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Plug & Plant Smart Vertical Garden (Canceled) by Team Plug & Plant. Comment construire un toit à charnières pour créer une petite serre - Trucs et Astuces. DIY 3-Axis CNC VMC. Water Level (Ultrasonic) Sensor with LoRaWAN. Hackster. Nixie Tube Arduino Uno Driven Thermometer (with Pictures) Pete Millett's DIY Audio pages. - Software. Check the time on a beautiful wooden word clock. Check the time on a beautiful wooden word clock Arduino Team — July 11th, 2016 When it comes to telling time, Makers like to go beyond simply reading moving hands or looking at a digital display.

Check the time on a beautiful wooden word clock

In Imgur user Grahamvinyl’s case, that’s a slick word clock comprised of a walnut veneer, clear epoxy, LEDs, letters, and Arduino. Grahamvinyl cut the clock from the back of an acoustic guitar and sides, and then strung together individually addressable RGB strips. Play Music Movie - YouTube - DIY - Loudspeaker. Hypex Electronics BV - Home. Open-Source CNC Farming. PantoRouter. Pantograph milling machine. Pantorouter plans.

See what's in the plans The plans are in metric units, except for drill and shaft sizes, which are in imperial units.

Pantorouter plans

You can generate plans in imperial units simply by changing the units to "imperial" in SketchUp under "model info", but the units will not work out to even numbers like they do in metric. Please also consider these important safety notes On payment, you will be able to download your plans immediately. The plans are a 23 megabyte zip file (your computer, Mac or PC, already knows how to open zip files) A download link will also be emailed to you automatically. If you encounter any problems with the download link or email, feel free to contact me at: 80/20 Inc. - T-slotted aluminum framing system.

Woodworking machinery. I Wish All Lighting Diagrams Were That Awesome. GoSol releases first free solar concentrator construction guide. Learn how to build a .5kW solar concentrator from locally available materials with this free guide.

GoSol releases first free solar concentrator construction guide

Back in April, we brought you news about the GoSol initiative, which aimed to kick off a global wave of solar entrepreneurship through the development and release of free construction guides for using local materials to build efficient solar concentrators for cooking, drying, or heating water. "’s mission is to eradicate energy poverty and minimize the damage of climate change by spreading our DIY tech and breaking down the barriers to solar energy access.With you, we want to connect communities, entrepreneurs & makers with the world’s most powerful energy source. All the tools and materials needed to implement these technologies are already produced and stocked massively around the world. " - GoSol. 3D Printing Contest. Calling out to all makers, designers and tinkerers, this is your chance to take part in our biggest 3D printing contest ever!

3D Printing Contest

Show us what this exciting new technology inspires you to create. Share your 3D models, projects with 3D printed parts, homemade 3D printers, and anything else your 3D printing-loving brain comes up with in the 3D Printing Contest. In partnership with 3D Hubs, we are giving away 13 (!) Of the best 3D printers chosen by their community of 13k 3D printer owners. Open hardware knitting machine. Surplus de plancher de bois franc. 10 DIY Pizza Ovens. 44 Simple DIY Wine Bottles Crafts And Ideas. Today we are following up yesterday’s article regarding 30 Insanely Creative DIY Cork Recycling Projects You Should Try with some Simple DIY Wine Bottles Crafts And Ideas.

44 Simple DIY Wine Bottles Crafts And Ideas

It is only natural that along with those corks you have a few wine bottles on your hands and no ideas what to do with them besides throwing them away.But we,at Homesthetics, are all about recycling,up-cycling and all kinds of green sustainable projects.Everything can be used in one way or another and be given a new purpose and life in your home so don’t be in a rush to throw things away. We do live in a consumerist society where money and assets have become our primary goal in life but just because we buy new things everyday it does not mean the old ones are useless.Find creative ways to reuse them, adapt their function and obtain new beautiful items for your home and garden. Obtain beautiful wine bottle centerpieces or glass lamps and chandeliers; cut them to make candle holders and unique food plates.

Source Source. Pour Resin On The Piece Of Wood And Create The Coolest Coffee Table Ever. When it comes about creativity this is something that we like the most.

