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Kumano Kodo. Aperçu de Kumano Kodo Les Grands Sanctuaires de Kumano Les sanctuaires Oji Les chemins de pèlerinage de Kumano Kodo.

Kumano Kodo

Trans Ecuador Mountain Bike Route (TEMBR) - The Trans Ecuador Mountain Bike Route - TEMBR - is a remote, backcountry ride that runs the length of Ecuador's volcanic corridor.

Trans Ecuador Mountain Bike Route (TEMBR) -

There are two versions of the route. One knits together predominantly non-technical dirt roads. This is the more demanding, singletrack and hike-a-bike alternative, linking ancient footpaths, horse trails and open páramo. As such, it's uncompromising in its dedication to connecting the country via the road less traveled. CAMMINO PORTOGHESE da Lisbona - Apiediperilmondo. Lisbona – Santarém | 90km 3/4 giorni Tappe: Lisbona – Verdelha de Baixo – Azambuja – Santarém Il primo passo del Cammino Portoghese si muove dalla cattedrale del Sè, si seguono le frecce gialle e quelle blu che indicano la direzione verso Fatima.

CAMMINO PORTOGHESE da Lisbona - Apiediperilmondo

Come tutte le uscite dalle grosse città il percorso non è tra gli inizi più gradevoli. Nei giorni a seguire però si risale il fiume Tejo, attraversando piccoli paesi ed enormi campagne coltivate, fino a Giungere a Santarem. Il Paesaggio che andremo a incontrare sarà composto da piccole strade secondarie, asfaltate o in terra battuta, che purtroppo a volte cedono il passo a svincoli su strade principali. Cuomo announces 750-mile Empire State Trail, a continuous trail connecting NYC to Canada.

Joggers, walkers, cyclists, cross country skiers and just about anyone who can move their feet will in the very near future be able to follow a single trail direct from the bottom of Manhattan all the way to the border of Canada.

Cuomo announces 750-mile Empire State Trail, a continuous trail connecting NYC to Canada

This morning Governor Cuomo announced that the state would invest in building a $200 million Empire State Trail that would span 750 miles and become the largest, state multi-use trail in the nation. The project would build upon two existing but incomplete trailways—the Hudson River Valley Greenway (now 50 percent complete) and the Erie Canalway (now 80 percent complete)—and essentially run from Battery Park City all the way up to the Canadian border in the North Country, and from Albany to Buffalo. “The scenic ‎natural beauty that spans every corner of this state is key to our prosperity, vital to our future and part of who we are as New Yorkers,” Cuomo said in a press statement.

In all, 350 miles of new, paved and graded trail would need to be constructed. 17 Epic Places You Never Thought To Travel, But Should. Dans les hauteurs du Rif. Du Maroc on connaît les médinas, les crêtes de l’Atlas, la porte du Sahara et ses sables horizontaux.

Dans les hauteurs du Rif

Mais au nord, là où la Méditerranée forme un dernier rempart avant l’Europe, une autre cordillère porte des hauteurs séduisantes : le Rif. Haut lieu de la culture mondiale du cannabis, la région recèle une rare biodiversité et un esprit historiquement rebelle. Points de vue. Randonner dans le Rif marocain - Treks, randonnées > Maroc - Découverte du littoral marocain et du Rif - Office National du Tourisme Marocain.

Wandering Through Georgia, the Eden of the Caucasus. This story originally appeared on Travel + Leisure.

Wandering Through Georgia, the Eden of the Caucasus

The Georgian people have a trove of stories that explain their good fortune to be living in this fertile corner of the Caucasus. My favorite is this one: when God made the world, he asked all the peoples of the earth where they wanted to live, and distributed their homelands accordingly. Parks & Wildlife Service - Introduction. Milford Track: Walking and tramping in Fiordland National Park. What to expect Great Walk tracks are of a higher standard than most other tracks so are well formed and easy to follow.

Milford Track: Walking and tramping in Fiordland National Park

The tracks are usually quite wide depending on the terrain – some fit two people walking side by side in flat areas. The surface is usually gravel, rock or dirt, and like any track can get slippery in wet weather. Most rivers and waterways on these tracks have sturdy bridges. The Great Ocean Walk, Great Ocean Road and Region, Victoria, Australia » Great Ocean Walk. Trekking. Pour le trekking et la randonnée nous vous conseillons de visiter les 5 terres en Avril, en Mai, en Septembre ou en Octobre.


Les températures seront beaucoup plus propices à l’effort et aux longues heures de marche sur les chemins du parc national. Cette période est également préférable si vous souhaitez éviter le flot de touristes estivaux en provenance de toute l’Europe. Bruce Trail. La Cloche Silhouette Trail Guide Killarney Ontario. La Cloche Silhouette Trail, Killarney Provincial Park Self-Guided all inclusive Hiking expeditions We offer complete multi-day backpacking trip planning and outfitting, we'll take the hassle out of planning a hike.

La Cloche Silhouette Trail Guide Killarney Ontario

Our convenient and personalized outfitting packages are ideal for those who enjoy self-guided wilderness adventure. The 10 best treks in the world. World's Best Hikes: Epic Trails.