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Writer Tweeps to Follow: April Platform Challenge Edition. Lara Schiffbauer made the comment on Day 4 of the April Platform Challenge that she'd try to follow anyone who included their Twitter handles in the comments yesterday, which I think is a great idea--and a wonderful way to maximize your social networking. After all, you shouldn't just be looking to follow people on a pedestal. Instead, make connections with people who are going through the learning process with you as well, and then, help each other as you're able. (Note:If you're searching for Day 5's task, click here.) Anyway, here's the list of Twitter handles I've collected so far. If I've missed anyone who's participating in the challenge, just let me know in the comments below. Right now is a great time to start connecting with fellow April Platform Challenge participants.

Oh yeah, and be sure to follow me (if you aren't already) @robertleebrewer. Connect with me on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Author Blogs: How to Get Started With This Platform Essential Click to continue. Billy Wilder’s Tips for Writers. NYT Magazine Editor Shares Tips for Freelance Writers. Brain Pickings. 10 Tips on Writing from David Ogilvy. 6 Writing Tips From John Steinbeck - Maria Popova - Entertainment. How To Be A Better Writer. About Us. Starting out as one of the first “citizen journalism” peer-reviewed platforms of its kind, Helium has been publishing content since 2006. Continuing to evolve to meet the needs of clientele and community, Helium is now a media source for a variety of content-based solutions that have been further enhanced by joining the fold of RR Donnelley, becoming a subsidiary in 2011.

Helium offerings include Helium Network—a resource for writers, publishing portal, and workflow management tool; Helium Publishing—an online publisher offering a range of topic-related, information-based publishing platforms, and Helium Content Source, a full-service custom content provider for businesses and publishers. Mark Ranalli Mark Ranalli founded Helium, Inc. in 2006 with the vision of creating the first publishing meritocracy by applying a crowd-sourcing filtering system to community-generated content.

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