You Think AI for Data Entry with No Manual Labor is a Good Move, Think Again!

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