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Sound of zodiac - Pisces
Harmonic Toning for Pisces
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The Soul Zodiac: Pisces
Harmonic Toning for Libra
Sound of zodiac - Libra
The Soul Zodiac Presents: Libra
Astral Projection Guided Meditation (*EASY*) Oobe w/ Binaural Vibrations
Aura Cleansing
How to See the Aura | Explore Meditation

How to See the Aura | Explore Meditation

When young children draw pictures of people, they think it quite normal to pick bright colors and scribble over different body parts. They don’t put much thought into it … They grab a pencil or crayon from the pile and scribble where it feels most appropriate. For many people, this lends credibility to their belief that it is common for children to see auras. And what do most teachers and parents do? Tell them to choose more natural colors and reward them for drawing ‘with-in the lines’. We may boast that our children have colorful imaginations, but we may well be missing that seeing aura’s is a natural occurance, and inadvertently doing all we can to dull their psychic sense.
Third Eye / Ajna Chakra Activation Visual Exercise