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Mawo-design design fait main. Bathroom Floor Tile Paint Ideas [Slideshow] Activités de vacances - A l'heure de la récréation ! House Tissue Case. Tissue box house. Usine dessin. DESIGNER PROFILES — THE BRISTOL ARTISAN. DESIGNER PROFILES — THE BRISTOL ARTISAN. Contemporary Silversmith. Mycs. The Decorating Adventures of Ambrose Price (TV Series 2008–2011) - Episodes. Imprescindible el documental sobre el genio Miguel Milá. - How to Sew a Hobo Bag ~ DIY Tutorial Ideas! Downloads - Concours anniversaire - Inspirations. Vous avez jusqu’au 30 janvier pour participer au concours anniversaire du blog que j’ai lancé il y a quelques semaine (plus d’infos par là), il est donc temps que je vous donne quelques inspirations.

Concours anniversaire - Inspirations

Je ne le dirai jamais assez, j’aime les plis. Béôdesign - Agence de design - Design avec les usagers. Melle Dimanche : « J’aime créer un langage graphique » - Carnet d'Intérieur. SPICE : YPLFL. 1000+ images about Fabric Manipulation: Fold & Pleat on Pinterest. Ceiling Lights, Ceilings and Yellow. L'esprit - * El mundo de lili - maison lyonnaise * Uk.pinterest. Cut ~ Fold ~ Pleat - Design Confidential. Posted on 25 October, 2012 Textiles continue to pump up the surface volume.

Cut ~ Fold ~ Pleat - Design Confidential

I’ve been spotting an abundance of folding and tucking going on and you can even throw in a little bit of cutting (as in laser) creating sophisticated 3-D structures. Fashion, bedding, lighting, floor coverings, window coverings and upholstery, are a few of the product categories undergoing neat wrinkles and stitching at the hands of some master artisans. – Cutting and tucking are the two techniques utilized by Wiebke Weller where material and process redefines the new aesthetic. Inspired by fashion, surfaces go from 2-D to 3-D driving a dialogue between technology and materials.. Cut ~ Fold ~ Pleat - Design Confidential. Smocking, Honeycombs and Photos. Blog — Foldability. Foldability is taking part in a new pop-up gallery run by Plinth in collaboration with Ikon gallery.

Blog — Foldability

The space will display a carefully curated selection of products and limited editions by leading contemporary artists. Pieces by David Shrigley, Cornelia Parker, Beatriz Milhazes, Richard Deacon, Richard Wilson and Ding Yi will feature, and proceeds from the sale of these limited editions will support Ikon’s 50th Anniversary Investment Fund. Pleated Structures - Basic pleating patterns. Basic pleating patterns Use of flat sheets of material can have some advantages in terms of cost and simplified construction.

Pleated Structures - Basic pleating patterns

Origami enthusiasts have traditionally studied what is possible with flat sheets of material. However, rather curiously seem to have left even some of the basic corrugated patterns relatively unexplored. Here are some of the fundamental patterns which can be created by folding a flat sheet of paper: Nuancier pantone design. Upcycled Dining Room. Time to Think. Time.

Time to Think

It’s an ever-dwindling, oh-so-valuable commodity. We all want more of it: Time to tackle the big questions or to finally start that dream project; time to learn a new skill or perfect an existing one; more time to spend with the people we care about most. And let’s be honest, we’d all really appreciate time for just a bit more sleep. Carving out time is never quite as easy as we’d like, though. It generally requires concerted dedication and thoughtfulness. As Hans tells us, “I felt I needed to update myself. So in February of 2016—funded in part by the Creative Industries Fund of the Netherlands as well as the Embassy of the Netherlands in London—she launched a series of roundtable discussions dedicated to these topics, hosting a variety of design experts at each. Welcome to the Crafts Council. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Vintage and Contemporary Furniture and Lighting Online.

Bristolupholsteryco. Designer: Maurice Burke Type: Tulip chairs Manufacturer: Arkana Year: 1962 Country: United Kingdom Materials: Plastic, metal, fabric Height: 81/46 … Deirdre Wood: weaver and dyer. London Craft Week. Savoir Faire et Découverte, Stages et activités à pratiquer chez des artisans, des agriculteurs, des artistes - Apprendre à faire soi-même - DIY Do it yourself. Amidonner un tissu bricolage. Kara J.: Snowy Drifts Table Runner... There was an idea that flitted through my head to do "Twelve Months of Table Toppers" all based on the months and seasons.

