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How to Hack Your Brain. Personality Tests. How to negotiate better than 99% of people. In college, I had the opportunity to teach a “Student-Initiated Course,” or basically a course on whatever I wanted.

How to negotiate better than 99% of people

So I got together with two of my friends and we put together a course on religious studies. Now, Stanford gave us incredible flexibility to teach essentially whatever we wanted…but the student instructors never got letter grades — it was always Pass/No Pass (everybody always passed), issued by the sponsoring professor. Until we came along. Mindfulness Bell. Out Of Body Experience Guaranteed. It is impossible not to be curious out having an out of body experience.

Out Of Body Experience Guaranteed

Not just because it is something bound in mystery and excitement – the idea of being liberated from the limiting confines of our bodies is indeed very appealing – but because it is something which makes up a certain essence of our culture. Mankind has always dreamt about releasing himself, whether through controlled flight or artificial weightlessness, or through redemption and religious experiences. 100 Ways to Kickstart Your Brain. By Olivia Coleman Everyone has those days at school or work when your brain is moving just a little slower than usual.

100 Ways to Kickstart Your Brain

If you find yourself up against a lazy day, give one of these tricks a try to get your brain going. With suggestions on brain-boosting foods and drinks, games, trivia, exercise and fun strategies, you are sure to find a way to wake up your brain from the list below.