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Microsoft Vision of the Classroom of the Future. Future of Learning: The Classroom of 2030. This is a story set in an elementary school room in 2030 in Luzon City, Philippines.

Future of Learning: The Classroom of 2030

But this classroom could be most anywhere. Here learning is fun, adapted to each child’s needs. It harnesses the power of technology. This is not the only possible future for education. But it is a view of some of the most desirable possibilities. The glow of the screen shines on Marta Gomez’s face as she looks over the student dashboard on her tablet.

A slow pulsing around his icon on the screen tells her that he’s struggling. She taps through for a plot of his last few months of mathematics progress. “Ah,” she says, “there it is,” and she smiles. Marta instructs LearnQuest to give Sergio the lesson as a game, bringing back earlier numeracy elements in a way he will enjoy. Still, she walks over to Sergio, and says, “How’s it going?” “Oh, fine Maestra,” he says, his big brown eyes shining up at her. Marta struggled in math too when she was in school in the 2010s. Unelmia tulevaisuuden koulusta. Schools of the Future. Suomalaisen koulurakentamisen tulevaisuuden trendejä by Markku Lang on Prezi. Learning Spaces on Pinterest. Education-2025 - The Classroom of the Future. The Physical Space The days of classrooms where a teacher desk sits at the front of the classroom and students’ desks are neatly aligned in rows are over.

Education-2025 - The Classroom of the Future

Learning technologies, and changing pedagogical methods, are not only changing the way we teach but also the physical environments we teach in. The role physical environments play in our learning is just beginning to be studied and understood. Akinsanmi (2011) asserts that “there is little research on the role the physical environment plays in the learning process” but more and more educations theorist and psychologists are beginning to offer perspectives “from which designers can conceptualize the creation of an optimal learning environment” (The Optimal Learning).

One thing that is clear from the research of the physical spaces which make up learning environments is that current classrooms seldom facilitate 21st century learning.Image taken from: Below are two pictures showing some of the learning spaces described by Herman Miller. 20 Furniture Marvels For The Futuristic Home - Hongkiat. Design will keep changing to suit the most current of trends, tastes and functionality needs of today’s buyers.

20 Furniture Marvels For The Futuristic Home - Hongkiat

The same can be evidently seen in mobile phones, PC keyboards, gaming consoles and even in mugs. These creative means to re-invent product designs as we know it are not lost in another important aspect of our daily life: home furniture. Granted some designs will look cooler and more comfortable than others, but pay extra attention to futuristic designs. This is why I’d like to highlight some futuristic designs in furniture that could possible grace our homes in the not-so-distant future. For some lucky home and office owners, the future is already here. Read Also: Cool Futuristic/Concept Gadgets That Really Inspire Z. Concoon Bed Wasserbetten has taken design to new intergalactic heights and touched the rings of Saturn with this amazing bed using innovative technology, and incorporating a Yacht design. Innermost Asteroid Lamp. Cool Futuristic/Concept Gadgets That Really Inspire - Hongkiat.

8 Technologies That Will Shape Future Classrooms - Hongkiat. What does the future of learning hold?

8 Technologies That Will Shape Future Classrooms - Hongkiat

What will classrooms of the future be like? Emerging technologies such as cloud computing, augmented reality (AR) and 3D printing are paving the way for the future of education in ways we may have yet to see. At the very least though, we can extrapolate from what these promising technologies and predict how schools will adopt them in time to come. However, just as the original intentions for new technology often give way to innovative and unpredictable usage, we can never be sure if a twist is waiting for these rising stars.

As for now, let us observe their progress and speculate on how these 8 up-and-coming technologies could potentially change education for the better. Recommended Reading: Major Tech In Education Trends In 2013 [Infographic] 1. We’re still waiting for Augmented Reality to take the world by storm by way of Google Glass, gaming and awesome apps for astronomy. Read Also: 5 Top Augmented Reality Apps For Education A New Way To Teach 3.