OpenCA Labs The OpenCA PKI Research Labs, born from the former OpenCA Project, is an open organization aimed to provide a framework for PKI studying and development of related projects. As the PKIs standards, interests and projects are growing fast, it has been decided to split the original project into smaller ones to speed up and reorganize efforts. Some projects have already started and received (whenever possible) funds, while others are finding their way to the final decisional stage. OpenCA Research Labs - Home Page OpenCA Research Labs - Home Page Welcome to the home of the Legion of the Bouncy Castle. A fun place to stay, if you've got some time to kill. Here at the Bouncy Castle, we believe in encryption. That's something that's near and dear to our hearts.

EJBCA® is an enterprise class PKI Certificate Authority software, built using Java (JEE) technology. It is a robust, high performance, platform independent, flexible, and component based CA to be used stand-alone or integrated in other JEE applications. An enterprise class PKI CA, EJBCA can be used to build a complete PKI infrastructure for your organization. If you only want to issue a few single certificates for testing, there are probably options that will get you started quicker, but if you want a serious PKI CA we recommend EJBCA. EJBCA is: EJBCA - Open Source PKI Certificate Authority - Home EJBCA - Open Source PKI Certificate Authority - Home