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Google Duo (for iPhone) Review. In a rare move, Google recently unleashed its Duo video chat app simultaneously on Android and iOS.

Google Duo (for iPhone) Review

Duo is intended to make video chatting easier and more accessible than ever. While some of its features are clever, Duo isn't tightly integrated enough with Apple or Google and is more limited as an iPhone app than on Android. It just can't compete with Apple's excellent FaceTime service and Facebook Messenger (both of which are Editors' Choice winners) or Google's own Hangouts. Face To FaceGoogle announced Duo at this year's Google I/O conference, along with Google Home, an Amazon Echo competitor, and Allo, a text chatting app that bakes in the new Google Assistant bot.

Duo is the only product to have yet seen the light of day, however. While the Android app works on devices running operating system versions as old as 4.1, the iPhone version only works on iOS 9 or later—then again, that's most iPhones. Duo's killer feature is Knock Knock. Can You See Me? Google Classroom comes with new features for both teachers and parents. Gone are those days when teachers used boards to teach children and all other primitive methods.

Google Classroom comes with new features for both teachers and parents

Its new era which is filled with gadget and new technology and how education can left behind. This year June 2016, Google launched its Google cast For Education due to which teachers can make their Chrome device through chromecast setup a platform where children can cast their presentation. The teachers just need to download the Chrome App and launch it. After that teachers need to grant presentation access to the students. It has become very popular tool among teachers and students since then. 10 Game-Changing Chrome Extensions and Add-Ons for Teachers. By Maria Sellers Google has a wealth of add-ons and extensions for Google Chrome, Drive and Gmail, but who has the time to comb through all of these?

10 Game-Changing Chrome Extensions and Add-Ons for Teachers

As an eLearning Specialist, I try to find what is truly worth the time and consideration of my teachers. Like my Google Tools search, my add-on and extension search involved these questions: Does it perform a task that used to demand a lot of my time? Is the end result worth the time in training? These 10 game-changing Google add-ons and extensions fit all of these criteria—you’ll be glad you checked them out. 1. What Are Top 5 Reasons You Should Use Google Apps For Education #GAFE? By Rolland Chidiac @rdics and Sylvia Duckworth @sylviaduckworth via EdTechTeam By Sylvia Duckworth @sylviaduckworth via EdTechTeam.

What Are Top 5 Reasons You Should Use Google Apps For Education #GAFE?

15 FREE Awesome Chrome Extensions for Educators - More Than A Tech. What is it: Really sleek bookmark manager.Who should use it: Students or teachers looking to save more than just the bookmark, but the content itself with collections, tags, smart search, and more.

15 FREE Awesome Chrome Extensions for Educators - More Than A Tech

What is it: Browser based image editor with a wide variety of tools, filters, etc.Who should use it: Anyone looking to do advanced image editing on a Chromebook or in a browser window. What is it: Advanced graphing calculator that runs via the web.Who should use it: Anyone looking to do advanced mathematics or graphing equations on a Chromebook or in a browser window. What is it:Extension that checks for hundreds of common grammar mistakes.Who should use it: Everyone.

Who wouldn’t want their writing to have proper grammar? Photo apps: Google Photos v Apple iCloud v Flickr. Google Photos stores an unlimited number of your photos and analyses them with Google tech to allow for smart searching.

Photo apps: Google Photos v Apple iCloud v Flickr

Photo: Google Let the smartphone photo wars begin! In one corner, it's Google Photos, as the search giant takes on Apple's iCloud, Yahoo's redesigned Flickr app, Dropbox, Microsoft and others, in a bid to be the one-stop app home for all your photos and videos. Google Photos comes with the best price in town, unlimited storage (as long as you're happy with a slightly lowered resolution) and a promise of better navigation via Google search. Flickr's redesigned app offers full resolution for up to 1 terabyte of photos and videos, which Yahoo says is over 500,000 images. iCloud's main draw in terms of photos is keeping your library consistent across all your Apple devices. All want to wean you off Facebook, the number one destination for photo sharing. Let's take a good, hard look. Alice Keeler sur Twitter : "'Google Drive: Shared with Me is a Filter, Not a Folder' -

Chromebook App Special Edition - Monday 24th August - 7pm AEST. Google Drive: Shared with Me is a Filter, Not a Folder. A common question I am asked is about “Shared with me” in Google Drive.

Google Drive: Shared with Me is a Filter, Not a Folder

This is a filter, not a folder. You can not organize files in “Shared with me,” nor should you consider this a place to keep shared files. Expeditions: Take your students to places a school bus can't. Using Google Chrome Apps and Extensions to Support Struggling Readers and English Language Learners. Tour Builder. Stop Ignoring Google+ Google Drive for iOS now lets you upload files from other apps and cloud services. Following up on a recent Google Drive update which brought out support for Touch ID fingerprint verification and iPhone 6 resolutions along with a brand new Share extension to access cloud files in almost any iOS 8 app, today the search giant Google announced that it’s now possible to send files to your Drive from other iPhone and iPad applications that have advertised their storage extension system-wide.

Google Drive for iOS now lets you upload files from other apps and cloud services

And in addition to the usual slew of bug fixes and performance improvements, the refreshed Drive client for iOS now makes it possible to view and share custom maps through the company’s My Maps feature. The app would previously support uploading photos and videos only from the iOS Camera roll, making it difficult to, say, upload a file from Dropbox without resorting to a tedious, multi-step procedure involving multiple apps.

