Les salons et événements

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Virtual Reality 2012. Click Here for Photos Best Paper Award Haptic Palpation for Medical Simulation in Virtual Environments - Sebastian Ullrich and Torsten KuhlenHonorable Mention Impossible Spaces: Maximizing Natural Walking in Virtual Environments with Self-Overlapping Architecture - Evan A.

Virtual Reality 2012

Suma, Zachary Lipps, Samantha Finkelstein, David M. Krum and Mark Bolas Best Short Paper Award Reducing Interference Between Multiple Structured Light Depth Sensors Using Motion - Andrew Maimone and Henry Fuchs Honorable Mention Self-Motion Illusions (Vection) in VR - Are They Good For Anything? Best Poster Award Smelling Screen: Technique to Present a Virtual Odor Source at an Arbitrary Position on a Screen - Haruka Matsukura, Tatsuhiro Yoneda and Hiroshi Ishida Honorable Mention Physics-Based Multi-Domain Subspace Deformation With Component Mode Synthesis - Yin Yang and Xiaohu Guo Depth Judgments by Reaching and Matching in Near-Field Augmented Reality - Gurjot Singh, J.

Best Demo Award Participate... Exhibit... Amsterdam 25,26 & 27 April. ISMAR.NET. Los Angeles ACM SIGGRAPH. Dimension 3 - Les nouvelles dimensions de l'image. ITEC 2012. AFRV 2011 - Journées AFRV - AFIG 2011. 2012 : Accueil. Laval Virtual 2012 - IDDME Virtual Concept à Bordeaux. The Industrial Program Committee of IDMME - Virtual Concept 2010 invites all researchers, and industrial experts in the domain of "Interactive and Integrated Design and Manufacturing for Innovation" to disseminate their major and recent results, studies, implementations, tools and techniques at an international level.

IDDME Virtual Concept à Bordeaux

The topics deal with 4 major themes: Life cycle management of Simulation, Product behaviour simulationOrchestration management, collaborative tools, methods and organisationKnowledge management and knowledge modelling in EngineeringVirtual reality, augmented reality Other themes of the conference are: Life cycle design and manufacturing approachesInformation technologies for product designDesign process and managementManagement in production systemsNew categories of products (MEMS, Mechatronics), corresponding simulationInteractive simulation in product design and manufacturing All contributions related to themes of conference are welcome. Submissions Important Dates.