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Selecting in Photoshop

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SELECTIONS, CHANNELS, MASKS - TOOLS & TIPS. Adobe Photoshop is an extremely powerful and advanced image editing and manipulation application.


At the heart of Photoshop is the ability to make adjustments, complete changes (adding or taking away elements in an image), and create the image that we envision from the start. In this article I will try to explain how some of the tools work that allow us to create selections that we desire in order to effectively edit our images. In Lightroom, many of the edits we make are GLOBAL in nature meaning that they alter the entire image. Radial filter, adjustment brush and gradients are localized tools within Lightroom which allow more specific edits. With Photoshop, we are able to make extremely targeted changes based on selected area that we have made with selection tools based on tonal differences, colors, focus areas and more. As GREAT as Lightroom is, it is limited vs the power that Photoshop yields. Remember that these tools are actually very basic and seem quite crude and simple. 3 Ways to Make a Sky Selection Using Photoshop. There are many reasons why you would like to select the sky in your image using Photoshop.

3 Ways to Make a Sky Selection Using Photoshop

Maybe you would like to replace it, to add details, change the contrast, etc. Selections give you a precise contour of your subject and facilitate local adjustments, without altering the other elements in your images. In landscape and architectural photography, the sky is a really important element. It has to be an exciting part of the image. Boring skies translate into boring images, and amazing skies can also translate into solid images because it will make the viewer forget about the foreground or middle ground if they are not that beautiful. Three different methods for selecting the sky Depending on the image and the subject, making precise selections of the sky can be quite difficult. I replaced the sky in this image, and I love the results. I personally love to play around with my skies and most of the time it is a fake one. Fotolia US » Select and Mask In Photoshop CC.

Making selections has been a main stay of Photoshop users for some time and Adobe have added various features to help, Quick Selection, Quick Mask and Refine Edge to name but a few.

Fotolia US » Select and Mask In Photoshop CC

In the 2015.5. update Adobe have collected and updated them to become even more powerful, lets take a look. In this post I’ll be removing the model from this shot (), something just a few years ago would have taken hours, now takes just a couple of moments. Advanced: How to Select Difficult Hair in Photoshop. This tutorial is all about selecting hair in Photoshop.

Advanced: How to Select Difficult Hair in Photoshop

We’re going to tackle three different and very difficult selections in this tutorial. We’ll extract a blonde haired girl from a forest, we’ll cut out a redhead who is lying in the grass, and we’ll also extract a girl who has an incredible amount of teased hair from a studio setting. We’re going to use Calculations, the Lasso tools, and Levels to create intense channel-based selections that you are going to absolutely love. Because of the length of this tutorial, I’m am only going to cover some of what is covered in the full-length video; be sure the watch it and get all the info!

It’s great stuff! 1. Photoshop Background Eraser Tutorial. Written by Steve Patterson.

Photoshop Background Eraser Tutorial

In this tutorial, we’ll learn all about the Background Eraser Tool in Photoshop and how to use it to easily remove background areas of an image. The Background Eraser Tool is especially useful with photos that contain lots of fine detail along the edges between your subject and its background, like, for example, if you want to erase the sky in an image without erasing the trees below it. But don't let the name fool you. The Background Eraser really has nothing to do with erasing backgrounds, since Photoshop has no way of knowing what's considered the background in a photo and what isn't.

It can just as easily be used to erase any part of an image, and that's because the Background Eraser is really a color eraser. How to Use Select and Mask in Photoshop. How to Use Select and Mask in Photoshop CC2015 5.0 Adobe just released a new version of Photoshop CC2015, version 5.0, and with it come some great new tools.

How to Use Select and Mask in Photoshop

Top 3 Selection Techniques in Adobe Photoshop - PSD Stack. Photoshop Selection Methods - Shift Art. Let’s outline the methods available in Photoshop for making selections, or to extract a subject from the background.

Photoshop Selection Methods - Shift Art

This task probably comes up over and over in your work, and the options available in Photoshop can be overwhelming. So, let’s break down the options available. Let’s start with what NOT to use: The Eraser tool! This tool is destructive in nature and a small mistake noticed later in the process is not fixable. There really is never a good time to use the Eraser when you have layer masks at your disposal (see below). Now let’s look some very basic tools. Beginners Guide: How To Use Photoshop's Selection Tools - Laughing Lion Design - Learn Photoshop & Lightroom. How (and when) to use each of the Selection Tools in Photoshop Learning how to select areas of an image is an essential Photoshop skill.

Beginners Guide: How To Use Photoshop's Selection Tools - Laughing Lion Design - Learn Photoshop & Lightroom

You will make selections over and over again when using Photoshop to edit and create new images. Once you’ve made a selection, only the area within that selection can be edited or modified. Areas outside the selection are protected from change. How to Cut out Hair in Photoshop CC Tutorial. How to Use Select and Mask to extract something from its background in Photoshop CC 2015.5 Note: If you are using Photoshop CS6 or earlier use this tutorial One of the most popular tasks in photoshop is removing something from its background, extracting, masking, floating, whatever you choose to call it.

How to Cut out Hair in Photoshop CC Tutorial

Up until now, the quick select brush and refine edge have been the tools of choice for most of the work. If you are on CS6 or earlier versions, this is still your best choice. However, if you are on Photoshop CC, as of today, it’s a new day. Adobe has been hard at work with the Select and Mask space. You will notice, that it looks similar to refine edge, but it’s much better. Either start with a selection, or choose a selection tool and choose Select and Mask from the options barChoose the Onionskin mode (all new) and begin to paint on your subject (O key).If you move the opacity slider, you can choose a balance between the original image and the current selection. FreeTutorials Colin. Photoshop Tutorial: 9 Selection Tools.

In our last Photoshop tutorial we showed you some techniques to remove elements from your photos.

Photoshop Tutorial: 9 Selection Tools

But what if you want to select certain elements in order to manipulate them (e.g. adjust colours, sharpen or blur them) rather than removing them? In this tutorial we’ll show you nine useful tools for doing just that. As Dave Grohl will tell you, Photoshop gives you the ability to select areas of your image based on two criteria: the colour and the shape. Selecting and masking part of a photo. How to use the new Select and Mask tools in Photoshop 2016. How To Cut Anything Out in Photoshop.