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Four Walled Cubicle - LUFA (Formerly MyUSB) Four Walled Cubicle - LUFA (Formerly MyUSB) LUFA (Lightweight USB Framework for AVRs, formerly known as MyUSB) is my first foray into the world of USB. It is an open-source complete USB stack for the USB-enabled Atmel AVR8 and (some of the) AVR32 microcontroller series, released under the permissive MIT License (see documentation or project source for full license details). The complete line of Atmel USB AVRs and USB AVR boards are supported by the library, as are any custom user boards, via custom board hardware drivers supplied by the user. The Official LUFA Project Logo, by Studio Monsoon Photography
USB interface

V-USB is a software-only implementation of a low-speed USB device for Atmel’s AVR® microcontrollers, making it possible to build USB hardware with almost any AVR® microcontroller, not requiring any additional chip. V-USB can be licensed freely under the GNU General Public License or alternatively under a commercial license. A comprehensive set of example projects demonstrates the wide range of possible applications. Features

V-USB - A Firmware-Only USB Driver for Atmel AVR Microcontrollers

V-USB - A Firmware-Only USB Driver for Atmel AVR Microcontrollers
Welcome Welcome Universal Serial Bus (USB) connects more than computers and peripherals. It has the power to connect you with a whole new world of PC experiences. USB is your instant connection to the fun of digital photography or the limitless creative possibilities of digital imaging. You can use USB to connect with other people through the power of PC-telephony and video conferencing.
libusb libusb Welcome ¶ libusb is a C library that gives applications easy access to USB devices on many different operating systems. libusb is an open source project, the code is licensed under the ​GNU Lesser General Public License version 2.1 or later. Getting started ¶ There are two versions of the libusb API: the current libusb-1.0 API, and its legacy predecessor libusb-0.1. Please use libusb-1.0 for all new development. For a detailed comparison of API versions, see the APIs page.