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Apps to Support Diverse Learners in the Classroom. Do you like apps?

Apps to Support Diverse Learners in the Classroom

Do you use them in the classroom? Not every district, school, or parent has the ability to support apps in the day-to-day learning environment, but for those that can, there are some fun, effective, tried-and-true apps that can make a tremendous difference in the lives of diverse learners. Many states now require incorporating technology into standardized testing, so the number of systems with the ability and willingness to support apps and software is also increasing. Many teachers and parents enjoy apps just as much as students. Naturally, the apps that are optimal for student learning are those so engaging that students forget or never know that these things were designed as educational tools.

Staying on Track. The Difference Between Tantrums and Sensory Meltdowns. Many people think the words “tantrum” and “meltdown” mean the same thing.

The Difference Between Tantrums and Sensory Meltdowns

And they can look very similar when you see a child in the middle of having one. But for kids who have sensory processing issues or who lack self-control, a meltdown is very different from a tantrum. Knowing the differences can help you learn how to respond in a way that better supports your child. Home. ONTSpecialNeeds sur Twitter : "7 things every kid needs to hear! Why you need to make maths visual for your students. Experienced teachers will be familiar with the feeling of disappointment when, two weeks after they have taught a mathematical concept, they are met with blank gazes, furrowed brows and question marks when they return to it.

Why you need to make maths visual for your students

According to Rebecca Misselbrook, deputy headteacher at a West Sussex primary school, the reason for this amnesia is the way the maths was taught in the first place. Disability Standards for Education. Students with Disability Disability Standards for Education For:

Disability Standards for Education

Obsessive compulsive disorder. Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) is an anxiety disorder that affects two to three percent of the population (more than 500,000 Australians).

Obsessive compulsive disorder

It usually begins in late childhood or early adolescence. People with OCD experience recurrent and persistent thoughts, images or impulses that are intrusive and unwanted (obsessions). How Full Is Your Bucket? I recently had the privilege of spending a day at Meskwaki Settlement School in Tama, IA.

How Full Is Your Bucket?

I was asked to speak about the importance of school climate. Hopefully, I shared a few tips that my new friends can use. While I was speaking, a longtime teacher asked if I knew about the “Theory of the Bucket and the Dipper.” This is a simple but powerful theory, which actually formed the foundation for the culture building at Davis County Middle School in Bloomfield, IA several years ago. Helping students develop speaking with Whatsapp. I normally teach teenagers and this semester I wanted to have students record the mini dialogues they normally create in class.

Helping students develop speaking with Whatsapp

These recordings apart from being an opportunity for students to practise speaking and listening could help me observe their progress. I've been focussing on CAN DO objectives, so close to the end of each class I ask pairs of students to create a mini dialogue using the topic of the lesson. Child Trauma - For Teachers. Teacher Training Resources What are the Teacher Training Resources?

Child Trauma - For Teachers

The Teacher Training Resources have been developed to assist teachers to respond appropriately to children who have experienced traumatic events. Specifically, the training programme has been designed to assist teachers in becoming more attuned to identifying emotional and behavioural difficulties in their students following a traumatic event and provides information on what they can do to prevent the likelihood of children developing long-term adverse reactions.

Clicker_Sentences_User_Guide.pdf. Autism study: Diagnosis delayed by two years in most children. A study has found children with autism face up to a 4-year delay in their diagnosis.

Autism study: Diagnosis delayed by two years in most children

Photo: Supplied The majority of Australian children with autism spectrum disorder are not being diagnosed until they are four years old, more than two years after they can be reliably identified and given life-changing intervention, a study has found. Leading autism researcher Cheryl Dissanayake said the average two-year diagnosis delay, which stretched to four years in many cases, was particularly concerning given extensive research has shown the significant improvement early intervention can have on these children's learning and development.

"The delay is the difference between a child with autism having an intellectual disability and a child with autism not having an intellectual disability," said Professor Dissanayake, the study leader and director of the Olga Tennison Autism Research Centre at La Trobe University. While invention helps at any age, the earlier the better, she said. Pin by Carrie Howell on activity ideas. **FREE APP ALERT!** Incredible app for special education, save $150! Limited Time! We just found this great app has gone FREE!

**FREE APP ALERT!** Incredible app for special education, save $150! Limited Time!

I've taken just a little time to try it out, and what I've seen so far is just amazing. There are more than 200 life skill modules in this app, designed for special needs in school and adults. It uses a skill assessment to set up goals, then provides step-by-step teaching using visual models. Education Support, Resources, Seminars, Studies & Aids for Teachers, Parents, Educators & Families - Boys Forward Institute.

Australian Childhood Trauma Group - Shop. “Hi I’m David, And I have Autism.” Posted 11 months ago By The Autism Site David has autism and he’s not ashamed of it. Instead of shying away he educates his fellow classmates with a speech about his autism and why he does or doesn’t act the way he does. This animated short film was created by the animators of Robot Chicken, to help children get a better understanding of their fellow peers with autism. Watch as the film features the actual speech and voice of the author, 14-year-old David Shapiro Sharif. He not only educates his peers and adults but he also becomes an advocating voice for many other young adults with autism throughout the U.S.

