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Pallet Bookshelves. Oh my goodness gracious!!!

Pallet Bookshelves

I haven't been THIS excited about a project since my ladder laundry rack! (Well, the mom cave is pretty exciting, too - but that's not done yet! :)~ Anyway. I'm sure you've all seen the pallet-awesomeness floating around blogland .... I asked helpful husband to bring home an old pallet from his latest job site for me (yes, it was FREE!)

Check THIS out: Whadyathink!? Step 1 - cut straight through on the lines drawn below: (Helpful husband used a hand saw for this part - what a guy!) Step 2 - use those extra middle boards to nail on the bottoms of the shelves: This is what they look like after steps 1 & 2: Step 3 - pry the middle board out of the shelf (to allow more room for books): Step 4: Sand 'em down! Step 5 - primer! Step 6 - a couple of coats of paint (I used Rustoleum "Heirloom White"). I love that color, by the way. Ready to be moved inside .... Ta-da! Bookshelves complete. The "construction" isn't perfectly smooth and straight .... but for Pete's sake! Pallet coffee table.

This modern, ethnic-looking coffee table, with its ochre stripes that conjures up visions of Marrakech, was made from a wooden pallet discarded in a shopping area.

pallet coffee table

The painstaking task of removing nails and sawing wood was avoided by fitting the pallet with a hardboard bottom and filling the cracks with mortar. And presto, we have a table top. If you like contemporary design, you can also fill the cracks with concrete, and then smooth and add a wax finish. To start, choose a pallet in good condition. The one pictured is a 75 x 75 cm (2½ x 2½ ft) square. To help fill in the cracks, nail down a few pieces of scrap wood. Once the mortar is dry, remove the formwork and carefully sand the table top.

You can either paint the mortar or leave it as is. To make "legs" for the coffee table, attach two thick boards, such as formwork planks, to the sides of the pallet, using 80 mm (3 in) screws. Other pallet craft projects (click the following thumbnails): Bookshelves. Ladder Bookshelf. Read your bookcase. Bottle Cap Table. Floor Cushion. Upholstered Bucket Ottoman.