Pour Resin On The Piece Of Wood And Create The Coolest Coffee Table Ever

Unique spectacular glow table. Yes you can really light up dinner table and be unique for the next party. The completely way and instructions can be seen in the video below. Placing this table near a window will allow it to collect rays from the setting sun and then set off a pleasant glow from the transition from twilight to evening. Making your own is fun as you can customize it in any way you want. Wood Tables Embedded with Photoluminescent Resin by Mike Warren. Back in August, industrial designer Mat Brown shared a method for creating wood shelves inlaid with glow-in-the-dark resin.

Wood Tables Embedded with Photoluminescent Resin by Mike Warren

Not to be outdone, Mike Warren just released a tutorial of how to fill the naturally formed voids in pecky cypress with photoluminescent powder mixed with clear casting resin. The effect is pretty amazing. To see how he did it you can watch video above or read through Warren’s step-by-step instructions over on Instructables. DESIGN INDEX. Convertisseur YouTube vers mp3. Blind corner cabinet with NO wasted space! Make Something that Makes (almost) Anything - Cardboard CNC. How to Make (Almost) Anything is a machine design graduate class at the MIT Media Lab taught by Neil Gershenfeld.

Make Something that Makes (almost) Anything - Cardboard CNC

The class is designed to challenge students with weekly design and engineering assignments, ranging from electronics design to large format machining. By the second to last week, students have acquired nearly all the skills (electronics design, mechanical design, networking, interface design, embedded programming, etc.) necessary to design and build a CNC machine. Many machines have been built during the decade-plus history of the course, so many that that a follow up course specifically on machine building was created called How to Make Something that Makes (almost) Anything. For the class this year, the team designed a cardboard construction kit and a framework for rapid machine prototyping. Extending the Modular Machines that Make project, they created a low-cost version of the reconfigurable stages using cardboard and off the shelf hardware. How To Find Micrometeorites In Your Home. It is estimated that anywhere from 37,000 to 78,000 tons of meteorites hit Earth’s surface each year.

How To Find Micrometeorites In Your Home

That might seem a bit high, but the vast majority of this figure is made up of micrometeorites, which are dust-sized specks about 50 µm to 2 mm in diameter. It is estimated that about one micrometeorite lands every square meter per year. HomeMade Modern EP46 Concrete Fire Pit. Voici comment fabriquer votre cape d'invisibilité ! Les scientifiques de l’Université de Rochester ont créé un appareil qui rend invisible tous les objets qui se trouvent derrière.

Voici comment fabriquer votre cape d'invisibilité !

Et vous pouvez le fabriquer chez vous, sans vous ruiner ! Ce n’est pas exactement la cape d’invisibilité d’Harry Potter puisque vous ne pouvez pas vous déplacer avec. Il s’agit plutôt d’une installation fixe qui plie la lumière autour de petits objets (des stylos et des règles sont utilisés en exemple par les chercheurs) et les rend ainsi invisible pour un observateur. Pour fabriquer votre cape d’invisibilité qui n’est pas une cape mais qui rend quand même les objets invisibles, il vous faut 4 lentilles placées de cette manière. Si elles sont placées correctement, vous pouvez voir ce qu’il y a au-delà de l’installation mais pas ce qui se trouve entre les lentilles. Pour réaliser votre propre installation d’invisibilité, vous n’avez pas besoin de matériel coûteux.

Круглый стол трансформер. DIY Pyramid Garden. Strassacker: Haut-parleurs - kits - composants. MOVE - motion activated running lights. Tom Spendlove posted on August 19, 2014 | Comment | 236 views Todd Medema and Scott Martin at Fabricate.IO want to solve the problem of late night illumination. On late night trips across the house or while entering a dark house shelves were sometimes knocked over. Toes were stubbed and roommates were roused from their sleep by the lights being flipped on. Their solution is MOVE Lighting - hallway runner lights that consist mainly of LED lighting strips, motion sensors and standard electrical connections.

Turn Your Smartphone Into a Digital Microscope for Only $10. You know that laser pointer you have in some old drawer in your house? The one you have never used for anything useful and for some reason you never threw it away. Then it’s time you pull it out of the drawer and put it to good use. The small lens used to focus the laser can be placed in front of the camera lens in any smartphone to turn it into a microscope!