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RENOVATE — Better Living Through Design. Homenature. Design Crisis » bathrooms. Yes, I am still alive. I know it may seem like I fell off the face of earth, but that’s only because you don’t follow me on pinterest . Ahhhh, pinterest. Is there any place easier to access with my left hand whilst the right shoves a boob in the baby ‘s mouth at 5 am? Nay, I say there is not. And what pinterest is bringing me these days is tile envy. Tile in the kitchen… Tile in the bathroom… [ Design Manifest ] Tile, tile, tile. I could go on, but I’m getting sad.

I feel that I should defend the cleanliness of our grout — it really is cleaner than it looks in the picture! I would kill for those $1 black and white checkerboard tiles (set in a diamond pattern, please), and even the cheapo white square ceramic tiles behind the tub. Oh, and let’s not forget the kitchen . What. So this is how things break down: since we moved in I have either been sick and pregnant, on bedrest, or the caretaker of a newborn and a sassy three year old (they’re still here — just older). I need to win the lottery. Pictures of Interior Designers' Living Rooms. "My sister, an artist in San Francisco, painted the mural. She normally doesn't do decorative work, but she made an exception for me! It's a grouping of my favorite things. The palm columns on either side of the niche are a reference to the columns in the kitchen at Brighton Pavilion. There are shells, chinoiserie bookends, books, a magnifying glass, silhouettes of my sister and me.

But most important, there's a bust of my idol, Albert Hadley, at the top. Apartment Singel by Laura Alvarez Architecture. Amsterdam-based studio Laura Alvarez Architecture has completed the Apartment Singel project. The architect has completely renovated and redesigned the interior of this 1,290 square foot duplex apartment located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Apartment Singel by Laura Alvarez Architecture: “Renovation and interior design of a two-floor apartment in Amsterdam. The building is catalogued as a national monument. Architect Alvarez says: The main idea was to transform the dark and claustrophobic existing apartment into a bright loft and at the same time bring into view special elements of the ancient building. A 70 m2 living area is located on the first floor. A series of satin-glass walls have been introduced in the upper floor to bring natural light into the lower level and the bathroom.

An oak gray-painted window bench provides a seat to enjoy the beautiful view towards the Amsterdam channels. A nut-wood sliding door gives the possibility to close off the entrance hall from the living space. Products. Dwellinggawker. TheDesignerPad - The Designer Pad.

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