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Creepiness Study - Results Creepiness Study - Results First of all, Sara Koehnke and myself (Frank McAndrew) would like to thank all of you who took the time to complete our Creepiness Survey about a year ago. Sorry that it took so long to get the results out to you! We have just submitted a paper to a peer-reviewed psychology journal and hope to get it published.
Kim and I Having been married only a year and a half, I’ve recently come to the conclusion that marriage isn’t for me. Now before you start making assumptions, keep reading. I met my wife in high school when we were 15 years old. We were friends for ten years until…until we decided no longer wanted to be just friends. :) I strongly recommend that best friends fall in love. Marriage Isn’t For You | Seth Adam Smith Marriage Isn’t For You | Seth Adam Smith
4 Ways to Discover Your Strengths Mad Men's Don Draper is exceptionally good at saving a deal gone sour. When a client dislikes an ad campaign, the fictional ad exec can weave the perfect tale to change their minds. His storytelling ability is a gift that no one else at his agency has. To become a successful business leader, identify your own strengths and talents and foster them. Your strengths are ultimately the keys to your success. "When we do things we're already good at, our business acumen is quicker," says Todd Kashdan, a psychology professor at George Mason University and author of Curious? 4 Ways to Discover Your Strengths
Playful as kids are, accidents happen. And the accident that befallen me at 7 years old was the feeling of the hot exhaust pipe of a motorcycle kissing the skin of my leg. Grandma was around and saw it. Immediately, she took out a knife and slice the thick lower part of the aloe vera plant by the garden and rubbed the exposed end on the burn. 27 Medicinal Plants Worth Your Garden Space 27 Medicinal Plants Worth Your Garden Space
Psychological Catch-22s Psychological Catch-22s Yossarian, the protagonist of Joseph Heller's classic novel, , wants to be excused from air combat. To be excused, he needs only to prove that he is mentally unstable, but there's a catch: the very act of asking to be excused would show that he is sane. In other words, there's no way out. The term "catch-22" has since been used to describe any situation where circular logic guarantees an undesired outcome, no matter what a person does. Although catch-22s are typically found in legal or bureaucratic contexts, they also turn up in psychology. Here are some notable examples.
The skin you have is pretty much not going to change. When I first started working at the brand I was super diligent with my skin, and it was awesome. I had good skin to begin with but now it was super soft and glowy. But that was with a 10/10 effort. Now I do like a 2/10 effort and it’s really not a drastic enough difference for me to care. I saw this again and again with customers. 16 Beauty Secrets I Learned Working For A High End Skin Care Brand 16 Beauty Secrets I Learned Working For A High End Skin Care Brand
s Top 10 Films That Pass The Bechdel Test | Slutist s Top 10 Films That Pass The Bechdel Test | Slutist Slutist’s Top 10 Films That Pass The Bechdel Test Word’s out that Sweden is now officially rating films not only according to the usual sex, drugs, and violence trifecta, but also according to gender bias. An “A Rating” means a film has passed the Bechdel test, wherein at least two named female characters converse about a topic other than a man. Slutist put together a Top 10 list of our favorite A Rated films that easily ace this surprisingly difficult criteria. 1. The Craft
50 Life Secrets and Tips | High Existence
You've just returned from a fabulous, relaxing vacation and suddenly you're bombarded with a deluge of emails, meetings and phone calls. While you may be tempted to grab your bag and head back to the beach, Toronto-based business and life coach Joshua Zuchter says there are a few things you can do to ease your way back into your work daily routine without ruining your post-vacation bliss. • Take two-minute mini-vacations. It's just as important to ease back into your work routine as it is to pace yourself when returning to the gym after a few weeks off. "When you go on vacation, you're changing your pace," says Zuchter. How to Maintain Your Post-Vacation Bliss How to Maintain Your Post-Vacation Bliss
1. You complain about your body or face and everyone around you rolls their eyes. 2. You obsess over a tiny pimple no one is noticing, because you almost never have skin problems. 3. 18 Signs You’re Doing Better Than You Think 18 Signs You’re Doing Better Than You Think
5 Things A Billionaire Can Teach You About Job Hunting - Careers Articles 5 Things A Billionaire Can Teach You About Job Hunting - Careers Articles By John Sumser Life is good if you are Reid Hoffman. The self-made billionaire was a part of the founding team at PayPal.
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How To Be Alone: The Zine Hello, daydream believers! Sometimes you have to be alone, and that’s okay. It’s okay to not date anyone, and it’s okay to take yourself to the movies, and it’s okay to watch 7 hours of “New Girl” on Netflix alone in your room with only Milk Duds and ennui to keep you company. It’s okay. There’s a stigma against doing things by yourself, partially because self-reflection is hard and partially because no one wants to look like they don’t have any friends.
by Daniel Scocco A couple of weeks ago we asked our readers to share their writing tips. The response was far beyond the initial expectations, and the quality of the tips included was amazing. Thanks for everyone who contributed. Now, without further delay, the 34 writing tips that will make you a better writer! 1. 34 Writing Tips That Will Make You a Better Writer
Calling yourself intelligent on the Internet or in real life is asking for backlash. Many people like to pretend that they want others to be confident and self-actualized. In reality, many people have such low, shaky, and/or warped self-esteem issues that the idea that someone could call themself something positive – intelligent, beautiful, etc. is taken as a personal affront. Intelligence as a social construct, is problematic. It privileges specific spaces and modes of thought and creativities over others. 10 Reasons Being Intelligent Is Difficult
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