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Social Studies

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Who Owns Antarctica? - A Political Geography Lesson. History. A Nice Tool for Creating Animated Maps. Pearltrees.


Le Monde. Civilisations Anciennes. Le Canada. Government. Au pays (des indiens, des cow-boys, du chocolat, des pirates...) Continent Boxes ~ Europe. I have had “create continent boxes” on my to-do list for over a year!

Continent Boxes ~ Europe

Finally I am getting started! I started with Europe since the Olympics are in London, and since our next Little Passports country is France! You always get some little things with each Little Passports month, which I will add to the continent box! These are works in progress, I even have a wishlist of books and things I want to add to this and other boxes! We will use these boxes for years and years! I have no real plan with these, just a fun way to expose my kids to cultures, countries, and world geography in general. For now, I have our Europe set up like this {see photo below}. I bought my boxes from Walmart, in 2 different sizes {small 6.7qt, large 12.7qt} knowing I would need bigger ones for continents with more stuff! MANY materials from Montessori Print Shop! For the 3 part cards, I decided to save laminating and cutting time and mounted mine in file folders. World Facts & Landmarks Flashcards {Rand McNally} Continent Boxes.

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Continent Boxes on Pinterest. Using the Web to Take Virtual Field Trips. By: Kennedy Schultz Helping kids learn about the world can be an exciting adventure for both adults and kids.

Using the Web to Take Virtual Field Trips

When I teach about the chateaux of the Loire Valley in France or ancient Mayan sites in Mexico, I’m always looking for kid-friendly resources that can provide accurate information and engaging authentic pictures that hold the attention of little ones. Virtual Field Trips Since my field trip budget is pretty limited, I especially love websites that offer virtual tours and live webcams to show kids what it REALLY looks like in another world location. Many famous museums such as the Louvre offer 360 degree tours of their collections. Live web cams are another great cultural resource. We have also found web cams of the storks roosting on roof tops in Rust, Austria, and have shared our own local webcams of Niagara Falls with our pen-pal classrooms in other countries to give them an idea of our region. Organizing Teacher Resources. La région du bouclier canadien.

Portail:Canada. Voici une conférence de presse du Bloc Le Bloc québécois est un parti politique fédéral du Canada fondé en 1991.


Fait au Québec pour les souverainistes et les social-démocrates, son but est de défendre la culture et les intérêts des Québécois au parlement du Canada. Le Bloc québécois travaille beaucoup avec le Parti québécois (également souverainiste). Les membres du Bloc québécois sont appelés « bloquistes ». Le Bloc québécois est le seul parti politique fédéral représenté à la Chambre des communes du Canada à représenter une seule province, celle du Québec.

Rep Day. Rep Day is a nationwide civic education initiative that connects elected representatives with high school students for a dialogue on current political issues.

Rep Day

Rep Day aims to break down the stereotypes that young people have of politicians and the political process, and develop a better understanding of and a sense of trust in the people and institutions within our democracy. Where is...? A geolocation game. Histoires en images  - Enseignants - Les Enfants invités. Pages: 1234567 Voici quelques activités que vous pouvez faire en vous servant de tout le site ou d’un arrêt particulier. 1.

Histoires en images  - Enseignants - Les Enfants invités

Activité théâtrale ((Durée : Environ quatre cours de 45 minutes) Cette activité aidera les élèves à s’exercer à trouver des façons nouvelles et différentes de communiquer de l’information, tout en permettant aux enseignants d’évaluer leur compréhension divisez la classe en groupes de 2 à 4 élèves et attribuez à chaque groupe un arrêt basé sur le site Internet consacré aux enfants invités; demandez aux élèves d’inventer leurs propres dialogues pour l'arrêt en se servant des thèmes fournis; les élèves peuvent rédiger des dialogues pour Anne et George ou inventer leurs propres personnages; si les élèves ne connaissent pas un incident particulier, il serait bon de les encourager à lire l’information additionnelle qui est fournie; chaque arrêt, qui devrait durer entre 1 et 3 minutes, peut être joué devant la classe à la fin du cours;

Manitoba Education. Social Studies. Martin Luther King, Jr. Individuals and Societies. Nommer les continents. Le monde - Séance n°1 : continents et océans - ECOLE ANNEXE ESPE - DIGNE (04) Prépositions géographiques. Geo-literacy world map activities for kids. Get to know the Earth with these geo-literacy world map activities for kids with a global perspective.

Geo-literacy world map activities for kids

Geo-literacy world map activities for kids Our favourite new toy is a big world map. We picked it up in a local bookstore (but you can find plenty online) and have been using it ever since to play a variety of ‘get to know the world’ map games. My daughter is very interested in the world and maps at the moment. Some activities she has been enjoying are: :: learning about different biomes, through researching information books, following a Minecraft Homeschool course, watching videos from around the world (such as from the Grand Canyon Park Rangers talks) :: taking maps with us when we head out on local walks, and being in charge or tracking our route and finding the way: looking for landmarks and locating them on the map and seeing how the cartography displays them.

Quick fire quiz: who lives where? Another fun way we are using our map is by playing quick-fire quizzes. Quick Quiz Map Game.