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Association for Library Collections & Technical Services (ALCTS) Blog, podcast, vodcast and Wiki copyright guide for Australia / Anthony Austin, Jessica Coats, Hanna... Book Persistent Identifier Catalogue Persistent Identifier APA Citation Austin, Anthony C.

Blog, podcast, vodcast and Wiki copyright guide for Australia / Anthony Austin, Jessica Coats, Hanna...

& Coates, Jessica. & Donnelly, Hannah. & Fitzgerald, Brian F. & Black, Peter J. & Pappalardo, Kylie. & Suzor, Nic. & Carroll, Emma. & ARC Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation, Issuing body. (2009). Blog, podcast, vodcast and Wiki copyright guide for Australia. Kelvin Grove, Qld : ARC Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innotvation, Queensland University of Technology, A Voice in the World Podcasts and the Classroom. One School One Podcast. Cockburn Libraries - Your Community, Your Library. Friends, Stories, Information, Technology. Introducing podcast in library service: an analytical study. Video didn't kill the radio star – she's hosting a podcast. Podcasters P.J.

Video didn't kill the radio star – she's hosting a podcast

Vogt, host of Reply All, and Starlee Kine, host of Mystery Show, addressed sold-out sessions at the Sydney Writers' Festival last month, riding the wave of popularity engendered by Serial, the 2014 US true crime podcast series whose 100 million downloads galvanised the audio storytelling world. Over 12 weeks, using a blend of personal narratives and investigative journalism delivered in ultra-casual conversational style, host Sarah Koenig examined the case against Adnan Syed, a Baltimore high school student who had been convicted of murdering his ex-girlfriend, Hae Min Lee, in 1999. In risky but inspired innovation, the series launched without a conclusive ending. It invited listeners to veer with Koenig through the unfolding evidence – a departure hailed as making journalism more transparent, in a genre not without ethical conundrums. Reconsidering the role of recorded audio as a rich, flexible and engaging learning space.

Creating Podcasts to Share Community Stories. By Barbara Alvarez on March 13, 2015 The way people access and process information has changed greatly over the past decade.

Creating Podcasts to Share Community Stories

User reviews on Amazon, message boards on, YouTube videos, and podcasts to name a few, are now platforms used for getting and sharing information. My library (Barrington Area Library, Barrington, Illinois) has decided to also take advantage of these information-sharing platforms; starting a weekly podcast for our community members, in December, 2014. The podcast series focuses on interviews with local entrepreneurs and business owners. As host of the podcasts, each week I speak with a different person who has a unique perspective on owning a business. Hearing Voices: Librarian-Produced Podcasts. Maurice Coleman had one of his best professional development ideas in a hotel lobby.

Hearing Voices: Librarian-Produced Podcasts

For Coleman, technical trainer at Harford County (Md.) Public Library, “The great exchange of ideas that happened sitting at a lobbycon [the lobby of a conference venue] led me to think of doing a podcast to re-create that conference feeling for others to both enjoy and benefit from.” Coleman started T Is for Training in 2008 to facilitate conversations about training, leadership, and management topics, and it’s now the longest-running podcast in the library world. Podcasts are digital audio files delivered through the internet, like on-demand talk radio, usually downloaded or streamed through an app, such as iTunes, Stitcher, or Google Play Music. Live at the Library. Homeless Engagement Initiative - Dallas Public Library. Podcasting 101 for K–12 Librarians. FEATURE Podcasting 101 for K–12 Librarians by Esther Kreider Eash Our 21st-century school librarians can lead the way with innovative programming, new resources, and creative instruction.

Podcasting 101 for K–12 Librarians

But first, they need to learn what podcasting is all about. The New Oxford American Dictionary chose “podcast” as its 2005 Word of the Year over “persistent vegetative state,” “bird flu,” “sudoku,” “rootkit,” and “lifehack.” 1 During the past 2 years, podcasting has become increasingly familiar as a method of information sharing. Yet when I queried 100 librarians during my presentation on professional development at the American Association of School Librarians meeting in October 2005, not one hand went up to indicate that anyone had accessed or listened to a podcast. Most did not know what a podcast was, and no one had used a podcast with students, much less created one. Listening to Themselves: Podcasting Takes Lessons Beyond the Classroom. Broadcasting Learning: Using Apple's GarageBand, Brent Coley records what his student Joey says into his headset for a ColeyCast, their classroom podcast.

Listening to Themselves: Podcasting Takes Lessons Beyond the Classroom

Brent Coley's fifth-grade students' eyes light up when they learn that their schoolwork can be heard in Apple iTunes, the program that allows them to compile their favorite artists' music. Although the Tovashal Elementary School students, in Murrieta, California, won't be jamming on guitars or drums in Coley's class, their studies of poetry, the solar system, and the early English settlements in North America become exciting when they're posted on a class Web site and saved in iTunes as ColeyCasts, room 34's take on podcasting. (Download the latest version of iTunes here.) Catching the Wave.