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Le vagin non sexuel. Enfoncer les doigts dans un vagin serait parfois un geste non-sexuel.

Le vagin non sexuel

La récente polémique sur les touchers vaginaux sur patientes endormies pratiqués par des étudiants au bloc opératoire a mis en lumière la conception des gynécologues sur les actes qu’ils posent sur le corps des femmes. Sur les réseaux sociaux, beaucoup de médecins et d’étudiants se sont offusqués lorsque la loi sur le consentement des patients leur était brandie, et lorsqu’il leur était rappelé que l’introduction par surprise de doigts dans le vagin était assimilable à un viol. Pour toute défense, ils ont levé les yeux au ciel en affirmant qu’un toucher vaginal n’avait rien de sexuel, certains jugeant même utile de préciser qu’ils n’y prenaient aucun plaisir.

En tant que juriste, je ne peux m’empêcher de rappeler la législation. Si l’on ne naît pas femme… Parce que j’ai dysfonctionné dans ce monde, on m’a envoyée à l’HP.

Si l’on ne naît pas femme…

GLOBAL VULVA. Myriam Thyes, 2009.


Flash animation, HD video, b/w, 6:20, stereo. Music: Kristina Kanders. The animation Global Vulva connects female figures and vulva symbols from different times, countries and cultures, while they morph into each other - the cultural meaning of the female genital becomes visible again. The Search for the G-Spot – has the Holy Grail of Sex Research at last been found? Or is all the media attention over-blown? – rajpersaud. The front page of The Daily Telegraph, and newspapers across the world, report breathlessly the famous G-Spot has at last been uncovered.

The Search for the G-Spot – has the Holy Grail of Sex Research at last been found? Or is all the media attention over-blown? – rajpersaud

Dr Adam Ostrzenski, a Gynaecologist based in Florida, who has apparently published a research paper in the May issue of the ‘Journal of Sexual Medicine’, seems to claim he’s found it. The G-Spot is the location of a special area of the vagina, which supposedly plays a key role in reaching vaginal orgasm for women, during vaginal intercourse. If it’s true this has, at last, been definitively identified, then this discovery could spark a new sexual revolution, or perhaps assist in treatments of sexual dysfunction. The G-Spot gets its name from Dr Ernst Gräfenberg, a New York gynaecologist who in 1950 described a zone located at the front part of the vagina (roughly the same locale mentioned in this latest investigation by Ostrzenski) which is believed to trigger vaginal orgasms.

Cliteracy: 21 Things Millennials Should Know About the Clitoris. Cliteracy: 21 Things Millennials Should Know About the Clitoris. CLITERACY: 100 Natural Laws, by Sophia Wallace. Cliteracy 101: Artist Sophia Wallace Wants You To Know The Truth About The Clitoris. New York artist Sophia Wallace wants you -- and everyone you know -- to be cliterate.

Cliteracy 101: Artist Sophia Wallace Wants You To Know The Truth About The Clitoris

"It's appalling and shocking to think that scientifically, the clitoris was only discovered in 1998," Wallace told The Huffington Post from her Brooklyn studio last week. HuffPost Love And Sex Podcast: The Power Of The Clitoris. Whether it's Freud telling the world that "real" women orgasm through vaginal penetration or a trashy magazine suggesting sex positions that even the most skilled Cirque Du Soleil performers wouldn't be able to master, bad sex advice isn't hard to come by.

HuffPost Love And Sex Podcast: The Power Of The Clitoris

Instead it's the frank, real, anatomically correct conversations about sex and pleasure that have trouble seeing the light of day. And when it comes to any conversation about women's sexuality, the clitoris -- the only organ on the human body whose sole purpose is pleasure -- is often the elephant in the room.  penelopijones - Home. Gloria Steinem Wears A Clit Ring Like A Boss. Feminist icon and all-around legend Gloria Steinem continues to be a trailblazer, and this time she's proudly wearing a clitoris ring.

Gloria Steinem Wears A Clit Ring Like A Boss

Caledonia Curry, an artist also known as "Swoon" who founded the Heliotrope Foundation community for artists, shared a photo on her Instagram account of Steinem wearing the "Clitoring" made by Penelopijones jewelry. The ring is an anatomically correct rendering of the clitoris, which is actually much larger in size than most people realize. (It measures between 3 1/2 and 5 inches long and 2 1/2 inches wide on average.) "@penelopijones have made a ring which anatomically maps the beauty in it's entirety - and when I found myself at a table with Gloria Steinem I took mine right off my finger and [gave] it to her," Swoon wrote.

SOPHIA WALLACE Conceptual Artist based in NYC - 100 Natural Laws. 41 Awesome Euphemisms For Vagina Around The World, Because Your Pupusa Speaks All Languages. Pussy, beaver, moo-moo, lady garden: the English language has many euphemisms for the word “vagina”, most of them frankly a bit ridiculous.

41 Awesome Euphemisms For Vagina Around The World, Because Your Pupusa Speaks All Languages

HuffPost Live. «Le grand mur du vagin» au secours des lèvres. «Ce n'est pas vulgaire, c'est de la vulve!

