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#EDU6333 Trying to get organized on Twitter, using lists. Unless it's your first day in Twitter, you probably know that the service lets one create self-compiled lists of Twitter accounts to follow, craft titles and descriptions for those lists, follow other people's lists, etc.

#EDU6333 Trying to get organized on Twitter, using lists

In this post, I'd like to talk about the benefits of using Twitter lists and some smart ways you can leverage them for marketing purposes. Rules of using Twitter lists First thing first, from the horse’s mouth straight, here are the rules by which to play when using Twitter lists. Perhaps it's worth reminding that Twitter lists can be public (visible to everyone and searchable on Google) and private (visible only to you). Besides, Twitter recently expanded the number of lists one is allowed to have, as well as the number of accounts to add to a list.

Needless to say, these changes present new online reputation management and social listening opportunities to social marketers. Smart ways to use Twitter lists Why do people create Twitter lists? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. @KPerestrello @bwatwood @NEU_annestr #EDU6333 yes our HQ office uses Twitter for job recruitment and pressmedia bu… @bwatwood @KPerestrello @NEU_annestr #EDU6333 Good point.... Looking for ideas on using social media when you work…

The Best Computer Protection Software of 2017. What Makes Great All-in-One Computer Security Software?

The Best Computer Protection Software of 2017

The top performers in our review are Norton Security with Backup, the Gold Award winner; Bitdefender Total Security Multi-Device, the Silver Award winner; and Kaspersky Internet Security, the Bronze Award winner. Here’s more on choosing a system to meet your needs, along with detail on how we arrived at our ranking of 10 products. All-in-one internet security products protect multiple devices with various operating systems from a single license.

You pay less than if you bought a separate license for each device, and you have just one subscription-renewal date. The convenience of a single license encourages you to protect all of your devices including your mobile devices. Our computer protection software reviews include products that protect at least three computers or mobile devices running different operating systems. #EDU6333 As I learn how to Twitter effectively, I struggle with how or when to use it this post from #edusocmedia. When a student tweets at their school’s Twitter handle, chances are they don’t expect a response–it’s like tweeting at Starbucks, or the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency—you feel like you’re talking to an entity that’s far too busy and important to ever respond to you.

#EDU6333 As I learn how to Twitter effectively, I struggle with how or when to use it this post from #edusocmedia

That’s why students in Georgia’s Cherokee County School District were so surprised when they tweeted their district, begging for a snow day—and their district tweeted right back. Not only did the district respond, but the responses were sassy and high-spirited. When one student asked why the district was ruining her life, the district responded, “I have the club for you: drama. #EDU6333 Are we ready? "...we call it the Educators' and Learners' Internet of Things, or ELIoT." @bwatwood #EDU6333 With that thought... Changed with the tools or with how we use them? The neat things is only one… Teachers' Favored Web 2.0 Tools. At 14.2 tweets/minute, #EdTechChat was moving on Monday, August 19.

Teachers' Favored Web 2.0 Tools

(When school’s in session, #EdTechChat can log up to 2,000 tweets during the hour with several hundred participants.) Susan Bearden, Sharon Plante, and I co-moderated this week’s discussion on Web 2.0 tools, asking tweeps to share the benefits and challenges of using Web 2.0 tools, which ones are their favorites, and where they go to find new resources. One of the most retweeted tweets captures why educators incorporate Web 2.0 tools into their classrooms: “@julnilsmith: Web 2.0 tools make students MAKERS - not just MEMORIZERS. “ Many other participants echoed that these kinds of tools can expand opportunities for students-- particularly by providing them with an authentic audience and allowing them to collaborate with peers worldwide.

When choosing which tools to try, @MrStaubSTEM summed it up best: “The best edtech is the one you can use effectively that meets the needs in your classroom. . ” · Animoto · Aurasma · Diigo. 09 1. The Easiest Way for Teachers to Share Online Resources. @AliciaGraziadei @NEUCOJOHO @KPerestrello @bwatwood @HessahASaleh #EDU6333 Agreed, its like teaching them how to dr… Find free-to-use images - Search Help. When you do a Google Search, you can filter your results to find images, videos, or text that you have permission to use.

Find free-to-use images - Search Help

To do this, you’ll use an Advanced Search filter called “usage rights” that lets you know when you can use, share, or modify something you find online. Find images, text, and videos you can reuse Go to Advanced Image Search for images or Advanced Search for anything else. In the "all these words" box, type what you want to search. Scroll down to the "usage rights" section. Before reusing content that you've found, verify that its license is legitimate and check the exact terms of reuse stated in the license. Different types of usage rights Free to use or share: Your results will only include content that is either labeled as public domain or carry a license that allows you to copy or redistribute its content, as long as the content remains unchanged.

How usage rights work Report incorrect usage rights. @MeghanSinnott #EDU6333 Agreed! Do you think K-12 are more susceptible to their engagement and understanding deterr… #EDU6333 Web 2.0 tools - Snagit, Quizlet (love this one), Google, SharePoint (training dashboard), Google drive:-) How school districts are leveraging Twitter to become rock stars.