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Les réseaux de la résistance. La guerre pour le contrôle d’Internet se durcit.

Les réseaux de la résistance

Dans ce western moderne, on a d’un côté les gouvernements travaillés au corps par les industries culturelles et ayants droit qui sortent l’artillerie lourde afin d’accroître la surveillance du Net à grand renfort de lois (Acta, Sopa, Pipa, Hadopi, Loppsi…) et, de l’autre, la guérilla des hackers, Zorros des libertés numériques. Pour l’instant, le champ de bataille se déploie sur le réseau internet existant, qu’il s’agisse d’actions symboliques, tel le Sopa Blackout Day qui a vu, le 18 janvier, une partie du Web américain se draper de noir, ou plus virulentes avec les escarmouches ciblées en ligne des Anonymous. «Plus les gouvernements tenteront de réguler Internet, et plus les gens vont essayer de construire un Internet impossible à censurer, à filtrer et à bloquer» , estime Jeff Moss, fondateur du mythique congrès de hackers Defcon cité par le magazine Vanity Fair dans «World War 3.0».

Paru dans Libération du 7 avril 2012. Fax Internet: Envoyer / Recevoir vos fax par mail - Avis de consommateurs et évaluation des sites e-commerce. Equipement de confort pour mal entendant et accessoire pour appareil auditif, piles auditives, protection de l’audition.

Avis de consommateurs et évaluation des sites e-commerce

ADUBOIS94 Le 25/01/17 à 16h46 Très bon rapport qualité prix .livraison rapide et le plus pour ce qui me concerne feuille de soin pour l'entretien et piles de mes appareillages audi ...


Personal Identity Portal (PIP) Headlights2012 - W3C Wiki. In early 2012 W3C staff identified some potential directions for W3C.

Headlights2012 - W3C Wiki

Some relate to the technical agenda, others to organizational development, and others to community-building or business development. In February W3C management launched eleven task forces to develop proposals with community participation. This page lists the eleven proposals the task forces are developing between March and mid-May. The W3C Membership will discuss them in May, then the task forces will further refine them in June. In July, W3M will prioritize mature proposals and allocate resources to pursuing them. Please note that these topics are in development; W3C has not allocated resources to them other than to develop proposals. Social networking standards Led by Jeff Jaffe <> Social networking is a dominant activity on the Web. Social Networking task force home Cloud computing standards Cloud computing has emerged as an important business strategy.

See the Cloud Computing Report.

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The internet is our social network. What if social networks were more like email?

The internet is our social network.

What if they were all inter-connected, and you could choose which software (and even which provider) to use based purely on what they offered you? Now they are! Friendica is bringing them all together. All of these can be included in your Friendica "social stream" where you may interact with them using a familiar conversational interface - and perhaps arrange them into private conversation groups.

This lets you easily separate what posts can be seen by your co-workers and your beer-drinking buddies. Note: Two-way and private communications are not yet available on all networks, and in a few cases these abilities are not possible due to limitations in the underlying communications formats. You wouldn't have to give up any of your existing friends. But wait, there's more... Friendica is also the most technically advanced and feature-rich decentralised Facebook alternative currently available for the indie web.

Oh, and Friendica is free. Afficher le sujet - Comme la Libye, la France utilise Eagle. Home of the Mozilla Project. Mozilla Labs. Mozilla Openness facts. So I was planning to publish a long article about what we call Openness at Mozilla.

Mozilla Openness facts

The article was very boring. Here are some facts instead: The Mozilla products are all Free & Open Source, even our websites. Check out our Mercurial repository (Firefox & co), our SVN repository (our websites), our Github repository (labs projects and some websites). If you're part of the Free Software community or the Open Web community, you're welcome to come to the Mozilla offices, take a seat, and talk to us. You probably know Gary Kovacs, our CEO. You can report bugs, participate in the technical discussions, see what we are working on, on and our mailing lists. A lot of our meetings are broadcasted live on You want to know about our revenue? We are publishing every day our performance test results, comparing ourself to other people, shamelessly:

Same thing for the results of our User Experience research project. Developing a simple HTML5 space shooter. Experimenting with modern web technologies is always fun.

Developing a simple HTML5 space shooter

For my latest project, I came up with the following requirements: Not a complex game, rather a proof-of-conceptSpace shooter themeCanvas-based rendering, but no WebGLRe-use of existing sprites (I am no artist)Rudimentary audio supportAI/BotsWorking network multiplayer I worked on this project only in my spare time; after approx. two weeks, the work was done: Just Spaceships! This article describes some decisions and approaches I took during the development. If you are interested in the code, you can check the relevant Google Code project.

Animation & timing There are two basic ways to maintain an animation: requestAnimationFrame and setTimeout/setInterval. RequestAnimationFrame instructs the browser to execute a callback function when it is a good time (for animation). To solve animation-related stuff, I created a HTML5 Animation Framework (HAF), which combines both approaches together. The Freenet Project - /index. FOAF. The Friend of a Friend (FOAF) project. Semantic Web.