EntityRelationship - Couchdb Wiki EntityRelationship - Couchdb Wiki This page is mostly a translation of Google's Modeling Entity Relationships article in CouchDB terms. It could use more code examples and more examples of actual output. Since this is a wiki, feel free to update this document to make things clearer, fix inaccuracies etc. This article is also related to Transaction model use cases discussion, as it involves multiple document updates. As a quick summary, this document explains how to do things that you would normally use SQL JOIN for. Why would I need entity relationships?
If there is one aspect of mobility that has yet to live up to user expectations, it's the ability for data to be accessible in near real-time across multiple devices. Despite all the advances in technology, including a wealth of Wi-Fi and 3G networks, many devices become impotent without an Internet connection. This issue becomes even more apparent when you are dealing with browser-based applications and smartphones that don't have multithreading functionality to maintain state across applications and data stores. NoSQL goes mobile with the help of CouchDB | Software, Interrupted NoSQL goes mobile with the help of CouchDB | Software, Interrupted
A Database for the Web CouchDB is a database that completely embraces the web. Store your data with JSON documents. CouchDB: Technical Overview CouchDB: Technical Overview