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How to Update Ugly Vertical Blinds in Your Home. EYSpace As far as window treatments go, bare blinds are probably the least appealing to the eye.

How to Update Ugly Vertical Blinds in Your Home

They’re a bit harsh and tacky looking, whereas curtains might soften the look of a room or painted-on treatments might make your decor seem fresher. Unfortunately, most likely because this is a universal truth, there are typically blinds pre-installed into most apartments and houses. If you’re sick of staring at ugly blinds and you want a change, you’re not alone! The video blogger behind Engineer Your Space, Isabelle Larue, is all about making changes to your home that you can do yourself, and that counts fixing up unsightly blinds. Isabelle hated the look of her own vertical blinds, but she needed to keep them in the kitchen, where they block blinding sunlight from sneaking in.

Luckily, she was kind enough to share the entire process on this EYSpace video so that anyone in this situation can update their windows the same way she did hers. 1/4″ Wood DowelPins It’s really that easy! 19 Unexpected Ways to Use Hair Conditioner. Mike Mozart via Flickr Conditioner: It’s the key to long, strong, and healthy hair, but did you know that it’s capable of doing more than softening your locks?

19 Unexpected Ways to Use Hair Conditioner

Believe it or not, this moisture-packed cream can help accomplish a lot around the house! From preserving the life of your tools to keeping your clothing soft, here are 19 examples of what this miracle moisturizer can do. It removes waterproof eye makeupSlather it on just like cold cream or coconut oil. It effectively gets rid of caked-on mascara and, best of all, won’t irritate the eyes! To learn even more ways you can use hair conditioner on your everyday items, be sure to check out Shareably’s article here. Have you ever used conditioner in these ways? How to Peel Hard-Boiled Eggs in One Easy Step. Knowmore If you love making your famous egg salad around springtime just like I do, then good news, because we have a BRILLIANT time-saving tip to share with you today!

How to Peel Hard-Boiled Eggs in One Easy Step

Believe me, this will make peeling those rounds guys so much easier. It requires just one pot and will leave you with absolutely no annoying crusty pieces under your fingernails. What more could you want?! The host of today’s video, the dashing Chef James Tahhan, starts off by explaining that removing the shell from hard boiled eggs doesn’t have to be a laborious process. For this technique, you will need just three things: a hard-boiled egg (the chef uses just one for his demonstration), a pot with a lid, and a bit of water.

Take your freshly hard-boiled egg and place it in a small pot that contains about an inch or so of water. We’ve shown you similar methods over the years, even one that includes a glass instead of a pot, but I like this one best because it allows for clean-up to be that much easier. These 20 Messes Are No Match for the Magic Eraser. Tip Hero.