«Le grand mur du vagin» au secours des lèvres

Ce n'est pas créé pour faire sensation, c'est de l'art avec une conscience sociale». Le mythe de l'orgasme vaginal : la revanche du bâton. En ce jour proclamé (par quels virils ?)

le mythe de l'orgasme vaginal : la revanche du bâton

Miam ! Un yaourt fait à partir de sécrétions vaginales. Des tas de recettes à base de sperme et aucune avec du fluide féminin ? How to Make Breakfast With Your Vagina. So, as the disapproving ghost of Julia Child looked on, she grabbed a spoon, a pan, and a candy thermometer, and set out to create yogurt from her vagina—the ultimate in locally-sourced cuisine. Cecilia Westbrook is a friend of mine, and an MD/PhD student at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

We had joked before about making yogurt from vaginal secretions—predictable jokes about the dietary benefit of eating pussy, about naming the product ‘Queeffer’—but then a Google search was performed and: nothing. Not even in medical literature. Curiosity piqued, Westbrook began to research in earnest. Etre excisée et jouir, c'est possible. Nous publions le témoignage de Kadiatou, femme française, excisée, qui raconte la façon dont des associations lui ont demandé de taire son discours sur la jouissance pour ne pas «affaiblir» leur action sur le terrain. 5 Reasons Why Your Vagina Is A Total Boss. Gwyneth Paltrow wants you to steam yours with mugwort; fans of the "vajacial" endorse slathering on masks and enzymes, but vaginas are true marvels that need little to stay fit and healthy aside from some very basic TLC. As a sage Russell Saunders writes in The Daily Beast, "women should no more steam their vaginas than flush them with Lysol.

" 5 Ways Society Breeds Vagina-Hate (And How to Combat It) The Vulva. Top 5 Questions about the Female Orgasm Answered. Note: This article is intended for all people who have vaginas, regardless of gender. Vaginal orgasm (and in using this phrase, I’m referring to all orgasms that happen for people with vaginas): It’s something that we all want to understand, but like the question of whether or not there’s life on other planets, we hit a lot of roadblocks on the way to discovering its truths (and dismantling its myths). Because sex is considered scary in our culture, we miss out on accurate, comprehensive, pleasure-based sex education in school and at home. Unfortunately, the number of sexist myths surrounding pleasure, sexual response, and orgasm is astounding in the way that these falsities permeate culture and become the status quo.

If you’ve ever had a partner tell you that your body is “broken” or “wrong” or “not like all of the others” – or felt, yourself, that this was the case – then you know what I’m talking about. And yet, as always, we have a long way to go. 7 Stimulating Facts About the Clitoris. Ladies, Gwyneth Paltrow Wants You To Get Your Vagina Steamed. Getty Image Not content to let the Brits corner the market on vagina-themed spa treatments, in her latest Goop post Gwyneth Paltrow is advocating the benefits of vagina steaming. But ladies, before you pull out the humidifier and pop a squat — you should know that there’s a very specific Korean “holistic” spa in Los Angeles which apparently specializes in making your vagina feel its steamiest best.

Time to break out those frequent flyer miles! Tikkun is the next level when it comes to Korean spas, combining high-tech far infrared heat with traditional Korean sauna therapies. Top 5 Questions about the Female Orgasm Answered. Décryptage de l'histoire des poils pubiens. Breaking News: Menstruation Is Awesome! Le Clito - RBO. Le CLitoris. "Tout le plaisir pour un cœur voluptueux, tout est rose dans le champ de la nature. When Men Try To Draw Vaginas. If you challenge men to illustrate the details of female anatomy, you're bound to get some mixed results. That's exactly what Mic's Senior Editor Elizabeth Plank asked her unsuspecting male colleagues to do. And although they tried their darndest, the resulting sketches were, well, interesting. "This is way more complicated than I remembered," remarks one man. For reference, Plank includes a visual in the video of what the female anatomy actually looks like, as shown by "Orange Is The New Black's" Sophia Burset: Here are the A-for-effort sketches drawn by the men of Mic:

La moitié des jeunes Britanniques ne savent pas où est leur vagin. Par Francetv info Mis à jour le , publié le. The Cunt Coloring Book. L'orgasme féminin, comment ça marche ? Un couple en pleine action© Marin/AltoPress/Maxppp - 2014. Are Vaginal Orgasms a Myth? I Tried Really Hard to Have One, and Here's What Happened. Since I know you wondered this immediately after reading that headline: I’m not sure if I’ve ever had a vaginal orgasm. And yes, it bothers me. I think of myself as someone with a pretty good handle on my genitals, literally and figuratively — I can knock out as many as 15 normal orgasms a day, if highly motivated. But I’ve never been able to quite wrap my arms — or legs — around the issue of the vaginal orgasm. Fucking With Feministing: Vaginal Orgasms. Welcome to the second installment of Fucking with Feministing (check out our first installment here)!

This monthly sex advice column is the place where readers get feminist advice on my favorite subject! I’m Sesali and I’ll be your resident sexpert with the help of our friends at the Center for Sex & Culture (CSC) who have partnered with us to make sure that we have smart and safe with our sexy! Comment et pourquoi je ne me lave plus le vagin. Cet article peut heurter la sensibilité de ceuxlles qui ne sont pas à l'aise avec leur corps, SOPHIA WALLACE Conceptual Artist based in NYC - 100 Natural Laws. 10 Things You Didn't Know About Vaginas. Myometrium. Vajazzle. Hospitals hit by huge rise in women suffering injuries caused by their vajazzles. Après le vajazzling, voici venu le temps du vajacial. Vajazzling - Vaginal Grooming: How Safe Are Down-There Beautification Trends?

Le «vajacial», un soin pour sublimer son pubis. Le feu dans la culotte (1. Clitoris_anatomy_labeled-en. Messieurs, votre pénis n'est plus un problème. Innervation du vagin et de l'utérus @ Viscères pelviens. L’orgasme féminin, une question politique.