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New Ring Designs. November 24th, 2010 A while ago I bought lots of antique silver spoon sets when we visited Colin’s sister Morag and her family over the summer as they live near Spoon Central – a little village called Horncastle that is full to the brim with small antique shops.

New Ring Designs

As I’ve been without my camera for what seems like months, I’ve not been able to photograph any of my ‘work in progress’ for a while. I have been busy, just not really been able to blog about it. Well my camera arrived back from the lab all shiny and new the other day and so today I spent some time taking images of the new rings I’ve made from the spoons I bought over the summer. So here are a few shots of my new rings – in spoon format and then transformed into things of beauty for someone special… Handmade projects repurposed from everyday objects. Gather those bobby pins you have lying around and turn them into your new favorite accessory!

Handmade projects repurposed from everyday objects.

With a little paint and a touch of your own creative flair, you can jazz up any outfit with these bobby pin earrings. Pair 'em with a simple black top for a a bold statement or add a little spunk to your favorite outfit. DIY. Crochet Trim Seam. Supplies: Tshirt, crochet trim (a few yards) I came up with this idea to make tight shirts wearable again.

DIY. Crochet Trim Seam

I had so many cool tshirts yet most of them were purchased when it was trendy to have them snug. Measure the trim (you will do front to back). Cut side seams and sleeves off if you use a tshirt (here I used a tank). DIY Fashion-Forward Bracelets. When money is tight, but fabulous fashion is a necessity, try out your crafting skills to make something new and fantastic.

DIY Fashion-Forward Bracelets

These bracelets are sure to impress and look quite expensive, but all they require is some gold chain and friendship bracelet yarn, both of which you can find at a craft store like Michael’s Art Supply. Make one signature piece or stack a bunch for a layered look! DIY Sweat-sacoche diy-laptop-sweat – the Trendy Girl. The Adventures of an Urban Socialite