More about: Stories of Hope, Videos, Ways to Help. ASCIA anaphylaxis e-training. Top Ten Tips for Behaviour Management. Most of my posts are about teaching strategies, the curriculum or the odd political rant. I have written very little on the subject of behaviour management. I considered why and decided that as I began my blog, as a teacher of nearly a decade, in a good school, with good behaviour systems (note all good schools invariably have good behaviour management systems at their heart), I wrote about what I was interested in. I therefore took the topic of behaviour management for granted. The problem is that lots of teachers and school leaders take the issue for granted when it remains a critical matter that can cloud the working day for too many teachers.

This week we have seen the release of the OFSTED summative report of the year. Living with Autism and Aspergers - New Book. Coomera Waters – WEBWIRE – Sunday, December 01, 2013 A new book by an Australian parent and Asperger Syndrome expert offers fresh hope to families dealing with the pain of having a child with the diagnosis. A new book by an Australian parent and Asperger Syndrome expert offers fresh hope to families dealing with the pain of having a child with the diagnosis. Author and professional counsellor Sally Thibault from shares her family’s journey through the despair and confusion of her son’s Aspergers’ Syndrome diagnosis in 1997 to his graduation from University in 2010.

“Hindsight is always 20/20 and now that our son is an adult I can see that the strategies and ideas we put in place that often went against medical opinion have been the lynch pin to his success today,” said Mrs Thibault. An Extremely Important “Take” On “Wait Time” — One That I Hadn’t Thought About Before…. “Wait time” is commonly referred to as the time between a teacher asking a question and calling on a student to answer it. It’s an important, and often overlooked, element of classroom interaction. Here’s what I wrote about it in one of my books (minus the footnotes): The average time between a teacher posing a question and a student giving the answer in a typical classroom is about one second.. Multiple studies have shown that the quality and quantity of student responses increases when the wait time is increased to between three and seven seconds.


Inclusion strategies for students with autism spectrum disorders. Teachers' lack of ESL skills prompts fears for migrant students. A majority of the state's public school teachers are not equipped to meet the needs of students from language backgrounds other than English, prompting fears migrant and refugee children could fall through the cracks. There are also concerns a state government decision to devolve support services for teaching English as a second language (ESL) could make the problem worse. You've really got to catch [students] and support them while they are keen to learn English. A comprehensive NSW study of teacher training in multicultural education found only 27 per cent received training in teaching ESL before joining the workforce.

And, since entering the profession, only 30 per cent of classroom teachers had received professional training in the area. The shortfall exists despite NSW public schools teaching more students from non-English-speaking backgrounds than all other Australian state school systems combined. The definition of power is (force x distance) ÷ time. In other words power is the product of strength and speed over time. The Transporters - Help children recognize emotions.

Secret Agent Society: Secret Agent Society: A revolutionary social skills program for 8-12 year olds with High-Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorders. ADHD Infographic. Female autism rates potentially under-diagnosed. Four times the numbers of males are diagnosed with a high-functioning autism spectrum disorder (ASD) than females. Alexandra Head, psychology PhD student at Deakin University (under the supervision of Professor Jane McGillivray), is investigating this gender variance and questions whether high rates of girls are in fact going undiagnosed.

What were your research methods and key findings? Chrome Extension Aids the Visually Impaired. What Makes a Gifted Student? - InformED. Functional Life Skills.pdf. Skill # 1: Sensory Integration. A List of Resources for Teaching Children With Autism. Autism- teaching functional skills on Pinterest. At Home Packs - Language By Design. Good language skills are critical for a child's social, academic and literacy development. Language by Design is a team of two Western Australian speech pathologists with over 20 years combined experience in early childhood education. We provide quality language resources to early childhood teachers and speech pathologists, helping them to grow children's language. We believe that every child is special. Educational Resources for Special Needs. Healing Power of Music for ADHD Children. Autism Awareness Month: 30 Ideas in 30 Days // Paula Kluth: Toward Inclusive Classrooms and Communities.

Positive Partnerships Online Learning Portal. Social Skills Success for Primary and Elementary / Visual process strips to teach students positive behavior choices. Syndrome of our times. Disorderly queue … (from left) Daryl Hannah, Dan Aykroyd, David Walsh, J.K. Milkshake Tuesday. Professor Tony Attwood - ABC Conversations with Richard Fidler. Broadcast date: Wednesday 30 January 2013. / Identifying Stress Triggers at School: Tools for Teachers.

Education / Behavior Think Sheet. Teachers Guide to Dyslexia. DSAQ Publications. K-6 Educational Resources : Mathematics K–6 Support Document for Students with Special Education Needs. What Is It Like To Be a Parent of a Child With Asperger's? Top Ten Tips for Behaviour Management. Welcome to Speld(SA) Specific Learning Difficulties Website. Around The Web In ESL/EFL/ELL — Gold Mine Included!