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Lakes, Whyte LLP — Risk Management Steps Every Business Owner Must... The Pitfalls of Being an Independent Contractor. Becoming an independent contractor gives you so much freedom.

The Pitfalls of Being an Independent Contractor

You get more freedom than what you might have with a regular 9-5 work. You have the flexibility of time and you get to work in the comforts of your own home. But despite the many benefits of being an independent contractor, there are also some downsides. Real Estate Law Books and Gavel How employers treat independent contractors is a hot topic these days. Chances of employees abusing the rights of independent contractors are also higher. There are also stories of these contractors not getting the benefits and salary they worked hard for. Like this: Like Loading... 3 Home Buying Disasters You Should Avoid ~ Lakes, Whyte LLP. The home buying process seems like an exciting task.

3 Home Buying Disasters You Should Avoid ~ Lakes, Whyte LLP Many companies seek to reduce company operation costs by simply cutting back on employee benefits or outsourcing their talents.

It is cheaper to hire people online as you are not entitled to offer your remote employees benefits. But while this can keep business costs down, it might also bring about negative feelings in employee-employer relationship. Nobody wants to go through the stressful and time-consuming process of estate litigation.

It depletes resources and burns bridges. But when a family member contests the contents of a will, estate litigation can ensue. You have no choice but to hire Litigation lawyers in Vancouver. Time theft in the office causes an astounding amount of losses every year.

This is one of the business money leaks that many employers do not recognize. Don’t let time theft get in the way of business productivity and success. Here are some ways on how this can be avoided: 1. Business Law North Vancouver. Where to Use Child Support Money ~ Lakes, Whyte LLP. Every parent is legally responsible for financially supporting their children.

Where to Use Child Support Money ~ Lakes, Whyte LLP

After marriage, parents can apply for child support from the other spouse. The parent receiving child support can take the case to court if the other parent refuses to pay. The court can suspend licenses such as business or driver’s license, take it out from wage, seize property or even decide for jail time in case a parent refuses to pay for child support. Child support money is used for the basic necessities of the child such as shelter, clothing and food. The money can be used to buy groceries and shop for clothes that the child needs. The money can also be used for the medical and educational care of the child. Child support money may also be used to pay for additional expenses such as the child’s entertainment.

How to Downsize Your Business without Violating Employment Law ~ Lakes, Whyte LLP. Downsizing is one of the most difficult things a struggling business has to go through.

How to Downsize Your Business without Violating Employment Law ~ Lakes, Whyte LLP

Business owners are looking at letting go of employees who have been with them for some time and who might be angry at being dismissed. When downsizing your business, your goal is to make it as lawful as possible to avoid conflicts and lawsuits. Always consult employment lawyers in North Vancouver first. Before starting laying off employees, consult with the best Employment Lawyers in North Vancouver such as Lakes, Whyte LLP first. This way, you can do the process as required by the law and not inadvertently violate said laws and become the recipient of a lawsuit. Talk to your employees honestly. Let them know of your business’ situation and that you are letting some of them go with dignity and compassion.

Common Emotional Blocks to Overcome When Dealing with Estate Planning. There is an unexpected emotional turmoil that runs through your system when you do estate planning.

Common Emotional Blocks to Overcome When Dealing with Estate Planning

After all, estate planning makes mortality and death seem all the more real. These emotional blocks might hinder you from properly creating your Wills services in North Vancouver. Here are the most common emotional blocks in wills and estates planning and how to overcome them: Facing death The thing about making wills North in Vancouver is that all throughout the time you are thinking about death. Buying or selling a property is one of the biggest transactions you will ever make in your life.

It involves a lot of money so it’s important to make educated decisions and to avoid making mistakes that can set you back by thousands and thousands of dollars. There have been a lot of cases where home buyers can’t back out of a deal due to their earnest money and end up buying a house with a lot of issues. This is where a Real Estate Lawyer such as Lakes, Whyte LLP can help you out. But even with the existence of real estate lawyers, many home buyers don’t actively seek out their help due to the following misconceptions: 1. It is the duty of parties involved in the commercial litigation process to preserve evidences or necessary documents.

Not doing so can have considerable consequences to the party who failed to do their duty in preserving the documents. Litigation is a costly and time-consuming process so without the documents needed, it can impede your progress and also increase the costs of retaining Litigation Lawyers in Vancouver to help in recovering documents or to help in defending you as to why your documents are lost or destroyed. When documents involved in commercial litigation are deliberately destroyed, this can be construed as “spoliation”. It can be inferred that the contents of the document can affect the party who destroyed the document in the litigation. Employees play a vital role in businesses. In order to achieve your business goals, you need to hire the best employees with the right skill sets and attitude. But this can be hard if you own a start-up business. Your lack of experience in hiring employees and your inability to become more assertive might cause you to hire people unfit for the job.

Here are the things many start-up business owners wish they did before hiring employees: 1. It doesn’t hurt to sneak around some research about the person you are thinking of hiring. 2. What Not To Do When Firing Employees. Businesses are governed by employment law in North Vancouver. It is important to have a comprehensive knowledge on employment law so you can avoid making employment steps that can be a cause for litigation in the future.

