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Injury lawyers in Vancouver BC. Personal injury is the legal term which refers to injuries to the body or even to the emotions and mind of an individual.

injury lawyers in Vancouver BC

This is a type of lawsuit or tort where the plaintiff or the person filing the suit will have suffered harm to their mind or body. An injury lawyer in Vancouver will, therefore, file a case against the people or entities that caused harm to others due to intentional misconduct, reckless conduct, gross or simple negligence. The outcomes of these personal injury lawsuits are commonly based on strict liability. If you’re on the lookout for a personal injury law firm in Vancouver, you can stop looking now. Our team of lawyers has represented clients including, motorcyclists, cyclists, drivers, and pedestrians.

Contact our Team – John D. Clear Title and Property Purchasing. When you sell your home, you are usually required to provide what is called clear title—that is, the legal title to your home must be free of any encumbrances such as mortgages or restrictive covenants.

Clear Title and Property Purchasing

This requirement is so common that it forms a part of the standard contract of purchase and sale. But what happens when a whole community has restrictive covenants on its properties? Information for New Clients. How to Prepare Preparing for your meeting with a lawyer will allow your issues to be explored more meaningfully, and will reduce your legal expenses.

Information for New Clients

It may be helpful to prepare and bring a chronology of events as well as all key documents related to the matters. We also recommend contacting the lawyer in advance to discuss which documents may be helpful to determine the issues in your case. Remember that the information that you provide a lawyer is privileged, meaning that it cannot be disclosed to anyone unless you consent. Lakes, Whyte LLP. Should You Reach Out to the Other Party When Dealing with a Business Dispute? Lakes, Whyte LLP. Here is Ms.

Lakes, Whyte LLP

Harrison’s experience There are moments that change your life forever, suddenly and for the worse. Lori Harrison experienced one of these moments in 2012 when she slipped and fell on spilled liquid laundry detergent while shopping at the local Superstore. Ms. Harrison suffered a head injury that has profoundly impacted her life. On March 25, 2012 I walked back into my local grocery store after finishing my shopping to pick up two more items. Peter W. Lightbody. Peter was born and raised in West Vancouver, attending school at Caulfeild Elementary and Hillside Secondary.

Peter W. Lightbody

Now married and raising three daughters, he has been settled in North Vancouver for the past 20 years. Peter received a BA in English (Hon) from UBC, followed by a law degree from the University of Alberta in 1996. Peter’s law practice involves exclusively litigation. He brings to Lakes, Whyte LLP almost two decades of experience with a respected downtown Vancouver law firm, where for several years he was the firm’s principal contact for the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia. Peter’s strategy is to look for early, cost effective solutions that protect the rights of his client. Peter’s commercial litigation experience ranges from securities fraud, to a ground-breaking claim for compensation from the B.C. Lakes, Whyte LLP celebrates one third century! Lakes, Whyte Supports Beer by the Pier 2019. Lakes, Whyte supports Pink Shirt Day.

Estate Lawyer in Vancouver. We have good reason to believe that our track record and experience in the area is one of our unique selling points and sets us apart from other estate lawyers in Vancouver.

Estate Lawyer in Vancouver

If you are satisfied with our experience and what we have to offer, our team of professional lawyers is ready to assist. Wills, Powers of Attorney, and Representation Agreements. Lawyers Vancouver. Business lawyers Vancouver. Peter W. Lightbody. Lesley Midzain. Born just down the road in Chilliwack, Lesley spent most of her formative years in North Vancouver.

Lesley Midzain

She attended Upper Lynn Elementary, graduated from Argyle Secondary and went up the hill in Burnaby to obtain her Bachelor of Arts degree from Simon Fraser University. Lesley went east to gain her law degree from the University of Toronto in 1991, but turned back around and headed home, to be called to the British Columbia Bar in 1992. Lakes, Whyte supports Pink Shirt Day. Clear Title and Property Purchasing. Personal injury law firm Vancouver. Estate Lawyer Vancouver. Vote Lakes, Whyte LLP for the North Shore News', Reader's Choice Awards. Lakes, Whyte LLP to Sponsor the 3rd Annual BC Women’s Hospital Sip and Savour.

Giorgio Verdicchio. Giorgio Verdicchio is an associate lawyer with Lakes, Whyte LLP.

Giorgio Verdicchio

He received a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from the University of Western Ontario in 1979 (Hons.) and a Bachelor of Laws from the University of British Columbia in 1982. Giorgio’s preferred areas of practice are Business Acquisitions, Corporate and Commercial matters, Wills and Estates and Real Estate. In addition to his activities at Lakes, Whyte LLP, Giorgio has acted as past president of the North Shore Bar Association as well as past president of the District 44 Band & Strings Parents’ Association, a non-profit organization established to assist and promote classical band music at the elementary school level. What sets Lakes, Whyte LLP apart is how personable we are and the connection we’ve developed with our community on the North Shore. He believes that what sets Lakes, Whyte LLP apart is how personable the firm is and the connection they have developed with the community on the North Shore. Jennifer Bednard. Vancouver law firms.

