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Alice and Lois. I fell head over heels for this floral fabric the minute I saw it. I knew I had to make something with it that I could enjoy all the time. So, I made a simple, practical and beautiful wood tray lined in the floral fabric. I am sharing the full how-to for this DIY fabric lined wood tray over on minted’s blog, Julep. Head on over for all the details. The floral fabric is from minted and the wood tray is from Target. Photos by Sara Albers. Architecture of a Mom. Chasing Cottons. I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day.

I got spoiled with brekky in bed, hand picked pressies from the kids, and fabric gift vouchers from my hubby. And even though Mother's Day has become bitter sweet, I had a lovely day spending time with those I love. Another thing I Love about Mother's day is handmade cards and gifts... When Jess from Twin Fibers sent me through her Raw Edge Applique tutorial for today.. I was so disappointed I didnt get it to make some a week ago!! Would you like to make these cute coasters with me? Today I'm going to show you how! Let's get started: First you're going to need some supplies. 1. Roughly cut your shapes out. 2. Cut your shapes out along the pattern lines. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. I hope you've enjoyed seeing this project and give it a try sometime! ~Jessica. Club Crafted. Confessions of a Serial Diyer. Reclaimed. You can call fence pickets that you rescued from the trash, reclaimed right?

Remember Mr. House Flipper who I weaseled those old fence pickets from? Those pickets are excited to be a part of March Madness! Today is day #22!! One of those fence pickets, AKA reclaimed wood pieces, are joining forces with this sweet picture and frame for today’s makeover: Add a little paint and some handles. and it’s a fun reclaimed wood tray! This frame started out at $6.98, but had been marked down to $1.98. I love this combination! To make this, I painted the frame first in Cottage White chalk paint (using my go-to recipe). I painted the wood pieces with Cottage white also, then used a rag to wipe most of it off.

Then I added these felt discs to protect furniture from the rough underside of the fencing. But then I decided to go a step further and add a coat of Duck Egg Blue chalk paint by Annie Sloan. I gave it a little sanding with 220 grit sand paper and sealed it all with a coat of wax. 1. 2. Confessions of a Serial Diyer. Hi friends! Today I’m sharing a little TV tray transformation. I picked this TV tray up at a yard sale for $1. It was part of this haul which you may have seen a couple of times before: Everyone has had one of these at some point, but for only $1? I’ll take it! I couldn’t pass it up. Here’s what I came up with: I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Graphite for the base. I painted in my star first, using DIY chalk paint in Behr’s Cottage White…two coats, removing the tape immediately after the second coat. When the star was dry, I taped off the stripes and painted them in also.

To finish it off, I sanded it a bit and gave it a coat of clear wax. I love the result, so fun! Not too shabby for a dollar, right? If you like what you see, there are several ways to follow along! Email * Facebook * Pinterest * Hometalk * Twitter * Instagram I love to party, not like that…like this: More Posts You Might Like: Crafty Staci. I seem to be on a quilting kick lately. I don’t usually like to work on stuff like that when it’s hot because, well, it’s hot. All that fabric in your lap is like wearing an unnecessary blanket. But sometimes things have to get done. I actually made this little mat to include in my daughter’s Map Memory Box to take to college. The dorm she’s moving into is only a couple of years old, so I thought the furniture deserved a little protection from her tea cups. To make this little mat, you’ll need this pattern. Cut 9 small squares from cotton fabric, 9 strips from cotton fabric, one large rectangle from cotton fabric for backing and two large rectangles from cotton batting.

Sew the strips together as shown. Stitch the strips and square together. Layer the backing wrong side up, the cotton batting, then the strips and squares right side up. Pin well. Stitch through all layers in whatever pattern you’d like. Open one edge of the bias tape and pin the edge to the edge of the mat. Like this: Crafty Staci. I’m picturing two types of reactions to this project. The first is from people who think binding is a breeze and are wondering why I’m going to so much trouble.

Why not just bind them like normal? The second is from people like me who have serious issues with getting binding sewn on to their satisfaction. It’s never perfect. Those people are going to say “Yes, I get it!” I included these coasters in some of the photos for my Sewing Machine Hot Pad last week, because what goes better with a sewing machine than tiny quilts? To make one of these you’ll need: four 2 1/4” squares print fabrictwo 4 x 1” strips solid fabrictwo 5 x 1” strips solid fabricone 5” square solid fabricone 5” square InsulBrightone 5” square batting Stitch the four print squares together to make a larger square.

Add the two 4” strips to the top and bottom edge of the square. Repeat on the sides with the 5” strips. Layer the batting, InsulBright, the back with the right side up, and the front with the right side down. Debbiedoos. Happy Saturday y’all! Today, I want to share with you how to make your own custom signs or trays. The best part, you too can make these signs for just a few bucks a piece. Considering, I see these wood signs in stores, and on Etsy, for a heck of a lot more, I thought I would share with you the secret to making them yourself. Let’s start with the wood. I made one for my friend as well, because she loved it so much when she spied it in our bathroom. The monogram M I used when I painted my sons toy box last year. Lowe’s will even cut it for you to size if you don’t want to bother or your husband to do it for you.

I decided for this kitchen tray I would do my layering of stencils technique. Looking good! I then placed my custom made stencil (sample) centered on my wood sign, and used simple black craft paint and my stencil roller to apply and roll gently. And that is how I roll! I used the black hardware pulls that cost around a $1.50 a piece. Thank you for your visit today! Design*Sponge. We’re not ashamed to admit that we’ve eaten our fair share of meals off of TV trays.