This kind of nonsense is now behind us. On both the iPhone and iPad, you can now upload files from other apps. I’ll just go ahead and choose Dropbox. Google releases guide to help schools integrate its technology into classrooms. Google today released what it calls “a guide to activating technology in schools” as part of its education efforts.

Google releases guide to help schools integrate its technology into classrooms

Intended to assist teachers and IT administrators, Google says the new guide based on what other schools processes provides schools with the following frameworks to bring the web into the classroom. The guide is organized by a “5-step approach to deploying a digital education solution”: Defining your goalsInvesting in Internet accessBuilding your teamOffering web toolsManaging the change. Google Classroom Is Now Available for Both iPad and Android. 10 Google Slides activities to add awesome to classes. Google Slides lets students collaborate and display ideas effectively.

10 Google Slides activities to add awesome to classes

Create animation, story books, video galleries and more. (Flickr / college.library) At one point, creating a PowerPoint presentation to show to the class was cutting-edge classroom technology. Those days are gone, and now, online presentations enable so much more for students. Tips to Using Google Keep in Education. Google Keep, Google's easy to use note taking app, is a great resource for students and teachers. Here are some of the features: • Easily, quickly, Create notes, lists, and audio notes• Add photos to any note• Hide and show checkboxes to turn notes into checkable lists• View and create notes from homescreen and lockscreen widgets• Selectable color for notes• Safely sync notes to Google Drive and other devices• Notes can also be used from I use Evernote for most things, but also use Keep for quick notes on the go and for shopping lists, along with voice notes, and then I can share the notes to other apps, or just access them as needed.

It's quicker than Evernote, but has less features. Two Useful Google Drive Tools for Teachers. April 9, 2015 Below are two excellent Google Drive add-ons to use with your Google Docs. The first one in the list is an application that enables users to generate tag clouds from documents that have over 50 words. The second add-on provides users with a super easy way to integrate images from the popular OpenClipart right into a Google doc. The app's gallery has over 50.000 pictures to choose from. 1- Tag Cloud Generator "Tag Cloud Generator creates a tag cloud in the side bar from any Google Docs document that contains more than 50 words.

Google Slides. Eleni sur Twitter : "One way I use GoogleDocs for collaboration during the planning stage in writing. #edutweetoz... 10 Free Google Chrome Extensions Teachers Should Try. If you use Google Chrome as your go-to web browser, you may have seen a little icon for the ‘Store’ (like what you see on the right) when you attempt to open a new tab. Never clicked that? Only clicked that once or twice but never took the plunge into the wild world of the Chrome Web Store? In an effort to help you truly surface the best Google Chrome extensions for teachers of all stripes, I thought it might be useful to showcase some of my favorites. Teach your students the right way to Google. Kelly Maher November 24th, 2014 In the age of the split-second Google search, it’s more critical than ever to train students to distinguish between primary and secondary sources As in decades past, proper research methods are an essential skill for today’s students.

At a time when most students (and adults, for that matter) are accustomed to heading straight to Google to answer all of their questions, being able to sagely sift through the good, the bad, and the ugly of search results is key to creating independent 21st century thinkers. However, even when used properly, Google is not always the right resource. On its website, the Kentucky Virtual Library provides a detailed, student-friendly interactive map of the research process, called “How To Do Research,” which spells out the steps for making the most of the research process, from planning to searching to taking notes and ultimately using gathered information effectively. Google Forms Cheat Sheet for Teachers. A Googler sur Twitter : "It’s a new day for Google Calendar →

Google +

Google Hangouts. Google Calendar. Gmail. Google Classroom. Google Forms and Spreadsheets. Google Sites. GAFE Summit. Google Drive. Transferring Systems: Moving Your Workflow and Procedures into GAFE. The more I work and consult with schools regarding technology integration, the more I begin to focus on the transfer of current systems. By "systems," I mean the classroom procedures or workflows that educators currently have in place. Many times when schools integrate technology, they recommend applications that focus on content area subjects or project-based video. While these are great tools, they are not foundational pieces for your first day in a digital classroom. The first day in your 1:1 or digital classroom should consist of a healthy balance of technology while focusing on the digital procedures that you plan to start integrating from day one.

As an educator, it's best to examine past practice and find ways to transition procedures toward digital workflows in the classroom. The other misconception about transitioning your classroom to digital workflows and procedures is that the teacher must now be the expert in educational technology. Big List. 5 Ways Google Tools Can Empower Teachers. There are about a million different ways to use all the great Google tools available for free in your classroom. Whether you’re bringing your classroom into the 21st century by making it paperless or AppSmashing, even the simplest of Google tools offers you a wide array of ways to use it.

The Google suite of tools can be useful when you’re working with your students but also in more of a behind the scenes sort of way. We’ve put together a short list of some of our favorite ways these tools support teachers. Google Now Makes It Easier to Search for Licensed Images. January 14, 2014 With this new update to Google Image Search, users now can search for images by licensing rights under the " search tools " which is in the front page.

20 Useful Google Search Tips You Probably Don't Know - Google search tips aren’t uncommon–but useful search tips are another thing entirely. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: Tips Every Teacher should Know about Google Docs in Education ( Great Easy Guide ) Teacher's Guide to International Collaboration on the Internet. Tools Class. Ncallaghan1 : Primary School Google Poster... Excellent Teacher Tips on The Use of Google Plus in Education. 1- Hang-outs Hangout provides users with a virtual space where they can meet , and hold discussions using both audio or video. Internet Catalogue.