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Best Text-to-Speech Demo: Create Talking Avatars and Online Characters. Free demo to create avatars using Text-to-Speech (TTS) by SitePal. PHONETIQUE Apprendre à prononcer le français. Beginning French Pronunciation. French, like English, can be very difficult in terms of pronunciation, due to intricacies like silent letters, multiple sounds for a single letter, and endless exceptions to whatever rules you find.

Beginning French Pronunciation

This site contains numerous lessons which explain the rules and exceptions of French pronunciation in great detail, which is fine for advanced students but can be very confusing for beginners. Therefore, this lesson is an attempt to simplify French pronunciation, to make it easier for you to get started, even if you don't know how every letter combination is pronounced in every situation. Prononciation, jeux, audio, activités, FLE, FLENET. Chanson Phonème[z]La Javanaise - J.GrecoécoutezNe vous déplaiseen dansant la Javanaisenous nous aimionsle temps d'une chanson.Ecoutez : Version facalisée - FLE Les nasales de Dalí Salvador Dalí - Ecoutez et regardez la vidéo - v2"Je suis fou du chocolat Lanvin!

prononciation, jeux, audio, activités, FLE, FLENET