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Tracking Tilikum: New Research Sheds Light On Whale's Life In Iceland. On March 08, SeaWorld announced that their prime bull orca Tilikum, the star of the documentary ‘Blackfish’, was very ill with a bacterial lung infection and might die.

Tracking Tilikum: New Research Sheds Light On Whale's Life In Iceland

Six days later, we still await news of how he is faring. Tilikum’s history was covered well in the documentary. We know he was captured at the estimated age of two years old. We also know from an Icelandic progress report to the International Whaling Commission (IWC), that his captors wrestled him out of the ocean close to Djúpivogur off the east coast of Iceland on November 9th, 1983. The exact coordinates and his length (4.2 meters) can be viewed at Prior to being sent to North America, Tilikum was held at Hafnarfjördur Aquarium for almost a year before his transfer to Sealand of the Pacific in late 1984.

It was 1975 when the call for wild whales appeared in the Icelandic newspaper ‘Dagblaðið’ on Oct. 17. Live Killer Whale Wanted paid a very high price for living whales. Image: Dagblaðið. Tilikum : l'effet Blackfish - One Voice. Tilly, cher Tilly.

Tilikum : l'effet Blackfish - One Voice

Six ans déjà. Nous nous battons pour toi et les tiens. Nous ne baissons pas les bras. Résiste encore un peu, nous avançons vers ta liberté, vers votre liberté. Ton geste désespéré a été entendu. Aujourd'hui, après trente-trois ans de détention, Tilikum, alias Tilly, assommé de tranquillisants, flotte, immobile, face au mur. Pourtant, sa révolte suicidaire n'aura pas été vaine : grâce à lui, toutes les orques captives bénéficient désormais d'un nouveau regard du public. En mer, aucune orque n'agresse jamais un humain. Lorsqu'elle fut révélée par le livre Death at SeaWorld, puis par le film Blackfish en 2013, l'histoire de Tilikum a ému le monde entier. Né dans les eaux glacées d'Islande, Tilly fut enlevé à sa mère et à sa tribu en 1983, à l'âge de deux ans. Le désespoir fou de Tilikum n'est pas resté sans écho.

Signez et diffusez notre pétition pour la fermeture des delphinariums ! The Tilikum Effect and the Downfall of SeaWorld. It has been five years since Tilikum attacked and killed his Sea World trainer, and the repercussions are still ongoing.

The Tilikum Effect and the Downfall of SeaWorld

Bad press continues. Profits and stock value drop even further. The park’s image may never fully recover. Yet Tilikum has seemingly disappeared from view. I am not talking about Sea World literally stashing him away. SeaWorld’s Most Famous Whale Is Dying. SeaWorld's most famous orca Tilikum is ailing, the marine park said on Tuesday.

SeaWorld’s Most Famous Whale Is Dying

"We are saddened to report that over the past few weeks, Tilikum's behavior has become increasingly lethargic, and the SeaWorld veterinary and animal care teams are concerned that his health is beginning to deteriorate," the company said in a statement. SeaWorld said that Tilikum has been treated for a possible bacterial infection in his lungs. "The suspected bacteria is very resistant to treatment and a cure for his illness has not been found," SeaWorld said.

YouTube/SeaWorld® Parks & Entertainment. Confessions of a Killer Whale trainer by Steve Huxter - Voice of the Orcas. This creature had just been trapped and hung in a sling, slathered with goo, trucked, flown, trucked again, then lifted into the air and lowered into a tiny pool of water with concerned humans milling about and shouting to each other; yet… despite all this… he looked up at me and, seemingly, trusted.

Confessions of a Killer Whale trainer by Steve Huxter - Voice of the Orcas

I was expecting distrust and hesitancy. It must have been an incredibly frightening journey, obviously perpetrated by people; yet he still trusted me. I couldn't say the same if our positions were reversed. It was a bonding experience and sparked in me a pilot light of empathy. From that moment and ever after, as much as I enjoyed Haida and Nootka; I always felt the most affection for Tilikum.

Over the eight years I spent with Tilikum, Nootka and Haida, I came to know their distinct personalities and with each passing year my affections for them grew; especially for Tilikum. SeaWorld: Blackfish :Free Tilikum. Hi, I just signed this petition -- will you join me?

SeaWorld: Blackfish :Free Tilikum

SeaWorld: Blackfish :Free Tilikum To: SeaWorld The petition is really important and could use our help. Click here to find out more and sign: Thanks so much, Blackfish et notre obsession persistante avec des animaux comme divertissement. Recently a nation stopped, put on hats that looked like albatrosses crash-landing in gateaux, and gathered to watch a bizarre precursor to Formula One racing where the vehicles occasionally get shot in the face.

Blackfish et notre obsession persistante avec des animaux comme divertissement

It’s totally worth it though, because tonnes of people lose huge amounts of money. Should you be concerned by tiny men mounting then whipping a form of transport last legitimately used two grandfathers ago, then fear not. Documents from 1991 show why government allowed SeaWorld to... ORLANDO, Fla. — More than four years after killer whale Tilikum killed SeaWorld trainer Dawn Brancheau in Orlando, Channel 9 is learning more about why the government allowed the whale to come to the U.S.

Documents from 1991 show why government allowed SeaWorld to...

WFTV's Lori Brown obtained newly released video and documents from 1991 that show SeaWorld executives had argued they were prepared to handle Tilikum even though he had killed his trainer in Canada just a few months prior. In SeaWorld's permit application from 1991, an executive essentially blamed the Canadian trainer's death on the whale's lack of training and makes the case for why another death wouldn't happen in Orlando. Tilikum and the Binky Boy. Tilikum Training Session (Featured in the documentary "Blackfish") Tilikum refuses to perform during One Ocean killer whale show at SeaWorld 04-23-2011.