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Font Awesome Icons. Practical Tips for Web and Mobile Usability Tests. Jerry Cao is a content strategist at UXPin — a wireframing and prototyping app with built-in usability testing — where he develops in-app and online content for the wireframing and prototyping platform.

Practical Tips for Web and Mobile Usability Tests

To learn how to conduct 20 different types of usability tests, check out The Guide to Usability Testing. While most usability testing methods described in The Guide to Usability Testing apply to Web and mobile, we want to describe some of the nuances specific to each medium. Actually, most usability testing methods can be run any product from cloud payment systems to next-generation gaming consoles. You might also like: Bevy Wants to Gather All Family Photos In One Place In this piece, we want to narrow our focus a little so you can best understand how the fundamental differences between how Web and mobile are used require different tactics. Website usability testing User tests are mandatory for website success since Murphy’s Laws of Technology always seem to strike at the worst times. 1. 10 Web Design Trends You Can Expect to See in 2015.


10 Web Design Trends You Can Expect to See in 2015

Performance and speed Some design trends have been motivated by the need to make sites load faster and consume less bandwidth. Most of the trends discussed in this article more than likely came out of the need to reduce the size of the site and find ways to quickly load the site for those using mobile or tablet devices or those on slower networks. Site designers and developers are becoming more keenly aware of the weight of their sites and how their users interact with them. Responsive Web design has helped bring to light these concerns. It will be no surprise that the need to be faster and perform flawlessly with no lag time will drive design decisions on many new websites launching in 2015. What other design trends do you think will rock the Web in 2015? 10 top colour resources. Colour is an integral element of design.

10 top colour resources

And the web is full of endless resources and tutorials covering it. But, sometimes too much choice can be confusing. So we've picked this selection of the best resources that will really help you to get to grips with the subject. 01. Mudcube Colour Sphere The Mudcube Colour Sphere is a handy little colour resource for designers in that it not only provides the hex numbers for each colour; it also helps you to build up a colour scheme from one chosen shade. 02. Color by HailPixel is a handy little web app if you're a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to getting the colour just right. 03. This web designer's tool 'Check my Colours' is designed to check foreground and background colour combinations of all DOM elements, to determine if they provide sufficient contrast when viewed by someone having colour deficits. 04. 05. 06. 07.

Wireframes: A Beginner’s Guide. Wireframes: A Beginner’s Guide Today we’re going to take a look at an essential piece of any serious web designer’s skill-set: wireframes.

Wireframes: A Beginner’s Guide

You’ll learn why wireframes are so important, how to use them correctly, and the differences between wireframes and mockups/prototypes. 90 amazing Adobe Illustrator tutorials. Since its release, Adobe's Illustrator has grown to become the designer's right hand man when it comes to creating premier vector graphics and elements.

90 amazing Adobe Illustrator tutorials

There's so much you can do with the tool that it can be difficult to know where to start. Check out the best Adobe Illustrator plugins Here, we round up some of the best Adobe Illustrator tutorials, covering everything from illustration to logo design, adding depth to your typography and much more. Promotion With so many to choose from, you're sure to find a project to inspire you whether you're using an older version of Illustrator or are signed up to the Creative Cloud. For beginners Setting up a new document In this video tutorial presented by Angie Taylor you'll learn how to set up a new Illustrator document.

Using the Selection tools This tutorial explores the various options for selecting items in Illustrator, including the Selection and Direct Selection tools, the Select Similar options, and the Layers panel. Get to know the toolbox. The Psychology of Color and Branding (Infographic) It's no secret that different colors evoke different emotions in us, and that marketers have been taking advantage of this for years.

The Psychology of Color and Branding (Infographic)

But which colors spur which emotions? Recent Articles From PR Daily. Psychology of Color – Analyse des logos des marques. Publish, share and embed interactive 3D models. - Sound Fx. Welcome to Flash Kit Sound FX.

Sound Fx

We have an ever growing list of shareware and freeware Sound FX for download. Powerful searching, excellent organisation and easy real time previews make this the most advanced Sound FX download site on the net! Mp3 and flashtrak versions of all effects as well! »Free Loops Free Loops! Use our search box above, or choose from the categories below, also check out the top rated and loop of the day links too! »Guidelines Read the usage Guidelines for downloading, and adding Sound FX to our archive. »Flashtraks Get the Flashtrak versions, and use them with our wicked flashtrak players!


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