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Incredibly Beautiful Kensington House by SHH Architects. The Kensington House designed by SHH Architects under the supervision of ‘René Dekker is a vision in itself.

Incredibly Beautiful Kensington House by SHH Architects

The house includes a reception room, large formal dining room, family room, cinema, pool room and six bedrooms. Every room in this London townhouse is like a postcard with mesmerising details and offers generous living space. The challenge for SHH was to create a complete interiors scheme (something ‘Cream, off-white and funky’ was the brief) for the six storey, 1,114 sq m house and you got to say that they did a terrific job here. The design has also won the 4 Star Award for Best Interior Design at the Daily Mail UK Property Awards.

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Ridgewood Residence in California by Assembledge

The glass walled living room is the center for the interaction with the outside view. Cedar siding keeps a warm fell while colored MDO panels bring a touch of personality. Using full length glass doors at the rear of the house creates a sense of openness blurring the line between spaces.


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Top Sad Songs. Music and songs are usually associated with joy and happiness but sometimes, we do end up facing issues which are not easy to deal with and end up alone and depressed.

Top Sad Songs

For such drastic times, our favorite lyricists and singers have written songs which best describe the emotions that most of us feel. The dreams in which I'm dying are the best I've ever had.