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5-Minute Film Festival: 8 Videos for ELL Classrooms. Videos can be an effective tool for teaching and learning English (or, for that matter, any academic subject) if used strategically and not as a "babysitting" device.

5-Minute Film Festival: 8 Videos for ELL Classrooms

Where Do English Language Learners Fit Into the Ed Tech Revolution? English Language Learners are a growing yet underserved segment of the U.S. student population, and teaching these diverse learners presents teachers with a host of unique and very complex challenges.

Where Do English Language Learners Fit Into the Ed Tech Revolution?

ELL teachers regularly employ a variety of specialized and unique teaching strategies and best practices aimed at helping their students acquire English and thrive academically. Yet when ELL teachers look to the ed-tech world for novel solutions that specifically address their students’ needs, they often come up empty-handed. As the ed-tech scene has exploded in recent years, most teachers can find apps, tools and resources for nearly every grade level, subject area and skill imaginable. But tools for ELL students and their teachers often seem to be missing. This raises an important question: Why? The Complexities of Teaching ELLs The needs of ELLs are great, and their numbers are growing. On top of this, many (though not all) ELLs are immigrants to the U.S. Automatically fill out vocabulary sheets.

Online & Blended Learning: Language Learnin... The portability of a tablet makes it easy to learn on the go.

Online & Blended Learning: Language Learnin...

Students using their own personal device or spending time with an iPad in school can benefit from the many educational apps available in the Apple App Store. Children learning a new language can access tons of apps that support language acquisition. These apps combine visuals, audio cues, colorful images and games to grab the attention of students and help them understand the meaning of new words.

Kids’ Vocab - Mindsnacks This app is engaging and addictive, with tons of games to help students master the English language. Duolingo With Duolingo students can choose between a handful of different languages including Spanish, French and German. Rosetta Stone You might already be familiar with Rosetta Stone’s language learning program. Knowji. LatinAmArt. My goal was to create an engaging activity for my elementary Spanish students.


Part of any good World Language curriculum includes activities about the cultures of the Spanish-speaking world. Another: the geography of the Spanish-speaking world. STEP 1: A simple "artists of Latin America" search gave me names of artists. That led me to search for images of their work. I saved images that were appropriate for elementary school students. Grammar Check Online- It's Free. Corrección gramatical con el software Ginger ¡Su corrección gramatical es importante!

Grammar Check Online- It's Free

Tanto en el mundo en línea como fuera de internet, es importante escribir sin cometer errores gramaticales tontos, errores de sintaxis en inglés o errores de puntuación. Todos sabemos que la comunicación es una habilidad clave para el éxito. Por ejemplo, en el mundo corporativo es difícil obtener un trabajo sin buenas habilidades de comunicación, incluso si el candidato sobresale en su campo. En el mundo académico, la escritura en inglés sin errores está relacionada estrechamente con la obtención de mejores resultados. No más errores gramaticales: corrija la gramática con Ginger El Corrector gramatical de Ginger corrige una amplia gama de errores de uso de la gramática. Go Vocab. Inspired Picture Writing. Six ed-tech resources for ELL/ESL instruction. Readers chime in with their suggestions for how ed tech can make a real difference in teaching English as a second language By Meris Stansbury, Online Editor Read more by Meris Stansbury February 10th, 2012 One reader’s tip: Know the products that work!

Six ed-tech resources for ELL/ESL instruction

It’s usually the editors’ job at eSchool News to create our own “Question of the Week” for our newsletters, but a few weeks ago we received a request from a reader that we ask our followers: “What are some ways technology helps in the education of ELL students?” Blogging for English-Language Learners. Blogging is a very powerful tool in and of itself.

Blogging for English-Language Learners

Whether it's a personal or professional blog, blogging has the power to unleash learning, reflection, and communication. An English solution for schools, businesses and corporations. The Best Ideas For Using Games In The ESL/EFL/ELL Classroom. I have many “Best” lists related to using online games with English Language Learners, and you can find them all at A Collection Of “The Best…” Lists On Learning Games.

The Best Ideas For Using Games In The ESL/EFL/ELL Classroom

I’ve also written a lot and published a number of posts and resources related to playing non-online games in the classroom, but just realized I had never brought them all together in one place. Here they are (feel free to offer more suggestions!) : Here are two excerpts from our book on teaching ELLs: Using Games in the ELL Classroom, Part I Using Games in the ELL Classroom, Part II Awhile back, I invited ESL teachers to send in their favorite games and posted them: How to Teach English to Little Kids. Home - FlashSticks - The foreign language Post-it® Notes. BrainPOP ESL - An Animated Educational Site for English Language Students of all ages - Games, Lesson Plans, Teaching Tools, Activities, Animated Movies, for TESOL, TOEFL, ELL and EFL learners.

Forvo: the pronunciation guide. All the words in the world pronounced by native speakers. A brand new way to learn a language. Simple free learning tools for students and teachers. BrainPOP ESL.