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'Vote wisely, vote for peace' social media comments on Kenyan elections - Report: Kenya elections. Daudi Were is the coordinator of Uchaguzi, which mean selection in Kiswahili: “Uchaguzi is a project whose core aim is to help Kenya have a free, fair, credible general election.

'Vote wisely, vote for peace' social media comments on Kenyan elections - Report: Kenya elections

Our strategy for achieving that aim is increasing transparency and accountability by increasing citizen participation in the electoral process,” he explains. The website is built on the Ushahidi crowdsourcing platform, which emerged during the post-election crisis in January 2008. Nearly 45,000 Kenyans contributed to Ushahidi over twitter, SMS, email and the web, to map incidents of violence around the country.

“We want to know what’s happening, where its happening, how it is happening,” says Daudi Were. Social media also played a destructive role during the last elections. Another arm of the Uchaguzi project, called Umati, has been monitoring the online space for dangerous speech. “Dangerous speech tends to be an early warning. French Smart card inventor Moreno dies in Paris - France. In 1974, the Cairo-born Moreno designed a circuit that could store electronic data and be read and altered by a scanner.

French Smart card inventor Moreno dies in Paris - France

His diagram, which he patented the same year, became the basis for the Smart card, the small computer microprocessor embedded in plastic that is now found in cards around the globe. Moreno set up his own company, Innovatron, to exploit the concept, which he claimed had come to him in a dream. The Smart card was not Moreno’s only invention, although it was his most successful. He also created a machine, which was able distribute coins either ‘heads’ or ‘tails’ up called the Matapof and a machine which could create new words based on words already found in the dictionary. This invention was used to create such well-known brand names as Wanadoo, Vinci and Thalès. “It is said that God owes a lot to Jean-Sébastian Bach, I would like it said that French people owe a lot to Moreno,” he added. 50 Google Analytics Resources - The 2011 Edition. Google Analytics is one of the most valuable resources for webmasters, marketers, business owners, bloggers, and anyone who does practically anything online.

50 Google Analytics Resources - The 2011 Edition

The best part is that Google Analytics is free! The following are 50 resources to help you get to know Google Analytics inside and out, from the new version, latest updates, social engagement tracking, advanced hacks, and much more! Google Analytics 5 and the Newest Features Want to get started with the latest and greatest version of Google Analytics? Then check out these resources highlighting the new features of Google Analytics 5 plus other minor and major changes to the Google Analytics system this year. 14 Awesome Features in the New Google Analytics V5 – You may have read about this on the Google Analytics Blog or on other blogs that are talking about the new Google Analytics v5, but with this article the author shares 14 awesome features that I love in the new version of Google Analytics.

How has the Internet impacted the way we interact. Unlike a lot of people, I see the Internet as another tool.

How has the Internet impacted the way we interact

I just think we've gotten to an age where everybody has to have superlatives on everything. But if you think that the day before the first telegraph key was able to send information 20 or 30 or 50 miles for the first time -- "The train is going to be there; get off" -- sending information the day before that happened, and that was in the last century, the fastest you could move information was a guy on a horse going for an hour and stopping and handing his message to the guy on the next horse.

And we moved to an age where you could move information at the speed of light. News, Augmented. L'internet illimité. Valérie Schafer Th©Radio France « L'Internet illimité », apparemment, c’est une question qui relève de la consommation. « L’Internet illimité », c’est l’offre que vous font les opérateurs et fournisseurs d’accès quand vous payez votre abonnement à Internet chez vous.

L'internet illimité

Vous payez une somme contre la possibilité d’avoir accès à l’Internet, sans condition de temps passé devant son écran ou de quantité de bande passante utilisée. Or, cet été, on a appris que certains grands opérateurs français (Orange et Bouygues notamment) réfléchissaient à mettre fin à l’Internet illimité en instaurant des plafonds (en termes de quantité de bits ou de temps passé sur Internet).

On pourrait croire qu’il s’agit là d’une simple évolution commerciale. Lecture de la semaine sur La police prédictive : l'algorithme du crime. Un rapport de l'ONU fustige la loi Hadopi et le filtrage. Le rapporteur spécial des Nations Unies pour la protection de la liberté d'expression présente ce jeudi un rapport .

Un rapport de l'ONU fustige la loi Hadopi et le filtrage

(pdf) sur les politiques relatives à Internet, dont les conclusions ont été anlysées par la Quadrature du Net. "Ses recommandations pour la protection des libertés fondamentales contredisent radicalement les orientations fixées par les gouvernements du G8", se félicite l'organisation, qui estime que le rapporteur "met brillamment en lumière les lignes que les gouvernements ne doivent pas franchir afin de protéger les droits fondamentaux des citoyens et la démocratie".

41 pays approuvent le rapport de l'ONU sur la liberté et Internet. Pas la France. Back of a Webpage. Serge Soudoplatoff - Les vraies ruptures d'Internet - une vidéo High-tech et Science.