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Current. 12/20/16
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Organizing a Small Kitchen. For the Love of a House Advertisement - Continue Reading Below Counter space is some of the most precious real estate in your entire house.

Organizing a Small Kitchen

Not only do you need room to cook, but often counters act as extra storage for everyday tools and ingredients. Laundry Room With Pegboard. Plotting an organized and pretty laundry room isn't the easiest home decorating task.

Laundry Room With Pegboard

So when we see one that hits the well-designed nail on the head, we can't wait to sing its praises. And Christina, the blogger behind The DIY Mommy, certainly earns our stylish laundry room badge with this successful bare-to-better makeover. Here are three things she got oh-so right (and you should totally steal them for your house): Advertisement - Continue Reading Below 1. Tin Can Crafts. Vintage Silverware Crafts. 10 Ways to Fake an Entryway. DIY Window Treatments. Quick Decorating Ideas. Decorating Above Kitchen Cabinets. Popular Craft Projects. Laundry Room Makeover. Organize Your Laundry Room. AC Unit Cover Ideas. Update Yard Sale Items With Spray Paint. Alternative Uses for Household Items. DIY Organizer Ideas. Laundry Room Storage. How to Organize Your Garbage. 13 Home Improvement Tutorials. Under the Sink Organization. 20 Home Organization Ideas. Tiny Kitchen Decorating.

Cleaning Product Organization. Best DIY Closet Organizers. How to Clean Quickly. Organizing Advice. New Uses for Your Hanging Shoe Organizer. Trouble Spaces Organization Ideas. Weird-But-True Plumbing Facts. Plumbing — it's an everyday amenity you rarely think twice about.

Weird-But-True Plumbing Facts

But how much do you really know about this modern convenience? From that tidbit about the water swirling backwards in the Southern hemisphere to the truth about flushing your goldfish, here are the top eight plumbing myths, busted. Myth #1: Water drains clockwise in the Southern hemisphere. New Uses for Filing Cabinets. Cheap Home Decorating Ideas. Repurposed DIY Ideas. 70+ Bedroom Decorating Ideas. Easy Home Organization Ideas. Good Housekeeping.