Kara J.: Snowy Drifts Table Runner...

But honestly, I don't have twelve planned, and when I look at some months I draw a complete blank! Berkeley Rep Blog: Fabric origami with Chris Palmer. Previous entry: That person sitting next to you at the Theatre?

Berkeley Rep Blog: Fabric origami with Chris Palmer

They may have programmed your smart phone Next entry: Mike Daisey's big news Fabric origami with Chris Palmer posted by Karen McKevitt on Tue, Jan 24, 2012 in Costume shop , Prop shop , Scene shop Berkeley Rep's shops are filled with pretty awesome, talented artisans who are always curious and ready to learn new things (and build some awesome things too).

Collection Shadowfolds Portfolio. Origami – Flextiles. After a somewhat uncreative week, it was a delight to spend Sunday back at Morley on a short course with Bridget Bailey called Introduction to pleating.

origami – Flextiles

Bridget’s work featured on the cover of the first book I ever took out of Morley Library, a volume called The New Textiles (left). I was enthralled by the movement and colour she created in fabric, so the chance to do a course with her was too good to miss. We started by dyeing a couple of pieces of cotton of different weights, because Bridget hates working with white. It was the first time I’d used Procion dyes on fabric, and it made me realise how quick and easy indigo dyeing is by comparison – no waiting around for an hour for the mordant and fixer to work. Obviously, however, you are not limited to blue with Procion! After dyeing it, we coated the cloth with diluted PVA and left it to dry. Then the fun part – making the paper moulds. Below is another, simpler mould of diagonal parallel pleats, so they run on the bias. Des idées plein la tête. Papillon en tissu fac3a7on origami les tutoriels de louise. Top 10 contemporary home desks for stylish, comfortable working.

More and more people work from home these days, either part or full time, but even if we don’t we can still spend an awful lot of time at home on the computer – emailing, shopping, facebooking, blogging, pinning … the list is endless.

Top 10 contemporary home desks for stylish, comfortable working

The home PC is now redundant for many, with more portable devices travelling with us wherever we go. That said, having a practical space at home where we can use our computer that’s comfortable, organised and feel truly inspired, is of real value. Wow! fabulous contemporary woven textiles by Angie Parker. Wow!

Wow! fabulous contemporary woven textiles by Angie Parker

Indeed. That was my first reaction when I saw these pictures of the work of Bristol-based textile designer and weaver Angie Parker. I have to really like all the things I choose to put on this website, but some colourful beautiful things get me doing my extra special, extra excited, EXTRA happy dance. And this was definitely one of those occasions. I’ve come to realise it’s a certain magical combination of colour, pattern and craftsmanship that make me grin like an idiot, squeak with excitement and run around shouting “look, look, JUST LOOK AT THIS!”. Le garnissage d'une chaise " le point de bourrelet" Créer de jolis glaçons décoratifs.

Ça y est les beaux jours reviennent, on va enfin pouvoir profiter du soleil, des terrasses et des glaçons… Paper house luminaries. Leaf-Imprinted Clay Necklace - Happy Hour Projects. Heju – studio créatif » a propos. Quand le papier devient objet d'art... On le froisse, on le découpe, on le façonne… Nous n’imaginons pas tout ce qu’on peut faire avec le papier.

Ampoules nues et fils colorés. DIY : REALISEZ UNE LAMPE ORIGAMI. E27 Porcelain Bulb Holder with Black Cord Grip. Vintage metal cord grip Antique Brass style retro cable lock 10mm. Items in store on eBay! Vintage ceramic porcelain ceiling rose antique style retro light fitting. Antique 1940'S China French Porcelain Ceiling Rose Light Fitting. Vintage Ceramic Ceiling Rose (French) Ceramic Porcelain E27 ES lamp bulb holder. E26/E27 Retro Vintage Aluminium Lamp Holder Screw Thread Light Socket Keyless. E27 Light Bulb Holder Domed White. Vintage Styled Metal Ceiling Rose in White Finish. Identifiant client.