Firing employees, for instance, is crucial. Employment Law in North Vancouver can sue the company for the unfair release in the company. Challenging a Will – When Can You Do It? ~ Lakes, Whyte LLP. There are situations when a will can be contested. If you are one of the surviving family members who is included in the will, you can hire estate Litigation Lawyers in Vancouver such as Lakes, Whyte LLP in order to help you out in contesting a will. Generally, here are the times when you can challenge the contents of a will: When the testator is not mentally capable. The law states that the testator or the one who made the will must be in a competent state of mind during the making of the will. If it is proven that the testator lacks the mental capacity as in the case of people with dementia, Alzheimer’s disease or similar degenerative ailments, the will can be contested.

When the testator has been coerced. This is called undue influence. 3 Frequently Asked Questions About Mortgage Refinancing ~ Lakes, Whyte LLP. When you are stuck in a rut and unable to pay your mortgage, one of the ways you can avoid getting in a deeper debt is to refinance your mortgage. Here are some frequently asked questions about mortgage refinancing and the answers that can help you decide: When is the best time to refinance my mortgage? Not all mortgage debt cases can be solved by mortgage refinancing. What you should do is determine the break-even time of the mortgage refinance. One of the most crucial parts when running your business is hiring employees. This is where everything begins. This is also where some mistakes start.

By not screening your employees properly, you could definitely end up with a disastrous situation later on that will require Employment lawyers in North Vancouver. Who you decide to hire in your business is very crucial so here are some dos and don’t you should keep in mind when hiring new employees: 1. Submitting an employment application is essential for every business but not all employers take their time to actually go over the details of the document. Almost everything has a “DIY” or Do-It-Yourself alternative these days. Creating wills in North Vancouver safeguards the future of the surviving family members dear to you. How to Verify the Validity of a Will. Familial disputes can ensue following the demise of a loved-one. A will can help sort out everything that the deceased left behind. A well-written will covers the beneficiaries of assets, policies and properties as well as leave instructions on what to do with minors. Power of Attorney for Couples – When Is It Needed? ~ Lakes, Whyte LLP. What to Expect When Meeting with Employment Lawyers ~ Lakes, Whyte LLP. Most employees would rather walk away from a dispute with their employers and not do anything about it. But you would be surprised how many employers actually violate employment laws and how many employees have a fighting chance for compensation or litigation. A random survey conducted found out that about 85% of the people from the working class are not happy with their jobs and would want a change of scenery.

Most people want to leave for career advancement reasons while others simply want to escape their less than desirable working conditions. Things to Do in Your 30s That Can Secure Your Future. Buying a Commercial Real Estate Property. 3 Reasons to Hire a Lawyer When Refinancing Mortgage. Tips in Successfully Buying Existing Businesses ~ Lakes, Whyte LLP. Buying existing businesses have a lot of benefits.

For one, you can avoid the usual struggles that startup businesses often go through such as advertisement and brand recognition. 4 Things to Do in Your 30s That Can Secure Your Future. Buying a Commercial Real Estate Property – Tips that Can Prevent Future Problems. Dos and Don’ts in Writing a Separation Agreement – What You Need to Know. 5 Tips in Avoiding Legal Mistakes for Small Businesses. The Benefits of Trusts in Estate Planning. Frequently Asked Questions About the Legal Aspects of Privately Selling Your Home.

Dos and Don’ts in Writing a Separation Agreement – What You Need to Know. 5 Tips in Avoiding Legal Mistakes for Small Businesses. Legal Tips For Starting a Food Truck Business. The Benefits of Co-Parenting for Divorced Couples. Choosing An Executor for Your Will – Who Should You Choose? Real Estate Boundary Disputes – What Should You Do? 3 Important Reasons Why You Should Hire a Real Estate Lawyer Before Buying a House. How to Protect Your Pets In Case of Your Death. Meeting Your Lawyer for the First Time. Using E-mail Marketing Legally For Your Business – What You Need to Know. Tips for Landlords: How to Avoid Legal Problems. Most Common Legal Problems Business Owners Face and How to Avoid Them. End-of-Life Plan: How to Make Senior Living More Secure.

5 Most Common Reasons Why People Avoid Estate Planning. How to Make a Will to Benefit a Disabled Child. What You Should Know About Breaking a Real Estate Contract ~ Lakes, Whyte LLP. What You Should Know About Wills and Estate Planning for Blended Families. How to Legally and Successfully Start a Food Truck in North Vancouver. Lawyer North Vancouver, BC - Peter Lightbody. Family Law Lawyer, North Vancouver - Darcy Lawrence. Lawyer North Vancouver, BC - Giorgio Verdicchio. Wills & Estates Lawyer, Emmanuel Fung, Serving The North Shore.

Things that your Will Can’t Cover. How to Purchase a Foreclosure Property in North Vancouver ~ Lakes, Whyte LLP. Frequently Asked Questions about Debt after Death. Common Misconceptions about Intellectual Property Rights Business Owners Make. Why Business Law is Important When Putting Up A Business Website ~ Lakes, Whyte LLP. Why Business Law is Important When Putting Up A Business Website. Important Things You Shouldn't Forget to Include in Your Will. Real Estate Problems that Require a Top Real Estate Lawyer. Frequently Asked Questions You Should Know Before Hiring an Estate Lawyer. What You Should Know About Business Before Starting a Business ~ Lakes, Whyte LLP. Questions to Ask to Avoid Common Mistakes When Writing a Will. A Seasoned Real Estate Lawyer is What You Need.