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ESL teacher at middle school

Future English Lesson. Expressing the Future Lesson 1 Index 1. 4 ways to express Future 2.

Future English Lesson

Be + going to 3. 4. 5. Be + going to " We're going to England next year". ¨I promise I will help you Will ¨ I'm playing tennis with John today Present Continuous ¨ The train leaves at 4:30 Present Simple 4 ways to express Future ¨ I'm going to spend Christmas in France. ¨. Plans Intentions ¨ He's going to eat less sugar this year Prediction with evidence ¨ Look at those clouds! GANDHI by ilaria de caro on Genially. Gandhi was born in India in 1869.Hewas the leader of the movement against British rule in India.He used non-violent protest and he inspired many other CIVIL RIGHTS leaders, such as M.L.King and Nelson Mandela.He was called MAHATMA (great soul).His nickname was BAPU (dad).

GANDHI by ilaria de caro on Genially

When he was 19, he went to London to study law.He worked as a lawyer in South Africa, which was part of the British Empire.He worked to get basic civil rights for Indian immigrantsand he was arrested many times because of his fight against injustice. In 1914, he went back to India, which was part of the British Empire too.He became apolitical activistand encouraged the Indian people to fight for independence from the British bycivil disobedience, for example not using British goods.He never used violence. Past Simple VS Present Perfect by Clara Mingrino on Genially.

Past simpleVSpresent perfect Section 1Differenza tra i due tempi Section 4Games & Activities Section 2Uso dei due tempi Section3Mappe & video Section 5Ringraziamenti DifferenzatraPast simple e present perfect NOTA BENE:Sia il Past Simple che il Present Perfectpossono corrispondereal Passato prossimo italiano!!!

Past Simple VS Present Perfect by Clara Mingrino on Genially

Section 1. Present Simple by Clara Mingrino on Genially. Start Present SimpleeSimple Presentsono la stessa cosa Signal Words Forma affermativa Forma interrogativa Forma negativa Short Answers Some Activities Mappa Uso.

Present Simple by Clara Mingrino on Genially

Past Simple by Clara Mingrino on Genially. PAST SIMPLEoSIMPLE PAST Quando si usail Past Simple Il Past Simple si usa per parlare di un'azione iniziata e finita nel passato,un'azione che non ha legamicon il momentoin cuisi parla,oppure un'azione riferita aun periodo specifico del passatoche è comunque concluso.

Past Simple by Clara Mingrino on Genially

(La durata dell'azione è irrilevante.) Thanks to INGLIANDO.NET Domande concettuali riguardo l’esempio:1) L’evento è avvenuto nel passato? In italiano il Past Simple può corrispondere, in base al contesto in cui viene usato:1) al passato remoto (sempre!) Il Past Simpleha una sola formaper tutte le persone Signal Words Le Signal Wordssono chiamate ancheClue Words oppure Key Words e sono le espressioni di tempo tipiche,in questo caso,del Past Simple Le Signal Wordssono, per esempio:yesterday,last Sunday, last week, last ...ten minutes ago, two days ago, ... agoin 1955when I was a child...

New Zealand (genial) British islands (genial) NEW YORK CITY (genial) IRREGULAR VERBS by Rossella Billet on Genially. Anne Frank. MLK and Rosa PARKS. The Commonwealth by Mrs. C.A. on Genially. The Commonwealth Start click to flip What is the commonwealth?

The Commonwealth by Mrs. C.A. on Genially

The Commonwealth is an organization of 54 countries from all over the world There are over 2 billion people What is the official symbol of the Commonwealth? A gold globe, surrounded by 34 sunrays, on a blue field. What is the official language of the Commonwealth? English is the official language of the Commonwealth What are the origins of the Commonwealth? The origins of the Commonwealth come from Britain's former Empire What countries are part ofThe Commonwealth? 54 countries are part of the Commonwealth.Australia, Canada, New Zealand and South Africa were the first countries to join Britain in the Commonwealth of Nations.​

The British Monarch is the head of the Commonwealth Where is the Commonwealth Secretariat located? It is located at Marlborough House, London.​ Book Creator. Votes For Women by claramingrino on Genially. Votes for Women Why are we speaking about"Votes for Women"?

Votes For Women by claramingrino on Genially

We are speaking about VOTES FOR WOMEN because, before the late 19th century, no woman had the right to vote in any political election. What's the meaning of the word suffrage? Suffrage isthe right of voting. What's the meaningof the words womansuffrage? Womansuffrage is the possession and exercise of suffrage by women. What's women'ssuffrage? Women's suffrage is the right of women to vote and to be elected to an office. When wasthe word suffragettefirst used? The word suffragettewas first used to describe women campaigning for the right to vote in an article in a British newspaper in 1906. Those who could not included: - men who did not own property or pay at least £10/year in rent - servants who lived with their employers - criminals - lunatics. Raccolta Genially in inglese.