Elomax Agency Designers – Concepteurs d'espaces – Graphisme à Nantes. Atelier Fête Unique // { Découverte } La machine créative qui fait rêver ! Équipez votre bureau grâce à des rangements muraux en origami. Tire-less_tapestry?isrc=srt.popular-src.profile-hue. Les réalisations de Loulou Jasmin. Retrouvez dans cette rubrique quelques exemples de réalisations. The Royal College of Art Unveil Weird and Wonderful Design For The Real World Exhibition During London Design Festival. As part of this year's London Design Festival, the ever-inspiring Royal College of Art (RCA) hosted an exhibition inspired by the 40th Anniversary of Victor Papanek's seminal publication, Design For The Real World. The 15 projects from this year's graduates that were included in the show focus on inclusive, human-centered sustainable design.

Click through our exclusive images to see all of the weird and wonderful designs. warm comfortable sleepers by "sewing" a standard colored laces. “Ento – The Art of Eating Insects” aims to introduce the high-protein, energy-efficient insects into western diets through a set of ready-made meals created by Aran Dasan, Jonathan Fraser, Jacky Chung and Julene Aguirre-Bielschowsky. “Pack!” By Alei Verspoor is a multifunctional object that can be used as elegant and modular bag, a seat or a storage device.

{DIY} Le cache-pot en Origami. Vendredi dernier je vous distillais quelques ingrédients pour que la recette d’un photobooth prenne au maximum. Et dans cet article, {DIY} COMMENT RÉALISER UN PHOTOBOOTH, je vous promettais de vous dire comment réaliser les cache-pots/vases en papier. Réalisés tout en pliage et en papier, ils sont facilement réalisables, bon j’avoue il faut un petit peu de patiente et de dextérité pour les plier, monter et coller, mais vraiment à la portée de tous. Donc pour ce DIY vous avez besoin d’une bouteille/vase à recouvrir, d’un papier de couleur, un plioir, une règle et un couteau de précision.

Ensuite, il vous suffit de reproduire le schéma suivant en l’adaptant à vos mesures: FreeSpirit Quilting Fabric: Quel tissu choisir pour recouvrir un fauteuil ? Vous souhaitez relooker votre vieux fauteuil ? C’est toujours une question difficile lorsque l’on n’a pas l’habitude de calculer un tel métrage. Tissus ameublement au mètre, tissu au metre (4) Sur, le tissu d'ameublement est une passion, que nous sommes heureux de vous faire partager. Portfolio — Pirrip Press. Manchette cache pot extensible en plastique de couleur. {DIY} Le cache-pot en Origami. Cache pot papier. Retro Vintage Parker Knoll Rocking Nursing Chai... Parker Knoll. Parker Knoll Parker Knoll furniture has always promoted values of quality and comfort. It was a brand people aspired to own. In the 50s and 60s, Parker Knoll embraced modern as well as traditional design.

The firm specialised in chairs and sofas. The history of the company goes back to Victorian times. After several years in the furniture trade, Frederick Parker started his own business in 1889, manufacturing furniture from premises in Drummond Road, Hampstead, London. Parkers specialised in the manufacture of sofas and chairs, sticking to Frederick Parker's roots in upholstery. Like many firms, Parker-Knoll was involved in the manufacture of aircraft in the Second World War. Their take on contemporary was always restrained and well proportioned. At the same time, Parker Knoll continued with more traditional designs, such as the Company's famous wing chair, pictured left.

The Recliner The recliner was a new development in the 60s. Résultats Google Recherche d'images correspondant à. Desert Courtyard House by Wendell Burnette features rammed earth walls. Thermalbad Zrich , Zurich, 2011 - ushitamborriello_Innenarchitektur_Szenenbild. Category: Project 4. Observation Tower - THE ARCHI-BLOG. Graphisme Archives - Design graphique & arts visuels dans la ville. Panama - 140 cm, 23 - apple green - Panama uni - Flo-Jo Shop. Selkirk - Voyage Decoration. Warwick Fabrics. Linwood Fabrics & Wallpapers. Linwood Fabrics & Wallpapers. Frequently Asked Questions. Stunning Retro Armchair Parker Knoll G Plan Ercol ERA £55 Courier London.

NOTCOT.ORG. 10 designer bike storage solutions for your wall. Bike Stands for Design Snobs: The Daily Details: Blog.