We love them for their casual convenience, but do our best to stash them out of sight when company comes around. These, on the other hand, cleaned up so nice with so little effort, we think it’s about time to organize our first TV dinner party. CLICK HERE for the full project* after the jump! *This project is an excerpt from Lauren and Derek’s new book, Wallpaper Projects: More Than 50 Craft Ideas for Your Home, from Accents to Art. Materials: Folding TV tray Wallpaper scraps Clear contact paper Tools: Spray paint (Optional) Metal ruler Pencil X-Acto knife Spray adhesive Bone folder or burnishing tool How-To: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Design Sponge. The television tray is a charmingly outdated invention, but it still appeals to me. Ironically, the last thing I want to do with this tray is use it for its main purpose, which is dining. Don’t get me wrong, I can rival any fifties family when it comes to eating meals in front of the television. I prefer to hold my plate — usually heaped with pizza or a burrito — in my lap.

I also slouch and slurp my drinks. I’m your basic etiquette nightmare. I would love to own a set of these folding trays for other uses, especially if they were as beautiful as Ashley’s version. Click here to see more of Ashley’s projects on her site. CLICK HERE for the full how-to after the jump! I have always liked the mix of vintage and modern. Materials old tray and standsandpaper (fine grit)rust primer spray paint (available at hardware stores)patterned paperx-acto knife and sharp bladere-positionable adhesivecolored spray paint (you need a color for the base and one for the pattern design)scrap paper and cardboard.

DIY beautify. Awhile back I found two folding trays at Goodwill for a couple bucks each. I wish I had a picture to show you because they were UGLY! But let's call them vintage! It sounds so much better, haha. Your grandma probably had something in this color palette...dull brass with some weird orangey-avocado-green-and brown pattern on the top. But they were sound and fully functioning. I brought them home, cleaned them up and spray painted them white. They looked a whole lot better but were calling out for something more. These trays wanted to have some personality!! I found some stencils at Michaels that I thought would work nicely and got to work. Sorry there are no pictures of the process - at the time I didn't realize I would one day be a blogger and need a zillion pictures!! Here they are today, all redone. The first one got a shabby rose stencil in shades of aqua.

The second one is totally different. These trays aren't getting nearly enough use in our home. Except I'm not a big fan of Fruit Loops :) Enthralling gumption. Have you seen these marble tiles (like this one) that are used to contain/display jewelry and watch that have pretty much taken up the net? I had been willing to make one with polymer clay for a while but I had to change my mind as something even more exciting came into my vision. How about replicate terrazzo tile? I had been craving pattern for very long, to favor the now so cliche marble pattern. And you know what was the best part, I didn’t have the stress of ruining it and redoing ( you have to take your chances with marble pattern) . On the more, I had a lot a fun to shape it this way. Some find adult coloring freeing them of stress mine is making terrazzo tile. For the tutorial, of course, visit DIYs . Fiskars. Every household needs a set of these coasters that are just as pretty as they are functional.

You can sew these up in no time and make them to coordinate with your home decor and color scheme. They would also make a great gift for anyone! So, keep your rotary cutter, acrylic ruler, and mat in hand because making these will be a snap when you have the right tools. Instructions: Steps for each coaster: 1. Note: All seam allowances are 1/4". 2. 3. 4. 5. Grey Luster Girl. A few weeks ago I was asked to help put together a guest bedroom on a tight budget. One of my favorite DIY projects that came out of that design effort was a couple of TV trays that got new life as nightstands. I purchased these TV trays about a decade ago and used them when I was very first married. I liked the colors of them and they seemed sturdy compared to other TV stands. I had no idea at the time what Chianti was but I was happy with how they looked. As time went by and through a couple of home moves, these stands found their way into my parent’s garage where they sat for years until my sister-in-law suggested using them for our bedroom makeover.

Voila! So what do you think? Linking to: Hi Sugarplum! Homedit. Homey Oh My. I Heart Organizing. It is evident that I move things around our home on almost a daily basis. Not necessarily for organizational purposes; but for aesthetics. Often times, moving a planter or decorative accessory from one room to another can breathe new life to a space. Instant decor gratification right? My dear friend, Laura from Finding Home, believes that decorating your home should be fun and simple and that it is the little things that impact a space and your mood. With that, she started a really great series on her blog titled, "10 Minute Decorating".

Laura invited a few bloggers to join in on her challenge and today I am sharing how I was able to add a little pizazz to my desk in under ten minutes. I wish I could say I was the mastermind behind the new trend of marbling objects with nail polish, it is simply GENIUS! My new farmhouse desk is a blank slate at the moment as I am in the process of finally staining it and giving it a little extra treatment.

Like I said, this project is quick. I Heart Organizing. Although we are excited to be working on our stairway railing this week, I also wanted to sneak in a fun little DIY project. It has been a long while since I tackled a good high/low DIY challenge. For me, there is something so thrilling about flipping through a catalog and trying to think up ways to replicate all of the prettiness for less. I recently received the Ballard Designs catalog and a certain tray caught my attention... And I couldn't stop thinking about it!

I found the tray to not only be lovely, but also something that could be quite versatile. I use trays for organizing all of the time; but I also like to use them for styling surfaces, corralling clutter on my desk or counter, to act as a solid surface on an ottoman, and for transporting belongings from room to room. I knew this tray could do all of those things and more. Being that I wanted the tray to be purposeful, it needed to be large enough to serve the desired functions. Tada! Sooooo pretty! Such a yummy pairing. Ink Blots & Polka Dots. Jenna Burger. Little Red Window. Live Laugh Rowe. Love Grows Wild. Mod Podge Rocks. Mod Podge Rocks. My Two Butterflies. Nellie Bellie. Oh Oh. Organize & Decorate Everything. Plaid Online. Poppytalk. Pretty Handy Girl.

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