Business lawyers Vancouver. Real Estate Lawyer In North Vancouver BC. In today’s market, you need a local real estate lawyer who understands what is happening in North and West Vancouver real estate.

Real Estate Lawyer In North Vancouver BC

Conveyancing and Financing We execute real estate transactions, including commercial and residential conveyancing, commercial and private financing, refinancing and subdivisions. Having a real estate lawyer in North Vancouver means you don’t have to cross the bridges to complete your purchase or sale, no matter where the property is located. Real Estate Disputes We can help when things go wrong, such as collapsing and collapsed purchases and sales of property, property damage, real estate contracts, disputes with developers, builders liens and other construction issues, as well as disputes where the true ownership of land is in question. Commercial Leasing We represent landlords and tenants in negotiating leases, assignments of leases, and terminations of leases. Lakes, Whyte LLP. Who we are We are one of the few full-service law firms in North Vancouver, providing a wide range of services in litigation, wills and estates, real estate and business.

Lakes, Whyte LLP

We provide sound straightforward advice, close to home. Since we first opened our doors in North Vancouver on Lonsdale in 1986, and through to our current office on Marine Drive, the core of who we are has remained the same. Core Values. North Van shopper awarded $755K for supermarket fall. Shopper awarded 750k for injuries in North Van grocery-store slip-and-fall. 3 Red Flags in Employment Contracts to Look For: Business Press Releases. Before signing an employment contract, make sure you read all the terms and conditions carefully. Often times, employment contracts protect the company and not the employee. 3 Will-Making Mistakes You Can Avoid with the H... - Lakes Whyte - Quora. Making a will is a complicated process. Those DIY will kits you can find online will not cut it. Since we all have different situations, different needs and different preferences, it is imperative that you create a will based on your own unique situation.

When you make a will with the help of lawyers in North Vancouver, you avoid doing the following common will-making mistakes: 1. 3 Red Flags in Employment Contracts to Look For. 3 Simple Tips to Avoid Business Litigation. 3 Will-Making Mistakes You Can Avoid with the Help of a Lawyer ~ Lakes, Whyte LLP. Making a will is a complicated process. Those DIY will kits you can find online will not cut it. Since we all have different situations, different needs and different preferences, it is imperative that you create a will based on your own unique situation. 1.

5 Tips to Consider When Writing Your Company’s Employee Handbook. Handling Disciplinary Actions in Your Company – What Employers Should Do. It is the job of employers to handle disciplinary actions fairly in order to prevent disputes that can lead to unfair dismissals. All employers should follow a set of rules and steps when it comes to this issue. Here are some of the things employers can do: 1. Verify all information first. The first step is receiving all crucial information and verifying their validity. Dying Intestate – What Can Happen? Properly Terminating Employees – Tips for Employers. Lakeswhyte.kinja. Resolving a Business Dispute – Tips for Business Owners. What to Do If Someone Sues Your Business ~ Lakes, Whyte LLP. All business owners should prepare themselves for a lawsuit. How a Real Estate Lawyer Can Make Home Buying Easier. Is an Unjust Dismissal Case Worth Pursuing? What to Do During Your First Meeting With an Employment Lawyer: Business Press Releases.

What to Do If Someone Sues Your Business - Lakes Whyte - Quora. All business owners should prepare themselves for a lawsuit. When Is It Constructive Dismissal? What to Do If It Happens to You: Business Press Releases. Suddenly being laid off from your work can be devasting. One moment you have a stable work and the next, you are on your way to being one of the unemployed. How to Avoid Estate Disputes When Writing Your Will. What To Do If You are Not Being Compensated Fairly at Work. Not being compensated fairly for all your hard work is against employment law. The law states that you should receive proper compensation even with extra work hours rendered. Here are the things you should do if you are not given proper work compensations: 1. How Business Litigation Lawyers Can Help You If You’ve Been Served ~ Lakes, Whyte LLP. A lawsuit doesn’t have to be the end of your business. If you work with the right litigation lawyers such as Lakes, Whyte LLP, the damage to your business can be mitigated.

How to Start Making Your Will – Steps You Should Take. What Could Go Wrong in the Home Buying Process? Until you actually get the keys to your house, you should not start celebrating. A lot of people learned this the hard way when, during the buying process, things went awry. Even with a realtor, it might still not end up the way you want it to end up.

Here are just some of the things that can potentially happen during the home buying process: 1.